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The Rice Family History Details gathered and collated by Tony Richards

The Rice Family Tree

The Rice Written Family History

The Rice Family History I am indebted to Iris, Roy, Netty & Alan Rice and many others who helped me gather the following information. The history starts with George Rice born near Burtle, Somerset in 1813 who married Sarah Price from Sutton Mallet. George & Sarah had 7 children. Louisa (b1837). George (b1842). Albert (b1845). Janet Fear who lives at Blackford is a 5th generation descendant Jane (b1848). Samuel (b1850). John (b1853 d1919). John Rice was to become the Patriarch of Rice family and this history William (b1855). John Rice was a market gardener and the father of 11 children with 3 wives. The children by age are: George (b1879). Herb (Herbert) (b1880) Sam (Samuel) (b1881 d1968) Marie (b1883 d1885) Ada Leonora (b1885 d1956) Jack (John) Arthur (b1887 d1918) May (Mabel Elsie) (b1892 d1896) Bert (Albert) William (b1897 d1968) Ted (Edward) Charles (b1899 d1987) May (b1902 d2005) Reg (Reginald) (b1903 d1974)

1st wife 1st wife 1st wife 1st wife 1st wife 1st wife 2nd wfe 3rd wife 3rd wife 3rd wife 3rd wife

Charlotte Payne Charlotte Payne Charlotte Payne Charlotte Payne Charlotte Payne Charlotte Payne Susan Thomas Rosezella Blanche Thomas Rosezella Blanche Thomas Rosezella Blanche Thomas Rosezella Blanche Thomas

John Rice was born in River Bridge Cottage, now pulled down, next to the River Brue Bridge, Mark Moor, Somerset. His neighbours were the rum Larder & Watts families. A plaque in the memory of Albert. E. Watts is fixed to the Bridge. He was murdered on the November 18th 1898 aged 33 leaving a wife and 5 children. The word in the surrounding area was that Albert was killed in a drunken brawl after coming out of the Black Bull Inn, run by George Rice and Sarah. The person who actually murdered Albert was well known with a violent reputation, so people were too scared to split on him in case of retribution. When John Rice was about 18, he had an argument with his family and moved to the Full Quart Inn, Hewish. There John met and married the barmaid Charlotte Payne (b1858 d1891) and they moved into a house behind a property called “Little Orchard” on the A370 at Hewish where he worked the land as a market gardener. John & Charlotte had 5 children here, George, Herb, Sam, Marie, & Ada. The family later moved to Apple Tree Farm, Ebdon Road, Worle where Jack (Arthur John) was born. Charlotte died young aged 32 of natural causes.

Radford. She is buried under the name of Alice Rice but there are no dates in the Church records about her. George was to be seen in Worle village in his polished knee length leather gaiters often carrying a 12 bore shot gun. There is no information about where he is buried although indications are it is Weston Cemetery. George and Lizzie had 4 children. Herbert, Winifred, Hilda & Arthur Rice. There is no information about Winifred, Hilda and Arthur. Herbert Rice (b1898) lived in a small cottage at 108 Kewstoke Road, about 500m past Worle Quarry towards Kewstoke. It is still there today and in the process of being renovated. Herb had 3 children, Jean, Joan & John. There is no information about Jean. Joan married a Hartrey whose family lived in a big house next to the Observatory on Worle Hill. Joan worked with June Hart in Trevor’s, a very posh women’s dress shop in Weston High Street.

In total John and Charlotte Rice had 6 children. They were:

John Rice worked at Puxton Railway Station and was killed in Italy in the 2nd World War.

