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Not Your Average Media (NYAM), as its name may suggest, is not just your average media agency. With a team composed of a diverse group of people with equally diverse backgrounds of experience, NYAM sets forth to create the best and most unique media plans for its clients. At NYAM, we believe that the best way to spread awareness of a brand is to do so in a way that differs from all the others, in a way that makes the viewer stop and think about it for a second or two. Those couple of seconds are when the message sinks in the viewer’s mind and makes a unique impression, one that cannot be forgotten. At least that’s what we like to think.

ROBERTA ARRIAGA, B.S. in Advertising B.A. in Psychology

REBECCA HOFFMAN, B.S. in Public Relations

STEEVES HOPSON, B.S. in Public Relations

SARAH HUDSON, B.S. in Advertising

FATIMA JAFRI, B.S. in Advertising

LAUREN MINOR, B.S. in Public Relations

CARA SPIDLE, B.S. in Public Relations B.A. in Government



Includes the executive summary, campaign scope, and campaign objectives for Big Top Candy Shop.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Not Your Average Media has developed a comprehensive media plan for Austin-based Big Top Candy Shop as the company opens its second store in the Hillsboro Village area of Nashville, TN. The plan was specifically constructed to ensure Big Top’s success in this new market by establishing the brand’s identity of a fun destination that appeals to all the senses. To do this, NYAM has established three objectives:

Our agency began by conducting extensive research on Big Top’s Austin store and the South Congress area where it is located. This was followed up by examining Hillsboro Village in detail—its location, typical patrons, and demographics—in order to understand how similar yet different the two areas are. After completing an indepth situation analysis, we established our targets: 21-34 year old college students and young parents. The primary target, 21 to 22-year-old college students are trendy and artistic, and are situated in or within walking distance of Hillsboro Village. They attend either Belmont University or Vanderbilt University, and frequently visit The Village for fun and leisure. Our secondary target, young parents in their early 30’s, live in the surrounding neighborhoods and visit The Village on the weekends for family friendly activities. To reach these young targets, NYAM proposes using four media flights that will include various traditional media coupled with a continuous out of home, Internet and social media presence. Our first flight, “Hello Nashville,” focuses on creating buzz using out of home, digital, and guerrilla tactics before the store’s grand opening. Flight two, “Summer Lovin’,” features out of home and magazine placements and is centered on driving traffic to the store by promoting it as a place to cool off for tourists and college students attending summer classes. The third flight, “Back to School,” will place slightly heavier emphasis on our primary target and will focus on print media in order to raise awareness. “Tis the Seasons,” our final flight, which covers Halloween and Christmas—when demand for candy is highest—focuses on creating lasting memories and associations of the holiday seasons with Big Top in our targets’ minds. This flight includes out of home, print, and guerrilla tactics, as well as a Christmas Store Display Contest. Through the use of this pulsed media approach, Big Top Candy Shop will create the fanfare necessary to get our targets’ attention, maintain store traffic, and establish an ongoing top of mind brand position.


CAMPAIGN SCOPE Big Top Candy Shop opened for business in October 2007 in Austin, Texas. This little gem of nostalgia keeps satisfying the sweet tooth of kids of all ages by offering a plethora of sweets, a real soda counter, and hand scooped ice cream. Big Top’s theme is inspired by old-fashioned circus motifs. Its lively ambience has attracted a large number of Austinites and tourists, both young and old, to this vibrant shop. Since its establishment, Big Top has become a hallmark of the iconic and eclectic South Congress Avenue. On May 10, 2013, Big Top will celebrate its second store opening in Hillsboro Village, located at 21st Avenue South in the Southwest section of Nashville, Tennessee. Not Your Average Media has planned and outlined a media plan that will transfer the nostalgic feel and excitement that made its first shop the must-visit attraction that it is today. NYAM’s objectives are to create awareness, establish brand positioning, and increase store traffic. We will begin generating buzz on May 1, 2013, to generate awareness of the Big Top brand name before its grand opening and throughout the eight-month duration of our suggested media strategy. Our media choices intend to keep the brand’s name on people’s minds, especially during important seasons. Big Top will position itself as the place to get your sweet fix in Nashville. Store traffic will be increased through a well-planned strategy that will get consumers to visit the location and keep them hooked on Big Top’s exciting atmosphere and immense selection of sweets. We will establish Big Top Candy Shop as a must-visit location in Hillsboro Village, and as a Nashville hallmark in the near future. We will kick off our Big Top campaign on May 1st and it will run through December 31st. Four flight plans, including holiday themed events, combine with a continuous online media presence will turn a budget of $75,000 and translate it into appropriate measures. This will generate the adequate exposure needed to establish Big Top Candy Shop as Nashville’s destination for candy. NYAM’s media plan strives to position Big Top as a location that will provide it’s customers with a unique sweet experience that is unmatched by any other ordinary candy shop.


CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES The goal for this media campaign is to create buzz and awareness for the new Big Top Candy Shop store. Big Top will be opening in Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tennessee on May 10, 2013. Our goal is to keep that buzz going for the next eight months. In addition, Big Top would like to build upon the overall profit and client base, which will ultimately increase the number of daily purchases. Traffic-building events will be implemented in the community to gain popularity and establish a presence in Nashville, and more specifically Hillsboro Village.

MARKETING To determine a good understanding of the new Big Top trade area with the new Nashville test market

ADVERTISING To achieve a 30% awareness of the Big Top name and location across the recommended target(s) in the determined trade and surrounding areas

To achieve an average of 1,150 visitors each week, with an average transaction rate of $8.50

To establish regular bi-monthly interaction with the loyal customer base

To establish a loyal customer base of at least 500 within the first year, during the first eight months

To successfully support two local promotions, establishing at least one of these promotion as a long-term tool for future Big Top efforts

MEDIA BUDGET: $75,000 90% spent on measurable media venues 10% spent on new media and promotional support activities that are based on environment and intuition



Includes the brand profile, SWOT analysis, proposed target market, target market profiles, geographic profile, and competition for Big Top Candy Shop.

BRAND PROFILE Since its opening in October 2007, Big Top Candy Shop has become one of Austin’s sweetest spots on the busy thoroughfare of South Congress. As its name suggests, Big Top is a candy store styled after the old-fashioned circus. With walls of crimson and gold, the store features circus memorabilia, an old-fashioned soda fountain with over 2.4 million flavor combinations, and over 300 different varieties of bulk candy in addition to over 2,000 kinds of wrapped candy. Big Top can satisfy the sweet tooth of any age with its wide selection of the popular candies of today, such as bubble gum and every kind of Hershey’s bar you could imagine, combined with nostalgic treats of the past, such as rare Clark Bars. There is even a section of the store dedicated to seasonal sweets. There is a wide selection of both individual and bulk candy as well as a wide variety with prices ranging from a quarter to $100. What keeps the customers coming back for more is that shopping at Big Top is an experience in itself. With a friendly staff and treats galore, Big Top prides itself on its unique and nostalgic candy store experience, while bringing people back to their youth.


SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Good store location Good reputation in Austin, TX Large product variety Nostalgic, old-fashioned

Big Top Candy Shop is a specialty candy store with a good location on South Congress. Big Top is an established business with a great reputation in Austin, Texas. The product variety at Big Top is superior to most. Big Top provides every candy a customer could think of, including new brands and all of the classics. The vibe of Big Top is nostalgic and old-fashioned, from the dĂŠcor to the products. Big Top is not your average candy store; it is a candy destination like no other and succeeds in providing a unique candy experience for all the senses.

WEAKNESSES Pricier than other local shops Local brand; no corporate structure Unspecific store hours Needs social media improvement

Big Top is a specialty shop, which creates a big weakness. When compairing their more expensive price point to other local retail channels like convenience stores. Big Top only has one store and they are a local brand with no corporate structure. This leads to challenges when it comes to expansion and organization. Disorganization is a weak point for Big Top. Unspecific store hours confuse customers, and Big Top’s lack of social media is a great hindrance to the success of the company.

OPPORTUNITIES Hillsboro is similar to SoCo Near two college campuses Little product positioning Local Hillsboro events/community

Big Top will have many opportunities during its expansion to Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is a very similar city to Austin, and the Hillsboro Village community shares many qualities with that of South Congress (SoCo). Big Top will fit in easily with the Hillsboro community. Two college campuses, Vanderbilt University and Belmont University, surround the Hillsboro community.

