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Paper Industry in China

Summary Paper industry was important basic raw material industry that related close to people’s life. it was one of the 10 pillar cornerstone industries in many countries, for instance, USA, Canada, Japan, Finland and Switzerland, etc. Overall, the global consumption of paper and paperboard was increasing slightly for last five years under the influence of international economy, and the main motivation was from Asia and Pacific region. The Annual consumption growth rate of Asia was top one among the rest of world. As for production, there were 3 centers of global paper industry, namely, west Europe, north America and east Asia. At present, paper industry of Europe and North America was mature and the development was limited, but Asia had huge potential.

In 2015, paper industry of China developed stably, production and selling kept balance, however, segment markets put forward. Production of paper and paperboard in China was 110 million tonnes, which increased 3% while the consumption was more than 100 million tonnes, which raised 3% as well. The annual production rate of paper industry of China for last decade was 6% and the annual consumption rate was 5%. The demand of paper products in North America and west Europe will reduce 20%; however, Asia and east Europe will increase 40%-50%. The biggest decreasing demand came from UAS, UK and Japan while the highest increasing demand was from China and India. The demand of paper and paperboard in China will reach 120 million tonnes until 2021.

1)The Aim of Report -To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese paper industry product industry; -To analyze the market import and export of paper industry product industry; -To analyze the future trend of paper industry product industry; -To analyze industrial size of the industry; -To reveal opportunities for paper industry product industry in China. 2)Benefit from the Report -Obtain latest info of paper industry product industry, such as market size, price, key players, etc.; -Discover market potential in different regional markets;

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Paper Industry in China