George Rice(Sn) (b1878), John’s first child. George married Alice Elizabeth Hippsely in 1896. George was the gamekeeper at Woodspring Priory Estate and Lizzie as she was known, the cook. They lived in one of the estate cottages at the Priory. Later they moved to a cottage next to Gunnings Stores, Worle, called “Spinners” cottages. There Lizzie took in sewing and recycled old clothes due to rationing after the 2nd World War, whereas George spent a lot of time in the Kings Head Pub. Lizzie is buried in Worle Churchyard. Her grave is marked with a small marble flower holder, 36 paces in from the East gate next to the path, on the left hand side between the graves of Frederick Crease and Christopher

Herb Rice (b1880) John’s 2nd child served time in the Grenadier Guards and did duty at Buckingham Palace in his bearskin. Herb emigrated to America although his father did not want him to go. Herb married a lady who dealt in furs for a large department store in America and they had a son John. Herb and his wife parted and Herb met up with his partner Minn (Nena) who had relatives in Chard, Somerset. Herb & Minn would travel from Vancouver across Canada by train to New York where they would cross the Atlantic on the Queen Mary to Southampton. From Southampton they took a taxi to my grandparents, Sam & Maud cottage at Holly Bank, Worle and stayed 6 to 8 weeks at a time.

Since I lived next door to my grandparents Herb would tell me stories of his adventures in the New York police, bootlegging over the border to Canada and the gold rush. After the 2nd World War, Herb would send 2 tins of salmon each year to Maud Rice, Kate Rice & Mrs Burrows – a luxury food in those days. Mrs Burrows was the wife of Len (Harry) Burrows (b1906) who lived at 4 Sprakes Terrace, Station Road, Worle and worked in Fussell’s factory. Mrs Burrows nee Thomas might have been related to Blanche Thomas, John Rice’s 3rd and last wife. Herb had one son John, and he had 2 boys. Sam Rice (b1881 d1968) John’s 3rd child was my grandfather and a market gardener. He married Maud Burnell (b1885 d1968) from Milton Hill in 1906 and lived in the “Old House” at the junction of Ebdon Road and High Street, Worle, now known as the Rose Garden. With a growing family of 8 Sam bought 2 adjoining cottages in Hollow Lane, Worle for £200 in 1928, Holly Bank & South Bank. Sam & Maud lived at Holly Bank where Iris the 9th child was born soon after they moved in. My family, Wally (Walter) & Phyllis Richards, me and my sister Margaret lived in South Bank until 1962, when we moved to Locking Road. Sam & Maud had 9 children in all, 23 grandchildren and 54 great grandchildren. After Maud’s death Sam mourned for her and died within 6 weeks. Sam & Maud Rice’s 9 children by age and grandchildren are: Elsie (b1908 d1913) died at the age of 5 and buried against the east boundary wall at the bottom Worle Churchyard steps. Claire (Clara) (b1909 d1976) married Alfred Vardon (b1909 d1947). Alfred Vardon was the brother of Harry Vardon the famous golfer who won the American Open twice. Alfred was

a golf instructor and made professional golf clubs. They had 8 children. Nelson (b1926 d2007), Daphne (b1927), Sam (b1928), Molly (b1930), Joan (b1932), Colin (b1933), Connie (b1936 d2006) & Heather (b1937). Jack (b1910 d1990) married Win Richards (b1918 d1990) in 1936. Jack, Sam’s only son spent time in the army (The Lancers) as a young man and was in India and the Middle East. He volunteered for the British Expeditionary Force and went to France to help stop the German advance, but was pushed out of France at St Nazaire. He was then posted to Palestine. After his military service Jack worked for Stanley Stone, the Bristol Builders for many years and was involved in building the water tower at RAF Locking and actually ended his working life at RAF Locking. He married Winifred Richards who lived at 48, West Street, Banwell the sister of Wally Richards. She worked at Banwell Castle and later as a Senior Bat Woman at RAF Locking, supervising Bat Women, a posh military term for an officer’s housekeeper, not Bat Man’s partner. Jack ended his days at Nut Tree cottage built in 1836 at Ebdon near Wick St Lawrence. Jack & Win had 3 children. John Rice (b1937), Wally Rice (b1938) & Roy Rice (b1944). Nell (b1912 d1995) married George Martin (b1906 d1969) in 1934 in Scotland. George Martin, a Scotsman worked for British Rail for many years. They had 5 children. John (b1935 d2004), Henry (George) (b1936), Brian (b1938), Michael (b1942) & Sally (Janet) (b1943). Phyllis (b1915 d2010) married Wally Richards (b1914 d1999) in 1936.

