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Juarez Mediapark Forum Cartagena National Museum Expansion MUGAC Warehouse MIU Staring at the Stars Box House Corpse Chair Table A Art

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JA N UA In response to the social instability and violence phenomena that this territory R Y faces we propose the development of a building/ monument that serves as an urban articulator and 2 011 an element that generates identity and stability. Surrounded by buildings with different uses inside the polygon of the PRONAF Zone, as a strategy we used the division of the program in five towers articulated by the exhibition room as a central space and heart both of the project as well as of the urban structure. This strategy makes the creation of one same hierarchy for all the uses of the building possible, generating a potent interaction between the different uses and the public space on one same level. The strategy proposes several access points and forgets the notion of in front/ behind reinforcing its articulating character. The five towers assembled in a common deck that generates a public space in a superior level, an operating topography that through its creases allows the development of an urban park for events, forums, expositions and outdoor projections and a skatepark. On top of the volumes that emerge from this topography a grafittipark is proposed as well as projections of the dynamics of the city and the building. In this way, the monument interacts with the uses, aquieres an urban dimension and changes according to the activity. As an extension to this urban strategy, we propose the distribution, in different parts of the city, of small infrastructures connected one another and with the building. They transmit in real time what is happening in other points of Ju谩rez and in the mediatheque, creating a system that allows the presence of the public in any given point, generating security, confidence and civic identity. 路 4路




Audiotheque/ Videotheque


Consulting 1 > Axonometric view and towers sections




2> Monitors around the city, they show what’s happening in the Media-park other coultural proyects 4> Activity diagrams

3> Juarez map with connections between the Media-park and




5> Program manipulation 6> Diagrams in sections 7> Operating topography + towers


8> Perspective from west


9> Perspective from north



JU The project is born form the initiative to integrate the historic center of the city NIO of Cartagena with all its boundaries. A 2 0 strategy is proposes to unite through a public space the principal milestones achiving a weaving 1 0 tissue to wander the city. A system of transportation is proposed through bicycles, where the extinction of the car inside the walled city is pursued, making the public spaces richer and promoting cultural activities. The transportation system is organized by means of localized collectors in the most important squares of the city. The program was proposed the existing needs tural problems


a consequence to and socio-culof Getsemani.

Cartagena Forum generates a new public space integrated with the city, containing cultural activities such as theater, film, music, sculpture and painting. In order for the project to be conceived it was important to keep a great quantity of preexisting trees, which apart from generating shade in the deck, give the geometric guidelines for the generation of the patios and as a consequence of the paths, which are linked physically through ramps towards the deck which is passable.

路 10路

The project is a privileged space where the need to appreciate all the natural and artificial elements around such as the ocean, the castle of San Felipe originates, generating an artificial topography where the mass is substracted to generate special qualities, relations between layers, visual dynamics, and overall an intervention in the city that before being a building is a generator of activities not only programmatic but also spontaneous.



1> Working models 2> Interior patio perspective



3> Elevations

4> Final model


NOV E M BER 2 0 The National Museum of 0 7 the oldest museum of the

Colombia is country and one of the oldest in America. During almost two centuries it has devoted itself to the conservation and the spreading of representative testimonies of the cultural values of the Nation. Originally it was conceived as a penitentiary in the form of a panoptic (1850) and 24 years later it became the site for the National Museum. The expansion of this museum consists of new exhibition rooms, projection rooms, administrative offices and other agencies that complement the program.

路 13路




1> Aerial photo from the museum 2> Expansion concept 3> Final presentation exhibition: master plan and museum models


NOV E M Religious structures – temples, cathedrals, mosques, pyramidshave dominated the BER landscapes and imagination of great cities. 2 0 Contemporary cities seek to recreate those sa 0 7 cred spaces through commercial skyscrapers and evocative cultural structures. These places generate a feeling of civic patriotism or respect. It is a striking landscape, a base in which the people build their important social myths. Institutional buildings (monuments, archives, libraries and museums) accumulate the cultural inheritance of each society. Through these buildings, that heritage or legacy is transmitted to the next generations. They are containers of a fraction, of a moment in history, whose structure must succumb to the particularity or to the social characteristics. The proposal that is developed in this architectural project that complements an urban situation, re-signifies an architectural typology, and explores the experience of wandering in an interior. It is a symbol that unifies the city. MuGAC is a Museum Gallery of Contemporary Art located in a neighborhood in Bogotá called La Candelaria that apart from taking advantage of the cultural and emblematic conditions given by the sector, crates a new space for the expression of current artistic movements and opinions. In one same container one finds two events, which are usually separate. Originally the museum is the entity that organizes and represents the correct, appropriate, or accepted portrait of the historic moment, the one that must be shown. Meanwhile, the gallery shows both what is accepted as well as individual expressions, even if they are offensive or inappropriate. · 15·



1> Bogota city expantion through time and project location 2> Location photos

This museum gallery is an architectural ensemble configured by:


1. A tower that exceeds the average height of the buildings in the apple, it makes reference to the church bell towers of the area. It is a structure in height, that reinforces the iconic character of the ensemble proposed and it unifies with the emblematic profile of the area. In it, exhibition rooms and the administration offices of the museum are contained. A first layer is the continuation of the street: the deck. One may transit and it can be taken in advantage when there are projections of movies or videos.


