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Family Gardening By Mark Bergman

Beginning a family garden all year round is what Florida’s beautiful weather offers. Florida offers such a variety of choices from easily grown vegetable, fruits, spices, herbs and an abundance of exotic       Children are naturally overjoyed to be outdoors exploring Florida’s plantation and little creatures about. Beginning your own family garden each member of your family participates in will not only become cherished family memories but the satisfaction of observing a cycle of life while reaping the rewards of a home grown garden for the entire family.

a family you will care for your garden and have fun playing outside. Have your child draw pictures of there garden and hang it on the fridge to constantly remind your family the importance of teaching your children suitability through family gardening. Children learn better when they are fully active in the process of growing a garden.


     has achieved growth decide as a family what you                  Start out by allowing each family member to           choose there own choice of seeds try to choose a and dedication.The abundance of joy your family seed from each category. Children become more will receive will give your children a rewarding engaged when they are able to decide what           family experience to last a lifetime. good time to discuss with your little gardener what “Learning the names of interesting responsibilities will include to have a successful garden based on there choice of seeds. Keep in plants that are growing in your own mind vegetables are great beginning choices for garden or landscape. Spending time to young gardeners they will become fascinated with learn plant names and what these the growth of food while the germination process for words mean can be great fun for both       you and your children.â€? Jennifer Davidson       engaged in the gardening process. Set aside a time as



  Community Engagements By Allison White

Community involvement is among one of the most overlooked activities adults and children should be

     of community events along with the interaction among community members is      and rewarding. In order for your concerns regarding


   and community based projects projecting    additions needs to be heard by the member of structured community organizations and     thoughts and concerns are wanted to implement changes however most progress is stalled or

cancelled due to community involvement lacking. Involvement isn't the only thing lacking community involvement in your neighbor hood but communication is as well. Across America citizens complain of the relationships neighbors and neighborhood citizens interact with one another in today’s society. Mrs. Martha Martinez of Fort      states “I remember in just 10 years ago everyone on my street knew each others     time together and talked about what was going on in our own neighborhood.I walk outside my own home now and people are too busy on their cellphones

rushing off somewhere. community a better place everyday. It’s really a shame.� Take action today in becoming more active in your community. Involving your children in community engagements promote leadership and expansion of life beyond school and home. At an early age they are capable of being apart of  hard work efforts and “I remember in just 10 years ago intelligence about local and world views effecting everyone on my street knew each their lives and families. Visit local recreational others families, we all spent time community centers to gain knowledge of all together and talked about what was the organizations you going in our own...� and your family would be interested in taking Martha Martinez of Fort Lauderdale part in. There is an     efforts making your




Bow Wow Cleaning Up After Your Pet Ashley Lewis

The iPICK UPÂŽ Bag Carrier

Cleaning up after your dog probably isn’t your favorite activities of the day however the dangers of not picking up poses the threat to our little ones especially their health. Toddles and young children love going outdoors and entering such a vast amount of space from parks to backyards exploration and curiosity are expected to take place. When pet owners fail to pick up their animals feces young children can come across the infected soil just by playing in the dirt and rubbing their eyes. Contamination is rare but it is possible to become infected with parasites such as roundworms found in dog feces. Remember to pick up after your animal, wash your hands and your children’s before and after playing outside at all times with or without a pooch.



Tired of


Tired of Trash think

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The ocean poses as one of natures visionary beauties what many fail to recognize is the dramatic importance the oceans role in human life. The oceans essential climatic contributions to weather, inhabits animal and plant life, food sources, minerals, commerce, disposal and leisurely recreational uses. The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and is now becoming one supersized trash can. An innocent individual and family outings at the beach seems harmless to anyone its whats left behind isn’t. Garbage pollutes beaches worldwide glass bottles, paper, tattered, human waste, clothing,shoes, food containers, packaging waste and most of all plastic. Every year, about 300 billion pounds of plastic is produced around the world, and only a fraction is recycled stated the Clean Air Counsel. Millions upon millions of plastic plates, spoons, forks, bags, toys, food packaging, cups and other products made of plastic find its way to the


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sea.The decomposition of plastic in the ocean is an extensively prolonged process involving the hazardous chemical breakdown of smaller fragments of plastic integrated with ocean temperature.By products of plastic decomposition Bisphenol A found in plastic water bottles and aluminum cans have been found not only in our oceans but inside our marine life causing illness, suffocation and death. A single one liter drinks bottle could break down into enough small fragments to put one on every mile of beach in the entire world according to Green Peace International. Sea life and birds aren’t the only ones suffering from plastic contamination it’s now developed into the question of human safety in digesting sea life who may be ill due to the exposure of harmful pollutants, chemicals and bacteria caused by plastics, oil,waste and fertilizer found in the ocean. Take the North Pacific ocean for example the pure epitome of a man made vortex of trash.GreenPeace states the trash vortex is an area the size of Texas in the North Pacific in

Whether you go to the beach solo or with your family eat before you go. If you choose to bring healthy snacks take reusable containers such as glass water bottles and food storage cases.

which an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton, along with other slow degrading garbage, swirls slowly around like a clock, choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds who get snared. Some plastics in the gyre will not break down in the lifetimes of the grandchildren of the people who threw them away. The state sized vortex is incredibly alarming it brings great turmoil to see the impact of “convenient cheap materials” being improperly disposed and such vast usage of products. Although the vortex is not located in Florida oceans its connected to a bigger picture indicating the consequences of garbage left at sea.

2 3 When you see litter on the beach choose to pick it up and dispose of it properly. Have your family take an active role in community beach clean ups.

Teach your children about ocean pollution. Continue reducing, reusing and recycling and always be aware of your ecological footprint from your home to the beach.





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