THREATS Convenience/grocery stores Local food competitors Growing health consciousness

The greatest threats for Big Top are local convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. Though Big Top offers a wider selection because it is a specialty store, convenience stores offer cheaper prices and are established in the area. Local restaurants pose a threat for Big Top because they are already established in Hillsboro Village and considered classic destinations by locals and tourists alike. Overall growing health consciousness in society can also pose a threat to Big Top because Big Top does not provide many healthy options.


PROPOSED TARGET MARKETS The new shop will be located in Hillsboro Village neighborhood at 21st Avenue South in the Southwest section of Nashville, Tennessee. Hillsboro Village is a popular shopping and entertainment district. One can find various independent restaurants, art galleries, a used bookstore, vintage clothing store, and the non-profit Belcourt Theatre in this neighborhood. INCOME The average income of the Hillsboro Village/Belmont area is $39,700.1 However, a high proportion of people living in Hillsboro are Belmont and Vanderbilt students who are renting apartments.2 As a result, their “true” incomes are not calculated into this number. In reality, these students attend either private school (Belmont or Vanderbilt) and have much higher “incomes” (including the money they get from parents/scholarships). The average incomes of people from neighborhoods within 8 miles (such as West End, Green Hills, Five Points, East Nashville, and Donelson) ranges from $49,500-$81,100.3 LIFESTYLES/INTERESTS The people living in Hillsboro Village generally do not have children, are single, and live in cheap housing in areas that cater to “twentysomethings”.4 These people (both college students and not) generally watch TV on the internet, have smartphones, and tweet a lot.5 This age group is into alternative, indie music and also has a strong appreciation for art and pop culture.6 Many of the people living in The Village have creative occupations. In surrounding neighborhoods, the people who are not students are usually recent college graduates who are married or living with a partner. These people are Christians and over 25% of them have children.7 Although they work in many different job categories, they are generally artsy people who send their children to private school and appreciate older housing and city culture.8 PROPOSED TARGET Our proposed target markets are college students who live in or within walking distance of Hillsboro Village, and young parents who live in surrounding neighborhoods. According to PRIZM, Hillsboro Village has an unusually high young population, with “ten times as many college students than the national average.” The average age group for people living in Hillsboro Village is 21-34. Through social media tracking websites it can be seen that many people in this age range who travel to The Village from outlying neighborhoods either have children (as can be seen from their profiles) or take their children with them to Hillsboro Village for daytime activities.9 Directing media to people in their own neighborhoods can be a very profitable, overlooked segment for our brand.

1) PRIZM 2) Survey 3) 4) PRIZM 5) Social Mention, 6) Nashville Business Journal, 7) PRIZM 8) HGTV Front Door, 9) Kurrently, 10 | SITUATION ANALYSIS


TARGET ONE: THE COLLEGE HIPSTER Harold McFarlan listens to bands that don’t even exist. A 21-year-old Creative Writing major at Vanderbilt, he takes his craft seriously and has a serious passion for art, music, and literature, his favorites being obscure Hemmingway novels (A Farewell to Arms is too mainstream). He comes from an affluent family that provides the funds to attend school and live in Hillsboro. He enjoys drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer with his friends at secret house shows on the weekends and discussing politics. A proud libertarian, he has strong beliefs about the war on drugs, gay marriage, and the national debt. He is very attached to his fixed gear bike, and chooses to ride it instead of a car for environmental reasons. He prefers to shop at local stores since he feels very strongly about outsourcing. Harold considers himself a trendsetter and is always looking for the ‘uncool-but-actually-cool’ new thing to make his own. TARGET TWO: THE YOUNG MOM Candice Thompson is a young, 30-year-old mom who is by no means domesticated. She met her husband in college and now works in a corporate job for a pharmaceutical company. She has a five year old son who she loves spending time with. She has not let her married lifestyle keep her from her active social circle and enjoying youth. She spends most of her weekdays working but once it’s time for the weekend, she enjoys spending her days with both her family and her friends. She meets up with her other friends, both single and married, to participate in family-friendly activities such as going out to eat, seeing a movie, going shopping, and more. While she has a “girls night out” every now and then, her primary focus is having all-inclusive fun. She enjoys all the newest movies, live shows, and trying exotic new foods. She will go out of her way to do something she hears about if she knows it could be fun for her or her child.