Wally (Walter George) Richards was my father. He had many jobs during the depression and was sacked the day after his wedding in 1936 but ended up working for the Bristol Omnibus Company in Weston as a bus driver for 40 years. As a young girl Phyllis worked in what was called “service” (working for the gentry). Later she worked in a sweet shop in Regent Street, Weston where she saw the Grand Pier burn down for the first time and where she met my Dad who at the time was with his mate Roger Yarde both from Banwell. They had 2 children. Tony (b1943) & Margaret (b1945).

Iris (b1928). Iris worked at the Malborough Hotel in Paragon Road, Weston for many years and later for the Walker & Ling family.

Frances (b1917 d2013) married Fred Fussell (b1917 d1977) in 1941. Fred Fussell worked in the office of the Bristol Omnibus Company in Weston dealing with wages and timetables. They had 1 daughter Kathy (b1952).

Edna (b1912 d1993) the 1st daughter married Ted Hopkins (b1907 d1980) in 1939, a painter & decorator and lived in Thornbury. Ted would stay at Holly Bank and hang wallpaper for my grandparents. Edna & Ted had 2 children Sheila (b1940) & Gordon (b1944).

Greta (b1921 d1966) married Tom Robinson (b1920 d1997) in 1940. Tom Robinson was based at RAF, Locking at the time. After his RAF service he worked in the Aeroplane Factory near Banwell as a draughtsman. He later moved to Somerton and worked for Westland’s in Yeovil. They had 2 children Raymond (b1941) and Linda (b1945). Hilda (b1926) married Arthur Prince. Arthur Prince was a milkman in Bristol who won the “Milkman of the Year” award. Arthur’s parents came from Birmingham. Hilda & Arthur lived at Headley Park, Bristol. They had 2 children Leslie & Clive. Clive the oldest child has worked in British Homes in Broadmead Bristol all his working live. Leslie is a builder.

Marie (b1883 d1885) was the 4th child of John & Charlotte Rice but died when she was 2. Ada Leonora Rice (b1885 d1956) was John’s 5th child married Fred Baker (b1881 d1965) and lived in Thornbury. They had 4 daughters

Phyllis (b1915 d1978) the 2nd daughter married Will (William Bert) Edge (b1919 d2005) in 1942 and lived in Kingswood Bristol where they had a shop. Ruby (b1919 d2003) the 3rd daughter married Jack (John) Gabb (b1910 d1990) they had 2 children Rodney (b1940) & Carol (b1944). Joyce (b1921 d2006) the 4th daughter married Eric Mitchell (b1917 d2006) both worked at Berkeley Castle then at Clifton College.

Jack (Arthur John) Rice (b1887 d1918) (pictured right) was John’s 6th child and was born at Apple Tree Farm soon after John & Charlotte Rice moved there. Jack as he was known was killed in the 1st World War on 11th April 1918 aged 31, at Passchendaele. Featured right is a letter from the Grave Commission and a newspaper article about Passchendaele. Armistice Day was on the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month 1918 (11/11/1918). My grandfather Sam Rice and his son Jack accompanied his brother Jack to Worle Railway Station to see him off and Jack told Sam he thought he wouldn’t return. His name is on a plaque at the Tyne Cot Memorial, Passchendaele. His name is also posted in Worle War Memorial in Worle, High Street. Jack married Kate Rice nee Hancock (b1884 d1965) in 1913. Kate is buried in Worle Churchyard between the War Memorial and the Church Tower. She is buried with her son Christopher and his wife Margaret. Ruby’s ashes were also buried in the same grave in 2010.

Jack & Kate had 3 children. Ruby (b1913 d2010) the 1st child was born at Church Villas in Lawrence Close, Worle. The cottage backs onto the Churchyard by the east gate. Ruby married Ted Timbury (b1905 d1994) in 1933 who she met while working at Fussell’s Rubber factory in Station Road, Worle. The Factory was built on the Old Worle, Gas Works Site next to the Weston to Clevedon Light Railway Line. Ted Timbury worked at Fussells for 52 years from 1927 to 1979. Ruby & Ted had 2 daughters. Jean (b1934) & Julie (b1952). Harry (b1914 d1975) the 2nd child married Alice Lumber and they had 2 children. Irene and Dennis (b1939 d1979). 

