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I started off with just the picture of my artist, Polly, and I used the Gaussian blur to blur out the background. I like this technique as it makes my artist stand out, and be the most important part of the image.

I chose to have the title in grey, as I thought that stood out against the brown background best. I tried black, but it looked too harsh as she is wearing the black leather jacket.

I put the picture of Catherine in the corner for my cover line, although it didn’t really seem to sit comfortably with the rest of the front cover, so I created a rectangle with the shape tool, I then changed its settings to ‘Multiply’ and changed the opacity of it. This made it blend in with the background, and also made the article stand out, as it is an exclusive.

The writing for the exclusive cover line wasn’t easily seen to start with, I kept trying to make it as light of a grey as I could to help it stand out, but it wouldn’t. So then I had the idea of creating the same box I did with behind the picture of Catherine, this helped my writing stand out and it’s now easily seen.

I had the same problem with trying to make my main article and pull quote stand out. So I did the same as what I did for the cover line, and it worked so that now it is an effect I have carried on for the whole cover, and you can clearly see everything.

I tried adding a Flash to show that there were things to be won inside the magazine, although I felt that my front cover didn’t need it, as it made it look crowded. I think that the strong image would attract people, without the added flash, so I removed it.

Front cover progress