GEOGRAPHIC PROFILE ABOUT NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Big Top Candy Shop’s Nashville, Tennessee location will be established in the diverse Hillsboro Village at 21st Avenue South in the Southwest region of Nashville. Hillsboro Village is set up similar to Austin’s very own South Congress area, where the first Big Top Candy Shop was inaugurated.1 Students and families alike come to Hillsboro Village because of its welcoming, old-fashioned atmosphere. Hillsboro Village and its surrounding area have an eclectic art side as well. “Nashville’s Belmont University and the Hillsboro Village area was recently named as a top U.S. art spot among 33 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas by ArtPlace America.”2 Artists paint along the sidewalk, often selling their work to passersby, and murals can be found on the sides of many buildings. Various musicians perform on the streets, as well as in the cafes and shops. The 2010 population of the Nashville area was reported to be 601,222 compared to Austin’s population of 820,611, and it is rapidly growing.3 Nashville is home to several academic institutions, including Vanderbilt University and Belmont University. Unlike Big Top’s original location in Austin’s South Congress, students live in a two-mile radius to Hillsboro Village and they are able to walk to the area as they please. 94% of the people surveyed responded that they visit or go through Hillsboro Village a couple of times a month. Hillsboro Village also has a casual, artsy nightlife scene that South Congress does not. Nashville is known to be a pedestrian unfriendly city, making Hillsboro Village a great place for residents and visitors to go out for a stroll. Both “The Village” and South Congress are heavily trafficked, especially on the weekends. Nashville’s most significant industries include health care, music recording and production, insurance, finance, and an increasingly important automotive industry, which has been continuously growing in the Middle Tennessee region. Nashville is home to over 300 health care companies, including Hospital Corporation of America, which is the largest private operator of hospitals in the world. The health care industry brings revenues of approximately 30 billion US dollars per year and employs an estimated 200,000 people. Companies within Nashville, including Dell, Hospital Corporation of America, and Dollar General are Fortune 500 companies. Nashville has a humid subtropical climate, generally with cool to moderately cold winters and hot, humid summers.4 The average temperatures of Nashville range from 48.4 degrees Fahrenheit to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit. It rains about 119 days every year and there are typically 208 days where there it is either partly cloudy or clear during the day.5 There are seasonal activities that visitors and residents of Nashville can take part of, especially the music and entertainment happenings. Nashville residents and visitors may attend the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, the Nashville Opera, or the Nashville Ballet. The Tennessee State Fair is held annually in September and the CMA Music Festival brings thousands of country fans to the city of Nashville each year.6 Nashville is a lively city with a number of recreational activities that both residents and tourists alike can enjoy.

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 12 | SITUATION ANALYSIS

ABOUT “THE VILLAGE” Hillsboro Village, also known as “The Village” is a popular shopping and entertainment district composed of vintage stores, art galleries, and restaurants. The Village is a great place for residents and visitors to go out for a stroll in Nashville, an otherwise pedestrian unfriendly city. This historic district is situated south of Vanderbilt University (just across the street from Vanderbilt’s medical campus) and west of Belmont University. In fact, many students live very close to Hillsboro Village because it is so close to the Belmont campus. The Village is a main location for college students to go out for the day and have a good time. The neighborhood’s vibe, historic charm, and its bordering active neighborhoods are truly representative of what makes Nashville Nashville.





The Tennessean

WNAB (CH. 58) CW

WNFN 106.7 Top 40

Google AdWord


WBUZ 106.9 Active Rock


WKDF 103.3 Country


WRVW 107.5 Top 40

WLLC (CH. 42) UniMás

WNSR 560 AM Class D

N. Focus


WLAC 1510 AM News & Traffic

Tennessee Home & Farm

WUXP (CH. 30) MyNetworkTV

MAGAZINE Nashville Lifestyles Great Nashville House & Home & Garden Magazine Nashville Parent Magazine The Nashville Retrospect