Chris (b1916 d1979) the 3rd child married Margaret Waldin (b1920 d1974) and they had a 1 son Michael (b1947).

After the death of his first wife Charlotte in 1891 aged 32 at Apple Tree Farm and the death of their daughter Marie aged 2. John Rice married his 2nd wife Susan Thomas (b1863 d1895) and moved from Apple Tree Farm with the remaining 5 children to the stone house at the junction of Cherrywood Road and the The Scaurs, Worle called “Lynch House”. There his 2nd wife Susan had a daughter, John’s 7th child, May (Mabel Elsie) (b1892 d1896) who burnt to death while filling a paraffin stove aged 4. John Rice found there wasn’t enough land at the Lynch so returned to Apple Tree Farm where his 2nd wife Susan Thomas died, aged 32, while shelling peas at the kitchen sink.

Ted (Edward Charles) Rice (b1899 d1987) John’s 9th child married Rosa Evelyn Lambert (b1902 d1984) in 1923 and lived at “Norton Court Farm” near Kewstoke. They had 3 daughters who are: Jean (Regina) (b1925) married John Huish. They had a son David (b1949) who married Elaine and live off Lawrence Road, Worle. They have 2 children Kevin and Amanda.

John Rice then married his 3rd wife in 1896, Rosezella Blanche Thomas (b1875 d1938) from Draycott. Blanche as she was known might have been the sister of Susan since they have the same surname. John & Blanche had 4 children at Apple Tree Farm who are:

May (Effie) Rice (b1902 d2005) John’s 10th child married Ted Coles. They had no children and lived at many addresses but ended up in Bramshill Drive, Worle. Her bungalow backed onto “Apple Tree Farm” which once formed part of Apple Tree Farm’s land.

Bert (Albert William) Rice (b1897 d1968) John’s 8th child was a market gardener but never married and lived at “Apple Tree Farm” all his life until he died. In the 1st World War he was gassed and buried alive. After the war he made a living selling vegetables in Weston from his horse and cart. His horse was named Dolly. There was the story that when my Dad borrowed the horse and cart to move furniture from Banwell to Worle in 1937, he had a terrible job to get the horse to go to Banwell as he constantly turned his head to go home. However when they eventually got to Banwell and loaded the cart the horse couldn’t get home fast enough and it was a white knuckle ride all the way back to Worle for my Mum and Dad.

Reg (Reginald) Rice (b1903 d1974) John’s 11th child lived at Moorland Farm Banwell (grid reference 395605) and married Alice White from Wick St Lawrence in 1926. Moorland Farm was the site of the Old Banwell Brick Works and the clay pits are now large ponds which can be seen clearly on the Ordnance Survey map of the area. After an accident Reg gave up farming and worked for British Rail based at Sandford Station, later becoming a travelling ticket collector. They had 2 children who are:

Audrey Tyson (b1927 d2006). There is no further information. Nena Wilson (b1933) lives in Lawrence Mews, Worle. Nena has 2 children, Stephen (b1952) & Judith (b1955).

Alan (b1928 d2011) married Lilian Parsons (b1927 d2009). They have one son, Peter (b1961). Alan worked on the buses and knew my father Wally Richards.

After a short time he joined British Rail and worked at Sandford Station like his father and later as a Signalman based at Worle junction. The Museum at Sandford Station, now an old people’s village has a picture of Alan on the wall. Alan continued to live at Moorland Farm breeding cattle and running a small holding until he took early retirement from the Railways in 1990. Alan & Lilian then moved to Balmoral Way, Worle but due to limited mobility and his wife’s death in 2009, Alan moved to Wincanton to be with his son Peter and his wife Sarah. Peter & Sarah have 2 daughters. Reg’s 2nd child, June (b1934) married Bill Andrews. June worked at St Martins School for many years. John & Blanche worked the land at Apple Tree Farm, keeping cows and pigs, sold milk and cream, made butter and slaughtered animals for meat. John Rice became ill with mouth cancer and died in 1919 at Apple Tree Farm aged 66. My grandmother Maud Rice helped Blanche nurse him until his death. John Rice is buried in an unmarked grave in Worle Churchyard, up against the Church Road boundary wall, 15 paces north from the War Memorial Spire between the graves of Captain Walter Battiscombe and Edith Batt. The Church does not have any records of this, although Iris Rice seems to think that’s where he was buried. His 3rd wife Blanche out lived John and died in 1938 aged 63. She is buried in the lower Churchyard Worle 63 paces from the bottom of the steps towards the village, on the left hand side, third row of graves back from the military head stone of J C Rains and left of Elsie Bourton.

