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BOB DYLAN Creative Allies and Sony Legacy Recordings started up an “Artist of the Month� feature on the Creative Allies website in which they ask fans to create commemorative artwork to be used as a limited edition vinyl cover for the artist. For October, the artist was Bob Dylan.

BOB DYLAN The images created combined both digital and hand rendered media and is a testament to how many decades Dylan’s music has been appreciated all over the world, while advances in technology have been made alongside it.

BOB DYLAN The linear representation of Dylan is an initially hand rendered trace of a recognised image of him, which was then digitalised, along with some digital ‘ink’ splashes. This was initially the concept for the entire image, but this was changed when the ‘ink’ didn’t look real enough.

BOB DYLAN Using a more traditional method, different coloured inks were splattered across a page and scanned in to be used in conjunction with the digital linear image. The inconsistencies in colour and depth are representitive of a diversity that Dylan’s fanbase has.

BOB DYLAN The final design is intended to have quite a euphoric impact on the viewer, and to embody Dylans overall image. The use of his signature to show a name is meant to make the design seem more authentic as a whole.

Bob dylan design boards