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Sarah AlShaali is a junior Graphic Design student at Zayed University, born in Dubai in 1992 but currently lives in Ajman, UAE. Her concentration is graphic design, however her studies included some visual art courses such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and some courses in interior design. From her body of work, it is apparent that she is skilled in designing layouts and illustrations that ultimately conveys her personality. Sarah recently participated in a printmaking exchange between Zayed University and the West Virginia University titled ‘Trajectories’, that will be exhibited in both Dubai and West Virginia. She is passionate about fashion design and has an Abaya line called “Reserved” and a customized T-shirt collection called ‘Hype’. She hopes to expand in the future and to create her own brand consisting of graphic design and fashion.


Creating art for me is a way to show my personality and how I portray myself. For many Emirati artists that is presenting our Emirati culture, heritage and Arabic traditions. However, I realize that we are living in a modern world, and that is what inspires me because I feel that people all over the world can communicate with me not just Arabs. Music, fashion, colours and movies all contribute to the fantasy feel of all my work. As a graphic design student, I was taught that graphic design is problem solving, and that particular statement inspires me to see a change, and to create a world that is visually interesting and that is full of colours. Creating my artwork, I start researching and looking at all the artists that inspire me, I start sketching and brainstorming, and after I am satisfied I scan my artwork and retouch it to make it more visually interesting. As a Graphic Designer I don’t only enjoy making illustrative works, I also enjoy practicing in other fields of art such as fashion design, printmaking, painting, drawing, interior design and photography. Graphic designers in particular should always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and it’s a responsibility for me to be updated with the latest trends in the art world. In an ideal world I would be a practicing graphic designer, fashion designer, illustrator and photographer all in one.




Art And Design Matters

approved the founding of the first UAE national college that focuses on major programs in the visual arts, design, and new media. The College of Arts and Creative Enterprises (CACE), with campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, offers major programs in Animation, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and the Visual Arts with coursework in Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. We collaborate in offering a major in Multime-

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Cultivating creativity workshops The importance of visiting professionals to Zayed University is as intrinsic as teaching, it provides an opportunity for professionals to familiarize themselves with the institution’s mandate and programs; it provides a more enriched learning environment for students Under the umbrella of the CACE and ultimately it is an important element programming, fikra – The Exchange for the growth of the community and Sharing for Creation of New and a possibility to reach Knowledge, is a program that helps beyond borders. to promote art and design within an educational platform, and aims to bridge these opportunities with the local community. The college plans to strengthen its role within the circle of academic institutions, but looks to build stronger ties with the local and international community, and participating in educating the general public. The fikra program is divided into six sectors: THE LAB – Cultivating creativity workshops, ALBARZAH – lecture series, OUTBOUND LEARNING – everal workshops are trips and professional conferences, planned in Spring 2013, sponEXHIBITIONS – locally and abroad, sored by the Abu Dhabi Music and and ARABESQUE – documentary, Arts Foundation (ADMAF) who has publishing and literature projects. been a primary supporter for CACE’s activities. Susan Meiselas returns for a second time. This is a follow-up workshop that will take a com- prehensive look at the nearly two year-long process of gathering and researching archival photographs from Emirati family photo albums. A “hands-on” component of the workshop will include a ‘before-after’ photo shoot excursion whereby Meiselas will teach students how to shoot ‘on location’ places shown in the old photographs. Her expertise as one of the world’s foremost photojournalists will be invaluable to the students.


In Fall 2014 the Zayed University Council

dia, and we have recently developed a minor in Curatorial Studies. Our faculty is globally diverse with practicing artists, designers, and art historians who represent countries from the Middle East, the near and far East, the Americas, Europe, Russia, and down under. Collectively they offer our students a rich world-view of how the creative process can lead to careers in the arts that can make a difference in the world. We are surrounded by the creative work of people who are educated in art and design. They contribute and directly enrich all aspects of our lives: the built environment, our culture, and our spirit. Our students are encouraged and educated to share and connect their unique artistic vision with diverse audiences. Here is a snapshot of what they are.

few of the CACE faculty members have highlighted some major achievements that have occurred in the last year, and some exciting one’s to come.

FIKRA: The creative connections

f o r

and Creative Enterprises

C a s e

A New College of Art


T h e

Stephen Tarantal, Dean

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lecture series The program plans to invite two-to-three International guests per semester, in addition to local experts, who would spend a short period of time working with students both individually and in groups providing them with a broader range of experiences. Fikra plans to take advantage of local professionals and those visiting the region to deliver a lecture at Zayed University. The most important element is that these guests are leaders in their field of specialization. As many projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are developing, we have seen a great deal of recognized leaders in the fields of visual arts, architecture, interior design, graphic design, music and literature such as. Thus collaborating with other institutions is an excellent opportunity to introduce our students to a professional’s idea process and their work.