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Instagram Pandora

Source: SRDS


THE COMPETITION IN HILLSBORO VILLAGE BUZZY’S CANDY STORE | 2006 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212 Buzzy’s is a student run candy store at Belmont University. Due to its proximity to Belmont University and Hillsboro Village, Buzzy’s will be a big draw to a large portion of our target audience. They have more mainstream and accessible candy brands compared to Big Top Candy Shop. SWEET CECE’S FROZEN YOGURT & TREATS | 1708 21st Ave. South, Nashville, TV 37212 While it is a nationwide chain of stores, Sweet CeCe’s is some of the closest competition that Big Top has locationwise. It is right in the heart of Hillsboro Village and provides mainly frozen yogurt treats, they offer toppings such as candy and they have already activated a strong following of young students through online promotions and frequent customer incentives. THE PANCAKE PANTRY | 1796 21st Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212 While it is not a candy store, The Pancake Pantry is a huge destination for consumers when they visit Hillsboro Village. After eating their wide assortment of specialty pancakes and breakfast items, it will be hard for consumers to want to visit Big Top on a full stomach. Considering that the line wraps around the door due to its booming popularity, The Pancake Pantry could keep Big Top from becoming a hangout destination. HOT & COLD | 1804 21st Ave, Nashville, TN 37212 Hot & Cold is a combination of a coffeehouse and sweets store. They sell sweets and ice cream from local chocolate companies like Olive & Sinclair as well as popular Las Paletas popsicles. You can order anything to go with a cup of coffee, which younger audiences would prefer to a soda fountain. They also attract a strong college-aged crowd.

IN SURROUNDING AREAS ROCKET FIZZ | 201 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201 While it is a chain brand, Rocket Fizz is similar to Big Top because it is independently owned and has a flair for the old fashioned. Fashioned with a 50’s like vibe, Rocket Fizz is known for its soda fountain and all of the unique flavors that you can get there. Unlike Big Top, their candy is not their biggest appeal, but their huge selection of soda fountain drinks could be a big threat to Big Top’s own soda fountain. FUZZWIG’S CANDY FACTORY | 2126 Abbott Martin Rd, Nashville, TN 37215 Fuzzwig’s is a chain brand that has locations throughout the United States. With the benefit of having a successful franchise business behind it, Fuzzywig’s has much stronger brand recognition. They have a very clean and modern store in Nashville that has an active marketing campaign to draw new consumers in. MUSIC CITY CANDY | 811 E Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN 37207 Music City Candy is further away from Hillsboro Village, however, it has a very similar theme compared to that of Big Top’s. Music City Candy has an old fashioned feel and offers nostalgic candy options. The store is additionally locally owned and their big show stopper is their ice cream. THE BANG CANDY COMPANY | 1300 Clinton Street, Nashville, TN 37023 The Bang Candy Company started out in a little house in Hillsboro Village but has now grown into a whole storefront. They are very popular among locals and have been highly publicized in local Tennessee publications. Bang Candy specializes in gourmet marshmallows that can be ordered from their website, which allows for easy online orders. 14 | SITUATION ANALYSIS


Our vision for the media impact of Big Top Candy Shop’s advertising.


From when you walk in the doors to when you taste the candy, Big Top Candy Shop will trigger a sweet sensation that summons all your senses. The range of smells, sights and sounds creates a unique atmosphere that makes Big Top a destination for fun, just like that of a circus.



Includes the recommended flights, media menu, budget summary, flow chart, and future recommendations for Big Top Candy Shop.

FLIGHT ONE: HELLO NASHVILLE SUMMARY This flight begins on May 1st and will run through the entire month of May. This flight is all about introducing Nashville to Big Top Candy Shop. The big focus is on the Grand Opening event on May 1st. Prior to the event, the advertising will be primarily a teaser campaign, then afterward, enforcing the brand’s name. The teaser will allow us to get our name to college students early, since many may leave before the Grand Opening. There will be the heaviest emphasis on guerilla tactics for this flight in order to promote the Grand Opening event and encourage brand positioning in both target markets. OUT OF HOME We will have four Junior Billboard panels that will advertise the Grand Opening for the entire month. The junior billboards are located at 1104 Charlotte Avenue, 131 8th Avenue South, and two on opposite sides of the street at 38th & Clifton U. The billboard locations are spaced out in order to reach a wider audience within an eight mile radius. DIGITAL We will have Pandora ads about the Grand Opening, and then enforcing brand positioning through the month of May. The Pandora ads will allow someone to make a custom playlist based off of their favorite candy choice and circus attraction, appealing to the sense of sound. GUERILLA The Grand Opening will take place on May 10th from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. During this time, the first 50 people to come will receive coupons. These coupons will be infused with scents of different types of candy to appeal to the sense of smell. Aside from the coupons, loyalty cards will be given out to each person who comes that will allow for a reward after several purchases to ensure repeat customers. In order to attract attention, there will be a 54 foot inflatable elephant (the company logo) outside the store, as well as different circus attractions and activities that are family fun, such as a balloon artist and a face paint artist. This will attract young families and community involvement. In the spirit of Hillsboro Village’s music scene, a local band will perform. This will attract college students to come unwind after final exams. In addition to the event, we will have 11 by 17 inch block printed posters wheat pasted all over the campuses and central neighborhoods of Nashville “street-art” style. Wheat pasting is a guerilla art form in which an artist puts up a piece of paper in an unconventional space using a sticky paste that dries clear and is unable to be removed except by natural weather (rain, heat, snow, etc). This will attract the artsy audience and allow for a customized message that can constantly be changed and replaced.