John Rice’s Will shows he left a total of £203:3s:3d in 1919 or £300,000 at 2010 prices. Attached is a copy of the Will. This figure is based on Sam Rice buying 2 cottages in Hollow Lane for £200 in 1928 and assuming the 2 cottages would now be worth £150,000 each. Blanche got £5, the rest was divided between George, Herb, Sam, Ada, Jack, Bert, Ted, May & Reg. Each getting £22:11s:5d or £33,250 at 2010 prices. Since Jack (Arthur John) Rice was killed in the 1st World War his share of £22:11s:5d divided between Ruby, Harry & Chris who got about £11,000 each at 2010 prices.

Photograph Album

1900 - John Rice between Mr & Mrs Neathway outside Magnolia Cottage, Ebdon Road, Worle 1906 - Maud Rice aged about 21

1906 - Blanche Rice with her children Reg, May, Ted & Bert at Apple Tree Farm

1906. Ada Rice sister of Sam Rice who married Fred Baker

1914 - Jack Rice’s wife Kate with her daughter Ruby in the pram at Church Villas, Worle

1904. Annie Richards 3rd from the left. Photo could have been taken at Bedwas near Caerphilly South Wales

1920. Bill & Lotty Burnell. Bill was Maud Rice’s brother who emigrated to Canada

 1928. Sam & Maud Rice who had just moved to Holly Bank, Worle. Showing Jack, Nell, Phyllis, Frances, Greta & Hilda. Iris was not born yet.

1920. Church Road, Worle then called Upper Bristol, Road

 1929. Phyllis,Greta, Hilda & Frances Rice on the back garden wall at South Bank, Hollow Lane, Worle.

1933. Ruby Rice & Ted Timbury

1933. Phyllis Rice

1933. Sam Rice holding Iris with Nell & Phyllis at Holly Bank

1923. Wally Richards 3rd from the left back row

 1934. Rosa the wife of Ted Rice with her children Audrey, Jean & Nena at Norton Court Farm

1925. Maud Rice on the left with Hester Wride middle and Florence Payne

 1934. Hilda,Greta & Iris Rice at Holly Bank

1931. Iris, Hilda & Greta Rice at Holly Bank. Iris in the middle, Hilda on the right

1934. Nell Rice & George Martin marrying in Scotland

1939. Edna Baker & Ted Hopkins marry. Will Edge best man and Phyllis Baker bridesmaid

 1934. Phyllis Rice at Neil’s the chemist on The Centre, Weston-super-Mare

1935. Maud & Phyllis Rice at Holly Bank, Hollow Lane, Worle

1939. Edna Baker & Ted Hopkins

1936. Wally Richards & Phyllis Rice marry with Sam, Maud, Jack & Greta Rice. George, Laura & Win Richards

1935. Maud Rice and her children Clara, Jack, Phyllis, Greta & Iris

1936. Sam & Maud Rice after the wedding of their daughter Phyllis

 1936. Jack Rice & Win Richards at Banwell Church.

1941. Chris Rice & Margaret Waldin marry. Also shown is Ruby Rice & Harry Diamond

1939. May Rice, Ted Coles and Ted Hopkins

1940. Iris, Sam & Maud Rice at Clevedon

1936. Phyllis Rice & Win Richards in the back garden of 9 The High Street, Banwell

1936. Wally & Win Richards at 48 West Street, Banwell on Wally’s wedding day

1939. From left to right Fred Baker, Ted Coles, May Rice, Ada Baker, Ruby Baker & Jack Gabb

1940. Jack Rice in the Cavalry

1937. Sam, Greta, Hilda & Iris Rice in Ebdon Road, Worle

1940. Greta Rice & Tom Robinson marry. Also shown is Sam, Maud & Hilda Rice. Phyllis Richards. George & Nell Martin & another.

