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33 VODKA 33 Vodka embodies the secretive approach to alcohol consumption that was a constant theme throughout the 1920s. At the time of the Prohibition, alcoholic drinks like moonshine were being illegally sold by the crate, and the name ‘Speakeasy’ came about as a reference to how they were intended to be secret.

33 VODKA The brand is designed to lend the consumer an experience of the 1920s, the hushed sale of alcohol, and a look into the lifestyle that the ‘New Generation’ of the decade were leading. The makeshit design is remeniscent of the lack of technology available to designers, and the lack of care taken over the aesthetic of a product that is being sold illegally.

33 VODKA While vodka is a drink to be consumed by a range of ages, this brand is designed to be aimed at a group of young professionals in their twenties and thirties, which is the same group of people that made up the ‘New generation’ of the 1920s.

33 VODKA The proposal for the web-based counterpart allows the viewers to look into the concept of the brand and it’s relation to the era. The website also provides the viewers with a list of recipes that compliment the vodka, as well as information about the distillery, stores and contact information.

33 VODKA The packaging of the bottle is designed to resemble the concept of alcohol being transported in wooden crates, lined with straw for cushioning. This idea has been modernised so that it would be suitable for mass production while still maintaining the rustic aesthetic.

33 design boards  
33 design boards