FLIGHT TWO: SUMMER LOVIN’ SUMMARY Big Top Candy Shop will continue to maintain relevance in the Hillsboro Village community throughout the hot summer months in Nashville. Tourists will be passing through the area and children will be out of school, so foot traffic should still maintain a constant pace. Efforts will be placed on getting customers to come in and cool off with sweets and ice cream during the hot weather. To capitalize on the fourth of July, we will offer free root beer floats to encourage families to spend part of their time at Big Top. Big Top can also still be a relevant place for college students taking courses over the summer who need a break. PRINT There will be magazine spot placements in both the Nashville Parent Magazine and Nashville Lifestyles for this flight. Both magazines will have half-page spots for both June and July. These magazines pertain to the young family groups in the Nashville area, and these parents will be on the hunt for places to take their kids so they will not be bored during the summer.1 OUT OF HOME A large billboard will be placed in the general area of Hillsboro Village. For driving traffic, it will be a big draw for them to make a stop in Hillsboro Village and a great visual display of the Big Top logo in Nashville.


FLIGHT THREE: BACK TO SCHOOL SUMMARY School is back, and everyone is preparing for a brand new year. This flight will target both our markets, with extra emphasis on the incoming college students who may have not been fully introduced to our brand yet. Print will have the heaviest focus in order to get the information out to as many sources as possible. PRINT We will place an ad in the two biggest school papers; the Vanderbilt Hustler and the Belmont Vision. Since the students are just getting back to school and have plenty of time to get settled before classes start, the newspaper placements will attract this market. The Belmont Vision gets printed once a month, and the Vanderbilt Hustler runs twice a week, both on Monday and Thursday. We will have half-page ads throughout the two months for these university publications. In order to reach parents, we will have half-page ad placements in Nashville Parent Magazine and Nashville Lifestyles Magazines, both, which will run monthly. During this time of year, kids are going back to school and parents have more time to read magazines after work, as well as in doctors’ offices while getting their children’s annual physical. OUT OF HOME A bulletin board will be placed for the month of September in Hillsboro Village. This billboard will allow for immediate direction of the people who are already in Hillsboro. The bulletin board will remind people who walk to Hillsboro Village from nearby colleges and surrounding areas to check out Big Top Candy Shop. DIGITAL Pandora ads will once again be implemented during this flight. School is in session, so students are spending long hours studying and parents are home from vacations and spending hours in the office or in their daily commute. Since more people are now listening, we will implement the same ads that were used before, allowing an interactive playlist. GUERILLA We will implement guerilla efforts to appeal to the artsy students at Belmont and Vanderbilt. The wheat pasted block print posters will appear all over campuses and central areas once more, this time advertising for Student Day at Big Top. Scratch n’ Sniff coupons will be passed around on campus in order to encourage students to visit Big Top through smell. Student Day will be on September 14th, where a 20 percent discount will be applied to any students’ purchase on that day.