Trips and professional conferences One of the activities that have shown a positive enhancement in a student’s educational experience has been the opportunity to travel and study abroad. In the past, opportunities have led to international internships, visiting countries and exploring Islamic art and architecture, and participating in professional practice. Study abroad trips are directly linked to the curriculum of art and design in order to provide a platform to immerse students in the world of practice and broadening their portfolio of experiences that will further inform their practice. As each year presents a variety of local, regional and international conferences, we would like to be able to send students to participate and network with their peers. In 2013, a group of students from the Abu Dhabi campus had the opportunity to visit London for a week with faculty members Marco Sosa and David Howarth. The students participated in a variety of workshops, such as Islamic patternmaking at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, visited a group of design firms for training sessions and working on company projects, and experienced other activities that make up London’s cultural fabric.

The Case for CACE

The Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award presented by NYUADI and in partnership with ADMAF has been established to nurture artistic talent in the United Arab Emirates. The winning artist is to $5000 to enable the production of the proposed work, and will be exhibited .across the UAE The students, along with their nominators David Howarth and Ayyub Hamilton, have were invited to the New York University Abu Dhabi Downtown Campus to present their submissions to the committee comprised of: Her Excellency Mrs Hoda Kanoo, Founder ADMAF; Azza Al Qubaisi, Artist; His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh, Advisor to the President of the UAE; Fabio Piano, Provost NYU Abu Dhabi; and Dr Farhad Farjam, Collector and Art Patron. The winner of the award was Maryam Sultan, supervised by .her professor Ayyub Hamilton

The goal in creating the design of this magazine is for the readers to immediately feel the artistic abilities of CACE, the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises in Zayed University is a vibrant and dynamic place and deserves to be represented as such. By using abstract, colorful shapes and different visual systems, the aim was to create a visually interesting layout with a hierarchy that lets your eye float naturally from one element or article to another. The Magazine cover was designed to show the basic color scheme, with an illustration that demonstrates the soul and culture of the United Arab Emirates with objects from daily life. N

Culture and Commerce Come Together

ovak Djokovic winner of this year’s Mubadala World Tennis Championship 2012, succe-ssfully defended the title and was awarded with a brand new trophy inspired and designed by a CACE student from Zayed University. The unique prize was the result of a trophy design competition launched by glass manufacturers Lasvit. For the second year running in the event’s history, Emirati students enrolled at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University, responded to a design challenge set by globally renowned glass art installations designers, Lasvit, as part of a creative competition to produce a trophy that truly reflects the unique culture of the United Arab Emirates. Following a torturous period in trying to decide the winner form the high quality entries, the judges decided on the winning design and second and third place. To help them decide, Lasvit, manufactured 1:1 prototypes of the three top entries. The first prize went to Interior Design senior student, Fayza Al Mashjari. The judges were impressed by Fayza’s amber creation, inspired by the energy and movement of Abu Dhabi's streets.


“The tutors sort of carve you in a way. In the beginning you have this rough udea of being an artist but then you start having a goal. My goal is not just to create artworks and have exhibitions, I want to promote art here in the UAE.” Noora Al Shaikh, 21 Visual Arts

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Christo and Jeanne-Claude Award presented by NYUADI and in partnership with ADMAF has been established to nurture artistic talent in the United Arab Emirates. The winning artist is to $5000 to enable the production of the proposed work, and will be exhibited across the UAE.

"We always seek to support creative talent and Fayza's design was one of the best entries we have seen over the past two years," said the company's area manager, Filip Simek. "The fine blend of art, sport and Emirati culture makes this collaboration an especially meaningful and memorable project for all involved.

Al Bidiya Mosque Book Release



trophy was presented to this year’s winner and world tennis No. 1, Novac Djokovic, in front of a capacity crowd at Zayed Sport City, Abu Dhabi, following the final on 29th of December 2012. The event was attended and trophies presented by Sheikh Nahyan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC), Sheikh Diab Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Director of the Presidential Court, Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, CEO and Managing Director of Mubadala and Mohammad Al Mahmoud, General Secretary of ADSC. The predicted global television audience for the event was to be over 120 million households.

DMAF Creativity Award provided two of the college’s students the first and runner-up award. Hamda Khamis Busamah, Zayed University, Dubai Campus, for her Visual Art work “Memory and the Senses” and runner up was awarded to Maitha Demithan, Zayed University, Dubai Campus, for her Photography/Scanography work “The 40th Day.”


n Sunday 3rd of February CACE Assistant professor Marco Sosa had a book launch and signing at the Art Hub Abu Dhabi. The book entitled Al Bidiya Mosque, a visual essay is the first publication under ZU Books (Zayed University Books).

The publication provides a personal view of the mosque to the public, nationally and internationally. The book also contains an essay by Dr. Ronald Hawker providing historical context and a conversation between the author and the artist Udo Rutschmann.

