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his is your time. Time to step out and become who you really are. I can’t even put in to words what the next two years of your life will be like. But I promise, in two years you will look back at these pictures and think “wow, look how far I’ve come. I didn’t know I had that in me”. I want your senior portrait session the first step in that process.


ou see, I wasn’t the popular girl. I wasn’t an outcast either, I just “was”. I lacked the confidence to “be” anything at all really. That’s what this is all about to me. To instill the confidence in young men and women to live up to their potential. To realize, this is the time to take risks and dream big. And you might fail, and you might fall, but you also might not. And if you do, well you ARE strong enough to pick yourself up and move on.


et’s be real. We live in an appearance obsessed culture. According to magazines, everyone walks around all day with their own personal lighting director, makeup artist, stylist, and every morning they apply photoshop to their skin before leaving the house. And we’ve all seen the pictures of celebrities and models without their makeup, but it somehow doesn’t really make you feel any better yourself does it? And I can’t fix it. I’m sorry, I wish I could. But what I can do is prove to you that you you are just as beautiful. I can pose you and photograph you and airbrush those pimples and let you see yourself the way the world sees you. Because trust me, you are more beautiful than you imagine, inside and out. And I believe that if YOU believe this, each and everyone one of you has the potential to change the world.

my beliefs


session T

he most important thing to me about your session is that it represents YOU. All that you are, all that you do and all that you are becoming. For that reason, all of my sessions are tailored to each and every client. It’s impossible for me to say “this is how a session goes”.


don’t look to other senior portrait photographer’s for inspiration. I look to magazines and advertising. I study commercial photographers. Your images will look more like magazine spreads than your classmate’s pictures. They will be an advertisement of who you are.


pon booking, you will receive a questionaire from me that will help me to get to know you and your interests better. We will then work TOGETHER to plan your session. Your ideas are important to me. We will talk, we’ll pin, take pictures of magazines and send them to me.


he sky is the limit. I’ve had my camera in the ocean and on a roller coaster.


irst things first. I want this to be clear. There is NOTHING you can wear for your senior pictures that you will not look back on in 20 years and think “oh, what a dork”. This shouldn’t make you feel nervous, it should make you feel free. Free to have fun, be trendy. Part of the value of these pictures is not only capturing who you are, but also the time in which you grew up. There is no better way to portray this than fashion.


ou don’t have to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe for your pictures. But if you do choose to pick up some new pieces here are some stores and websites that I highly recommend to stay on trend.


H&M ModCloth Polyvore Teen Vogue


he most important thing to remember is to wear clothes that make you comfortable and confident. You will look FAR better in your favorite shirt than you will something flashy and fashion forward that you aren’t comfortable in or that isn’t your style.


nd yes, shoes matter. You will see them.


What to W



f I only get to give you one piece of advice for yout senior pictures, it would be this. GET A PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST. They can walk the line between the right amount of makeup and too much makeup better than anyone. And in pictures it’s a delicate balance. These pictures will be on your parent’s wall until you get married and probably even after that. Please, Please, Please put some thought into your makeup and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get enough sleep the night before.


ere are a few tips to keep in mind whether you’ve hired a professional or are doing your own makeup.

1.) It’s summer. You’ll probably have a tan. Make sure your foundation is the correct color. 2.) Please AVOID anything with shimmer in it. When the lights hit it, it looks like sweat and not a pretty shimmer. Cameras see things differently than our eyes do. 3.) The best way to make your eyes POP in pictures is to line your top lashes. 4.) If you are looking for drama, false eyelashes will be the most bang for your buck. 5.) We WILL see your hands, make sure your nails are done.

6.) Avoid too much contouring. I do that with light. If you do it with makeup also, it’s a bit much.

7.) If you are going to a makeup artist, we will pin some looks that go with the overall feel of your shoot to help give some direction.


9.) Please bring your makeup with you for touch-ups. 10.) When in doubt, start subtle. Bring your makeup. We can amp it up later if we need to. It’s easier to apply more than to take it off.

why digital? I

believe that your pictures are YOURS. I want you to have them. I want you to feel free to do whatever you want with them. You want to print a blanket with your face on it? GO FOR IT.


y collections are all designed to be digital. You pick which images you love and then you pay for the images, not individual prints of them. How does this benefit you? Well, let’s be honest. You and I both know prints are cheap these days, and that what you are paying a professional photographer for is NOT paper, it’s for what’s on the paper. It used to be that you had to pay a high price for each individual print. Those days are over. Now instead of pay $50 for 9 5x7s, you can pay $50 for the image and $2 to have each 5x7 printed. You don’t know which picture Gram wants? That’s not a problem. You buy your favorite images and then she can pick. She can have one of each if she really wants them. I”m not lying, my Grandmother never hung up my senior picture because I bought her the wrong size and I couldn’t go back to the photographer and get a different one without paying through the nose. You don’t have to worry about that. I once had a 25 year old come to me for “senior pictures”. His mother had misplaced his photos while moving. If she had digital copies, her son wouldn’t have had to pretend to be a teenager.


do offer some specialty products. Products that are a little harder for you to get on your own. Precut wallets (bec when you need 300 cutting them is a pain, ain’t nobody got time for that), canvases and metal prints. I also offer products that require design. Invites, albums, smartphone covers. But this is more to make your life easier than anything else. I do not just sell standard prints.



Collection 1

Collection 2

30 Digital Images 16x20 Metal Print 1 year online gallery 20% off a la carte options

15 Digital Images 16x20 Wrap Canvas 1 year online gallery

$750 ($1100 savings)

$550 ($475 saving)

2013/2014 A La Carte wallets: 50 (up to 2 images) 100 (up to 4 images) 150 (up to 4 images) 200 (up to 5 images)

$50 $100 $125 $150

$20 for each additional 25 wallets

announcements: 100 250 500

Collection 3 8 Digital Images 30 day online gallery

$350 ($50 savings)

$100 $200 $300

specialty items digital image 16x20 Canvas 16x20 Metal lookbook album phone cover

$50 each $275 $350 $200 $500 $100

Class of 2014 Senior Portrait Guide  

Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer. Senior Portrait Guide

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