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Graphic Design Portfolio. Sarah Nur Hakimah Bachelor of Arts, BINUS University

Curated Works and Projects 2014 - 2018

Greetings! Iʼm Sarah Nur Hakimah and here I present you my design works that I did through the years. May you enjoy them like I enjoy making them. Iʼm a fresh gradute graphic designer and Iʼm looking forward to create greater and more wonderful designs.


Bekasi, Indonesia



(+62) 812 1929 2965

Graphic Design Intern | Shopee Indonesia



December 2018 - March 2019 Work together with Branding Strategy team, learn how to work with system and time management. Projects mainly about Logo, Web Banner and Social Media.


Graphic Design Intern | DDB Indonesia September 2017 - January 2018

E D U C AT I O N BINUS University, Indonesia Visual Comm. Design - New Media Bachelor’s Degree 2014 - 2018

Helped over 40 projects, including from Bank BRI, Clean & Clear, Bank BTN, and Listerine. Projects mainly about Advertising, Print Media, Logo and Packaging.

Freelance Graphic Designer | Medco Energi Oman December 2017 - April 2018

KyungHee University, South Korea

Met the client from Oman through Youtube and did 6 motion graphic projects. The projects mainly about Workplace Management and Rules of the company.

Textile and Clothing Design, International Studies, British-American Culture


Exchange Semester



O R G A N I Z AT I O N S Decoration Staff








Score: 80 Valid date: February 2019 - February 2021

Decoration Staff distuRjiwa

2017 Shine Korean Class, South Korea, Level: 1다


LANGUAGES Indonesian

3 Months Korean Language Training


Teach For Indonesia 2017 English Teacher Volunteer

Korean Language Training Korean

2013 Areka Center Jakarta, Indonesia, Level: Basic 1

sarahakimah UI/UX

Notes. Job: Logo, Website

Along with the logo that I design myself, I create a design that match the theme that is black and white and go around the things about windows with a little twist. Phase: Individual Assignment Ai


Bold & Bright UI/UX


Job: Logo, Mobile Application, Website Bold & Bright is an imaginary rental online shop that rent kidsĘź toys so parents donĘźt have to pay much money to made their kids happy. Using bright colors that attract kids, me and my groupmates design the mobile app, website and an instagram page.

Phase: Group Assignment Ai

Ps Mu

Jazzy Night with Andien Branding and Identity


Job: Concert Logo, Poster, CD case, CD, Tickets, Booklet

I made the design with AndienĘźs overall personality and music style. Pairing the classic grey with two pop of color and the touch of smoke, making the design fun yet classy. Phase: Individual Assignment Ai



Colorbond Award Logo


Award Appreciation For Everlasting Beauty

Notes. Job: Logo

Combining the trophy and the logo, making this Colorbond Award logo looks interesting while still hold strongly to their original logo (red round). Phase: Internship Ai

BTN Valas & Rumah Valas Logo




Notes. Job: Logo

I did this logo for one of the alternative that the client will see. Using the color and the shape from the logo, it looks so much related to each other Phase: Internship Ai

Clean & Clear Key Visual, POSM Display


Job: Key Visual, POSM Display I made this Key Visual on the start of the campaign using big yet simple font that is easy to remember. The POSM display is the continuity of the campaign.

Phase: Internship Ai

Oil Control Film Packaging


Current Packaging

Previous Campaign Color Palette

oil control film

oil control film instantly removes excess oil and removes oily shine

instantly removes excess oil and removes oily shine


oil control film

instantly removes excess oil and removes oily shine

oil control film


instantly removes excess oil and removes oily shine


15 sheets


15 sheets 15 sheets

Notes. Job: Packaging

This packaging was made as one alternative for the client. Using the allowed color from Clean & Clear GSM, the new packaging looks more vibrant and fun. Phase: Internship Ai

BRI Print Ad


Job: Graphic Design, Photo Editing This print ad was made as one alternative for the client. The split effect made as the people choose the better life ahead of them with BRI.

Phase: Internship Ai


L’Oreal Photography


Job: Photography, Graphic Design

In this photography project me and my 2 other friends are challenged to advertise a beauty product. We choose the mascara and proceed to do the photo shoot and make a booklet about the behind the scene, concept and lighting. Phase: Group Assignment Ai


Inspirasi Shopee Web Banner


Job: Layout, Graphic Design

This web banner is made for Shopee website and mobile application. ItĘźs about writing an article at Inspirasi Shopee and get a chance to get 50.000 Shopee Coin. The banner is in three sizes and now live on the website. Phase: Internship Ai

Inspirasi Shopee Social Media


Job: Layout, Graphic Design This Instagram story will be uploaded on Shopee official Instagram. ItĘźs helps more exposure and easy access to the article.

Phase: Internship Ai

Shopee Mall Festival Icon

Notes. Job: Icon

This icon is to represent Shopee Mall Festival in Flash Sale Section. The icon is now live on the website and mobile application. Phase: Internship Ai

Fashion Bazaar Logo & KV


Job: Logo, Graphic Design, Layout

Fashion Bazaar is one of Shopee Campaign. The campaign need a new logo every year and a KV that suggest the theme. These two are alternatives for the campaign. Phase: Internship Ai

Eat Your Veggies Typeface




Job: Typeface making, Poster Eat your Veggies is a typeface that I made myself using lettuce, red pepper and corn. I use 3 objects rather than one because it gives more color and shape.

Phase: Individual Assignment Ai


Bandoeng Poster

Notes. Job: Typography

Bandoeng was a promotional poster for West Java capital city, Bandung. I combine BandungĘźs attraction such as Gedung Sate, Angklung, and Cilok. This poster hasnĘźt just a typography but also an interesting and engaging poster. Phase: Individual Assignment Ai

Poster Paint

Where’s the Yolk? Game Visual

Notes. Job: Graphic Design

Here I design a game thatʼs called Whereʼs The Yolk?. The story is about a white egg looking for a itʼs yolk in the kitchen. Itʼs a simple game with a simple design but yet attractive and funny to see. Phase: Individual Assignment Ai

Curriculum Vitae Motion Graphic


Job: Motion Graphic, Design Graphic, Vector This motion graphic I create using After Effects and the graphics using Adobe Illustrator. ItĘźs like my CV but on a motion graphic.

Phase: Individual Assignment Ae


From: Bali Videography


Job: Video Shooting, Video Editing I was always like to film and edit my videos, creating my memories more fun to see and look back to.

Phase: Personal Project Final Cut Pro

Medco Energi Motion Graphic

Notes. Job: Motion Graphic

All the projects are done by myself. I did the motion in After Effects and a little of the graphic adjustment in Adobe Illustrator. Communication with the client in Oman about the voice over, graphic and payment was through Whatsapp. Phase: Freelance Design Ae


Aman dengan Tabir Surya Campaign


Social Media



Job: Logo, Print and Online Media, Packaging, Campaign

This campaign promotes how we should wear more sunscreen on our daily life and raise awareness of how important sunscreen is. Looking at digital market today, I use online media and print media on targetĘźs place that is school. Phase: Thesis Ai




Paket Tabir Surya

Atribut Panitia

Ambient Ad

Others Digital Imaging

Notes. Job: Digital Imaging

These two digital imaging I create using photoshop, combining few image into one. The left one was called: Dystopia and the right one is: Image of Myself. Phase: Individual Assignment Ps

Made with love, Sarah

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Graphic Design Portfolio 2019  

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