The book provides a pictorial insight into the Al Bidiya Mosque in the Emirate of Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. The book uses black and white photography to explore the building's presence as a place of worship, as a living working “vessel” of historical, cultural, and religious importance in the UAE.

The event was organized by Art Hub as part of the British Art Month and was presented by CACE Visual Arts Major, Anood Abdul Malek Abdul Kharem Abdulrahman.

‫ﻣﺴﺠﺪ ﺍﻟﺒﺪﻳﺔ‬

The students, along with their nominators David Howarth and Ayyub Hamilton, have were invited to the New York University Abu Dhabi Downtown Campus to present their submissions to the committee comprised of: Her Excellency Mrs Hoda Kanoo, Founder ADMAF; Azza Al Qubaisi, Artist; His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh, Advisor to the President of the UAE; Fabio Piano, Provost NYU Abu Dhabi; and Dr Farhad Farjam, Collector and Art Patron. The winner of the award was Maryam Sultan, supervised by her professor Ayyub Hamilton.

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MAGAZINES Identity magazine started with the concept that many young people struggle with not knowing who they are or what they want, however they should not have to be one person or settle for one thing. I created this fashion magazine by combining everything that i am passionate about, design, fashion, photography and graphics. By taking a minimalistic approach, i used one or two descriptive words and some short and famous designer quotes.















This ‘little black deck’ was inspired by the love of fashion and fashion illustrations. Hand-drawn, handrendered and edited each illustration was made with care.



This Place Branding projects aims to promote Dubai ‘s family life, it’s neighborhoods and communities. Many people think of Dubai as skyscrappers and fancy cars, what they do not know is that dubai has the safest neighborhoods and communities that are ideal for family life. Because the family is the most important institution in Arab society, provding a safe environment for families is a number one priority to the city. The art direction taken by the logo is one that matches the concept, by trying to illustrate a street using the arabic word of “‫ ”دبي‬and creating a closed neighborhood using the word “Dubai”, in hopes of demonstrating a safe and friendly logo. Dubai is a country that prides itself with it’s roots and that show in the color expolation, whereas the colors represent the past by symbolizing the people of the desert or the bedouins in the orange hue and the people of the shore in the blue hue.







Chosen word-pair is: close/open. Both these words are represented in the posters by a closed patterned door in the background and an open and inviting sentence in english and in arabic, the type designed in a way that makes the audience want to reach out as if to open the half of the door that is made up of the text.



Sarah Hamad Al Shaali Email: Phone: +971 50 1779988 P.O.Box: Ajman 1939

Personal Information Nationality: Emirati Date Of Birth: July 30th, 1992 Marital Status: Single

Education 2009-2014: B.A in Art and Design, Specialized in Graphic Design, College of Arts and Creative enterprises, Zayed University, Dubai (Expected Graduation: June 2014) 2008-2009: Al Ittihad Private School, Al Mamzar Branch American Curriculum, Graduated from the Business section 2006-2008: Sharjah American International School

Course Work Career Exploration, Colloquium, Arabic Concepts, English Composition, Global Studies, Mathematical Modeling with Functions, Art Foundation, Principles of Design, Basic Design, Graphic Design I, Web design, Art History, Drawing I, Painting I, Sculpture I, Printmaking I, Basic Interior Design, Interior Design I, Animation I, Chinese Painting, Drawing and Designers.

2009 Participated at the Young Entrepreneur Competition. Interned in Bait Al Khair Society. 2008 A reporter for the Sharjah American International School’s student council.

Skills Excellent interpersonal skills; able to communicate and interact with all kinds of people. Language Skills: Arabic: Native Language English: Fluent in written and spoken Technological skills: Advanced Adobe Suite: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel Beginner at: 3D Max, Google Sketchup

Experience 2013 Printmaking exchange participant with the University of West Virginia, to be exhibited both in Dubai and in West Virginia. Zayed Univeristy Carnival participant. Young Entrpreneur Competition participant. Zayed University Abu Dhabi Fashion Week participant. 2012 Sculpture exhibitions on the Zayed University Dubai Campus. MenaLab 2012, Al Khor Discovery Walk, resulted artwork chosen to be exhibited in the Tasmee na Villa in Sikka Art Fair 2012. Design Days Dubai Leather Weaving workshop participant. 2011 Chinese Painting exhibition in the Zayed Univer sity Dubai Atrium.

Interests Art and Design: Graphic Design, Illustrations, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Drawing, and Interior Design, Fashion Design, Magazine Design, Typography, Event Planning Other: Community Events, Travel, Outdoors and Indoors Sports

Reference Sarah Lahti +97155 791 3815 Email: Associate Professor, New Media, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises


Sarahalshaali portfolio  
Sarahalshaali portfolio