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new tahrir square


proposal 1 Revolutionary events that evolved from square lead to the development of a concept in which lines radiate from the squares center, shaping the surrounding buildings and paths accordingly.

GOALS 1: Maintain important views 2: Segregation between vehicular pedestrian network

The crack formed by overlapping curves symbolizes the relationship between the people and the corrupt regime that resulted in a spilt that remained until the day the regime was overthwon. It remains as a stark reminder, reminde which is emphasized in the central space by the landscaping which denotes the pedestrian paths and serves as a space where peiple can commemorate the lives of those lost in the revolution in a positive mean.

3: Buildings emerge directly from surrounding urban context. 4: Give the square a deďŹ ned boundary

Sara Harb

The two shifted semi-elipses forming the platforms with alternating heights create a sense of boundaries around the square giving it a dynamic entity.

urban 2