1939. Greta Rice

1941. Frances Rice & Fred Fussell marry. Also shown is Sam, Maud & Iris Rice, Tom & Greta Robinson & others

1943. Dennis Rice son of Harry Rice

 1944. Hilda Rice

1947. Clara, Connie & Heather Vardon with Tony & Margaret Richards.

Far left - 1945. Herb Rice & his son John in a Vancouver Street, Canada. Left - 1948. Wally, Roy & John Rice.

Far Left - 1945. Joan Rice & June Hart both worked in Trevors, an upmarket women’s dress shop. Joan Rice married a Hartrey. Left - 1945. Bill & Lotty Burnell with their grandchildren Sharlene & Ralph in Canada

1948. Daphine Vardon & Fred Rodman marry. Also shown is Clara, Nelson & Molly Vardon, Greta Robinson, Phyllis Richards, Maud Rice and others.

1952. Hilda Rice & Arthur Prince marry at St Martins Church Worle.

1950. Sally & Michael Martin at Bristol Zoo

1950. Irene Burnell & Ralph Glidder marry.

1959. John Rice & Margaret Oldridge marry at Uphill.

1957. Henry (George) Martin & Mary Telfer marry

1951. Phyllis, Tony, Margaret Richards, Maud Rice, Edna, Ted & Gordon Hopkins at Clevedon.

 1950. Tony & Margaret Richards

1950. Sam Vardon & Pam Crew marry

1958. Sam & Maud Rice. Clara, Nelson, Colin, Heather Vardon & Phyllis & Margaret Richards at South Bank, Worle

1952. Chris Rice with his only child Michael

1953. Wally, Phyllis Tony & Margaret Richards

1962. Brian Martin & Ann Snooks marry

1966. Bill Burnell. Maud Rice’s only brother who lived in Canada.

1963. The sisters gather at Margaret Richards wedding. Sam & Maud Rice, Clara Vardon, Nell Martin, Phyllis Richards, Greta Robinson & Frances Fussell

 1960. Sam & Maud Rice at Holly Bank, Hollow Lane, Worle

e ards & Mik h ic R t e r a 1963. Marg t Milton Baptist a Ham marry 

1966. Lotty Burn ell in Ca


is so shown l A . y r r is ma an Ted Dav olly Lawfull, Jo l & n o d r rdon, M lara Va er Haze 1967. C odman, Sam Va Atkinson, Heath ie R Daphine lin Vardon, Conn don. Var , Co Lathrope & Nelson

1964. John & Mary Martins children. Ian, Michael, Simon & Matthew.

1967. Linda Robinson & Mike Baker marry

1967. Michael & Kay Martin with their children Tracey, Marie, & Julie

1970. Kate Rice widow of Jack (Arthur John) Rice killed at Passchendaele

1970. Ted & Ruby Timbury.


1970. Tony Richards & Sue Hill marry in Bristol

1970. Tony Richards & Sue Hill at the Royal Hotel, Bristol with Mike & Margaret Ham in the background.

1972. Kathy Fussell & Robert Hewlett marry

1983. Ted & Rosa Rice Diamond Wedding

1977. Sally & Brian Blake’s children Shaun & Ian.

 1976. Elizabeth & Stephen Richards with their hats on with Petrina & Gary Ham on Slapton Beach

1975. Brian & Ann Martin children Tina & Derek

1982. Henry & Mary Martins children. Carol, Geoffrey & Allan

1980. Barbecue at Mullion showing Debbie Robinson, Tony, Sue, Elizabeth & Stephen Richards. Mike, Linda, Richard, Tim & Rachael Baker

