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thank you, thank you, thank you. our love for you is personal, like the fragrances we craft for you. we hope your perfume takes you to new places at first spray. you deserve to feel beautiful, confident, desired. and not have to sacrifice for that experience. your friend, dossier x


White Flowers

white flowers

rose orchid

I knew I was in love with you when things I once called beautiful were undeserving of the word’s definition. There was no looking back. I understand why we have libraries full of love stories and museums full of art. I see your face in all of it and I can’t look away.

cherry almond cinnamon

All her life they told her what she could and couldn’t be. She would laugh. She wore her smile like a loaded revolver, words made of gunpowder. Don’t underestimate the danger in her words, she is equal parts of heaven and hell, of war and woman.


OAKMOSS bergamont orange peach

Spending the afternoon at the park, surrounded by strangers taking in the sun on checkered blankets. You can’t help but think each picnic holds an entire life as complex as your own. The food sprawled out on paper plates is someone’s favorite. They’re laughing, crying, falling in love. And all you can do is glimpse into lives that you’ll never know.