Restaurante Teatro Estructura


2. The second layer is the ensemble of the compartments that contain the works : the showrooms. These are organized around the circulation; a sequence of projected ramps following the principle of the continuity of the Moebius Band.

Salas Exposiciรณn Patio Esculturas

Salsa Exposiciรณn

3. The third layer is the underground: it contains all the services for the staff. Also, it conserves and preserves the artworks that are not exhibited and the ones that are in process of restoration.

Salsa Exposiciรณn Acceso Zona Trabajadores Depรณsito

MuGAC is a fractioned surface. It preserves an instant of the present; it shows it through continuity and projects a future.

Plataforma Camiรณn

3> Exploded axonometric


4> MuGAC sections, interior and exterior images.



5> Aerial views

6> Sculpture patio and interior rooms.


JA N UA This is the first professional project that RY is under construction , in which the client 20 1 1 seeks to remodel a warehouse, adapt the offices internally, create an exhibition room of natural rocks and materials for architectural finishes and make an extreme change to the fa莽ade, all that under the lowest price possible and the minimum visual impact on the zone. The strategy is to preserve the structure of the fa莽ade, leave the superior projecting roof, and create some showcases on the first floor where a frame is generated that highlights the exhibition that is seen from the street. Regardless from the design work, what was most valuable of this experience, has been to be involved inside the construction site, taking responsibility of it, and learning how things work in the construction field even if it is in a lower scale.



1 > Construction progress



In this project, elaborated with pro fessors Hernando Barragán and Felipe Mesa, we seeked to accomplish a an interaction between human beings and the environment, through an architecture used as an interface.

Altogether, five MIU’s were built, each one of them with different interactions making reference to the relation between man and nature. In this case, we elaborated the MIU 5: “adaptation of the species to the environment”. Our MIU showed projections of the possible mutations of some animals, according to factors measured in real time such as temperature, humidity, and light. We asked ourselves the following question: “What happened in a long term with the species that inhabit earth if the temperature, humidity, light and wind conditions of a specific moment in time were to prolong themselves forever?” We decided then, to elaborate a matrix that would show the mutation of certain animals according to the climatic factors declared above and to show them through projections. According to this, if we had an armadillium projected and the light was low, and it was very humid and cold, the mutation showed the pig with a lobster tail, many eyes to see in the dark and her offspring around. The sensors were connected to a computer that through the programs Processing and Wiring produced the animal mutations that were rendered visually and projected on one of the vertical surfaces of the MIU. One could see such projection both from the inside and outside of the MIU.






1 > Interior illumination and processing conections 2> MIU section 3> photomontage with working model

4> MIU at final presentation



5 > Insect mutations 6 > Mutations matrix


7 > Interior and exterior photos at a public exhibition

SEPTEM A young couple wants to have a place of leiBER sure, of rest… a place to let time go by and en20 joy nature. With a basic program (master bedroom, 10 bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room)


a volume stuck to the ground that seems as if it were to take off that frames the sky view so one

can see the stars is proposed. The couple is already owner of the lot; the project is at a preproject












1 > Proyect perspecive 2 > Proyect perspective 3 > Lateral view 4 > Proyect perspective 5 > Interior perspective staring at the stars



JA N UA RY 20 11


A family wants a contemporary house in a warm place but that at the same time maintains a conservative and low profile image. As a pre[project a five-bedroom house, two living rooms, kitchen, four bathrooms and a pool is proposed. The program is fractioned, reinterpreted, and at the end, joined through small connections, giving as a result a superposition of boxes that create passable decks.




1 > Lateral perspective

2 ,3 > Aerial views


These projects have been developed parallel to my academic formation. They rise as a personal initiative, cover different fields related to art and reflect experiences, leisure, fun, and thought.


Corpse Chair SEPT 2009

Design process in Rhino. Construction: wooden sections

Table A NOV 2010

Table made with pine wood. Red led wire in it’s interior.

Viva la Reina JAN 2011

Technique: Collage, plaster, vinyl in canvas.

Dinosaur Pi単ata MAY 2010

Technique: Collage, vinyl in canvas

Portafolio Giorgio Badalacchi  

Portafolio Arquitectura

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