1982. Kathy Hewlett with her boys. Barrie, Darren & Shane

1981. Tony, Sue, Elizabeth & Stephen Richards

 1990. Win Rice funeral photo taken at Wally Rice’s house

1994. Sally & Brian Blake

1992. The Martin family gather. Nell, John, Henry, Brian, Sally & Michael

1995. John & Mary Martin

1985. Michael & Kay Martins children. Tracy, Marie & Julie

1995. Nelson Vardon at Cricket St Thomas

1996. Wally & Phyllis Richards Diamond Wedding

1996. Joyce & Eric Mitchell at their Bungalow

2004. Laura Wainwright 
 with her son Jack.

1999. Tony, Sue, Elizabeth & Stephen Richards

2003. Stephen Richards & Pippa O’Hara marry. Also showing Tony 
 & Sue Richards

2007. Tony, Stephen & Thomas Richards

2003. Mike & Margaret 
 Ham on their 40th wedding anniversary 2007. The Richards family. Tony, Sue, Elizabeth, Stephen, Pippa, Sophie & Thomas.

2003. Ruby Rice 90th. Showing her daughters, Julie Jones with her sons Simon & David and Jean Jacobs and her son Richard

2010. Stephen, Pippa, Sophie & Thomas Richards

2010. Phyllis Richards being buried at Worle Crematorium plot 2273

2003. Ruby Rice 90th with Michael Rice

2010. The family gathers after the funeral of Phyllis Richards

The Early Rice Family Tree Thomas Rice b1740 married Ruth Andrews b1740 d1781 Grace Rice b1766

William Rice b1805

Robert Rice b1771 married Mary Board b1776 d1850 Robert Rice b1804 married Mary b1805

Robert Rice b1840 d1868

Jane Rice b1848

George Rice b1813 married Sarah Price b1814 from Sutton Mallett The Black Bull Inn Burtle

John Rice b1842 d1886

Samuel Rice b1850

John Rice b1853 d1919 married Charlotte Payne b1858 d1891

Charlotte Rice b1810

George Case b1838

Louisa Rice b1837

Sarah Rice b1769

Hannah Rice b1807 d1856 married George Case b1815 d1880

William Case b1841 d1885

George Rice b1842

Ellen Case b1842 d1913

William Rice b1855

James Case b1844 d1853

Albert Rice b1845

Researched by Debbie Hayman

Clara & Alfred Vardon Family Tree Alfred Vardon b1880 d1947 married Clara Rice b1909 d1976 Clara Vardon nee Rice in 1967 married Ted Davies

Nelson Vardon b1926 d2007

Daphne Vardon b1927 married Fred Rodman

Phillip b1949 d1966 David b1952

Sam Vardon b1928 married Pam Crew

Tony b1953 Christopher b1955 Janice b1961

Molly Vardon b1930 married Cliff Lawfull

Graham b1954 d1983 Wendy b1957

Joan Vardon b1932 married Harry Lathrope

June b1955 Kevin b1958 Ann b1965

Colin Vardon b1933 married Bobbie Cooper

Tina b1961 Hazel b1962 Terry b1963 Darren b1965

Connie Vardon b1936 d2005 married Tom Atkinson

Linda b1956 Robert b1958 Glenda b1961 Roger b1965 Melanie b1974

Heather Vardon b1937 married Bill Hazell

Derek b1965 Faith b1967

Jack & Win Rice Family Tree Win Richards b1918 d1990 in 1936 married Jack Rice b1910 d1990 John Rice b1937 in 1959 married Margaret Oldridge b1939

Roy Rice b1944 in 1975 married Netty Brennan b1949

Joseph Rice b1979 partner Eleanor Williams

Thomas Rice b1977 partner Rebecca Ewan

Ruby b2011

Ruth b2011

Elaine b1960 in 1987 married Daryl Coles b1962

Esme Coles b1996

Evie Coles b2003

Belinda b1963

Wally Rice b1938 in 1972 married Sarah Tiley b1948 d1988

George Rice b1975 in 2006 married Karen Butterworth b1975

Laura Rice b1977 in 2008 married Leon Wainwright b1977

Charles Rice b1983

Samuel b2012 Jack b2004

Lily b2007

Nell & George Martin Family Tree George Martin b1906 d1969 in 1934 married Nell Rice b1912 d1995

