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JACKED JACKED is Drew Terry’s first self-published online novel, depicting how a businessman life spins out of control after striking a deal with a gang member.

JACKED Given how little information was provided about the plot itself, the best option was to use what was provided to create something as visually interesting as possible. This visual pun uses both a pen and a gun in the face to show the two sides to the man character.




JACKED For the main title of the novel I chose to use Bebas Neue as when used in the right size and format it demands attention from the viewer without distracting from other elements of the design. Combined with the use of Geo Sans Light, a balance is created on the page.

JACKED The image on the cover is designed to depict two sides to the main characters life, the pen showing him as a business man, and the gun as his eye and nose to show the turn his life took after meeting Marlson, the gang member.

JACKED The cover is designed to spur intrigue from the viewers, through the use of a visual pun, urging them to want to know more about what is behind the use of this particular imagery.

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