John Martin b1935 d2004 in 1958 married Mary Welton

Ian b1959 Michael b1961 Simon b1963 Matthew b1976

Henry Martin b1936 in 1957 married Mary Telfer

Carol b1962 Geoffrey b1964 Allan b1967

Brian Martin b1938 in 1962 married Ann Snooks

Michael Martin b1942 in 1966 married Kay Cummings

Janet (Sally) Martin b1944 in 1966 married Brian Blake

Tina b1965 Derek b1970

Tracy b1967 Marie b1968 Julie b1971

Shaun b1968 Ian b1969

Phyllis & Wally Richards Family Tree Wally Richards b1914 d1999 in 1936 married Phyllis Rice b1915 d2010

Margaret Richards b1945 in 1963 married Mike Ham b1944

Petrina Ham b1963 in 2000 married Martin Williams b1958

Victoria Ham b1983 in 2007 married Tim White b1983 Tyler White b2005

Kate Jackson b1988 in 2013 married Andrew Henderson

Gary Ham b1965 in 1965 married Lena Pope b1967

Zack b2000 Zadie b2004 Laney b2005

Tony Richards b1943 in 1970 married Sue Hill b1942

Stephen Richards b1974 married Pippa O’Hara b1975

Sophie b2004 Thomas b2007

Elizabeth Richards b1972

Frances & Fred Fussell Family Tree Fred Fussell b1917 d1977 in 1941 married Frances Rice b1917 d2013 Kathy Fussell b1952 in 1972 married Robert Hewlett b1951

Barrie Hewlett b1972 m. Angela Barrett b1965

Alex b1997

Damien b1994

Darren Hewlett b1974 m. Sarah Henderson

Shane Hewlett b1976

Ewan b1999

Ashley b2003

Daniel b2005

Alyesha b2006

Curtis b1997

Kyle b1999

Greta & Tom Robinson Family Tree Tom Robinson b1920 d1997 in 1940 married Greta Rice b1921 d1966

Raymond Robinson b1941 in 1962 married Diane Jones b1945 m. Nancy (Chinese)

m. Judy (AUS)

m. Sophie in 2010 Debbie Robinson (Chinese) b1963 in 1989 married Lewis Hayman lives in Brisbane

Thomas b1993 Stephanie b1995 Robert b1992

Andrew Robinson b1961

Linda Robinson b1945 in 1967 married Mike Baker

Richard Baker b1968 m. Katy Radcliffe b1971

Tim Baker b1969 m. Philippa Walters b1968

Rachael Baker b1973 m. Robert Ford b1974

Aaron b1989 Imogen b1991 Rhyley b2009

Thomas b2006 Benjamin b2006

Moya b1993 Sophie b1996 Michael b2004

Edna & Ted Hopkins Family Tree Edna Baker b1912 d1993 in 1939 married Ted Hopkins b1907 d1980

Sheila Hopkins b1940 in 1970 married Colin Jones b1939 d2005

Tracy Jones b1972 in 1994 married Derrick Woods

Lauren Woods b1994

Lindsay Jones b1975

Gordon Hopkins b1944 in 1969 married Christine Payne b1948

Nigel Hopkins b1974 in 2009 married Joanna Seue

Nicola Hopkins b1979

Ruby & Jack Gabb Family Tree Ruby Baker b1919 d2003 in 1940 married Jack (John) Gabb b1910 d1990

Rodney Gabb b1940 in 1965 married Sandra Lewis b1944

Steven Gabb b1966

Thomas Gabb b1998

Andrew Gabb b1970

Carol Gabb b1944 in 1964 married Lionel Power b1943

Helen Power b1964

Jacqueline Power b1965 in 1987 married Phillip Pooley b1960

Faye Pooley b1992

Ruby & Ted Timbury Family Tree Ruby Rice b 1913 d 2010 in 1933 married Ted Timbury b 1905 d 1994

Jean Timbury b1934 in 1955 married Ken Jacobs

Richard Jacobs b1960

Robert Jacobs b1962

Julie Timbury b1952 in 1997 married Mike Jones

Simon Taylor b1975

David Taylor b1978

The Richards Family Tree

Rice book 2nd ed proofsmall  

Rice Book 2nd Edition

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