FLIGHT FOUR: ‘TIS THE SEASON SUMMARY The holiday season will be an important time for Big Top. October will create a Halloween rush since the demand for candy will be high. November will be less trafficked because Thanksgiving is the main focus of the consumers of Nashville, but candy can still be used for consumer’s celebrations. December will be a huge time for Big Top as they will be hosting their First Annual Christmas Store Display Contest. Local college students and the general public can enter the contest and compete for a $500 gift card to Big Top and the chance to brag to their friends that they created Big Top’s holiday display. The event will take place on December 6th, which is when Christmas in the Village typically begins.1 PRINT There will be a weekly ad placement that will run twice a week in the Vanderbilt Hustler for the months of October and November. An ad placement will be placed in the once monthly Belmont Vision for those months as well. College students will be finishing finals around this time and will want a fun way to celebrate the holidays. A color ad will be placed in The Tennessean the day of the event to help encourage last minute planning for young families. Ad placements will be featured in the Nashville Parent Magazine for the whole flight of October through December and ads will be placed in the Nashville Lifestyles for the month of December. These visual placements will help place Big Top in the minds of consumers whenever they think about candy, especially during the Halloween and Christmas holidays. OUT OF HOME A large billboard, similar to the one used in Flight Two, will be reused again in the month of December. With consumers scurrying around Nashville to buy presents, traffic will be a large problem. Having the Big Top logo displayed during heavy traffic will make a great placement because it will serve as a reminder to get last minute holiday presents. SOCIAL MEDIA Pandora will be used throughout the months included in this flight. College students especially will be listening to music while studying, and these ads could inspire them to take a holiday-themed study break. It would be ideal to target Christmas music stations as well, when the consumers have Christmas in their minds already. GUERILLA Scratch ‘n’ Sniff coupons will be brought back with different scents that relate to the various holidays. October’s coupons would smell of candy corn, November’s coupons of pumpkin pie, and Christmas’ coupons of candy canes. The use of scents would serve to mentally transport the consumer to such holiday. The First Annual Christmas Store Display Contest will be held on December 6th, and the reveal will play heavily on sight, sound, and even touch. A group of Belmont students from the Belmont Singers a cappella group will sing carols. The grand reveal, including the removal of curtains from the storefront, will be accompanied by a snow machine that will help visitors feel the Christmas spirit since Nashville’s weather does not provide snow.


OTHER: ONGOING MEDIA SUMMARY In order to keep Big Top Candy Shop’s media presence active on an ongoing basis, efforts must be taken both online and out of home to keep customers engaged and aware. Because our target markets spend the majority of their time online, most of our ongoing efforts will be dedicated toward the web. SEM Google search is the typical way consumers find out about new locations to visit in their geographic area. By buying search keywords as listed in our media menu, NYAM expects Big Top to start the climb up in search term relevancy. SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is used heavily by our target markets, and will be a great way to stay current with their fast-paced lifestyles.1 Facebook will be the center of Big Top’s social media efforts. All posts on the other channels will tie back to the Facebook page. It will also be the easiest way for our consumers to interact and give feedback about their experiences at Big Top. Twitter will host the majority of our “Tweet for Taffy” and other coupon and daily specials. Trivia related to events occurring in Hillsboro Village and the Belcourt Theatre, for example, will be solely implemented through Twitter so it will be easier to track the winner. Twitter can also help the store interact with Vanderbilt and Belmont students through tweeting at student organizations and engaging consumers directly in a personal manner. Instagram will be mainly a visual outlet for Big Top. When new shipments of candy come into the store, they can be posted on Instagram and then linked to the Facebook and Twitter pages. This interconnectivity will be the key to generating traffic to Big Top’s Instagram account. These can also be used if we wish to implement visual clues for any of our Twitter coupon/special campaigns. Pinterest is also a visual outlet. Big Top can have boards for each major holiday with candy ideas and recipes for candy. There can be a board solely for the store and the set up of candy as well as the store displays. With the future recommendation of catering parties and weddings, boards can be decorated to ideas of how to incorporate candy into these events so our consumers have a visual idea of what it could look like. Young mothers and college students also make up the majority of Pinterest users, so these efforts can hit home with them.2 OUT OF HOME Considering there is a specific bus line runs right through Hillsboro Village–the 7 route–buses are a cost efficient and effective way to expose our message to many potential consumers.3 They will be located in the area so foot traffic can see these messages and still be in a walking range of Big Top. These spot placements will also provide a visual impact of the Big Top name and logo so it can stick in the minds of potential consumers. GUERILLA Loyalty Cards will help to create repeat consumers and purchases. With special discounts offered when one card is filled up, it will entice consumers to come back frequently so they can reveal the discount on their loyalty card. The loyalty cards will also serve as a visual incentive to meet this previous goal. 1) 2) 3) 22 | RECOMMENDATIONS

FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS In order for Big Top Candy Shop to remain relevant and grow in Hillsboro Village and the surrounding areas, we recommend the following: ANNUAL GRAND OPENING Big Top should organize an annual celebration to mark the anniversary of the grand opening. This will invite customers back to the store for an annual event and allow new members of the community to become familiar with the store and what it has to offer. In addition, holding an anniversary event each year will become a tradition that ultimately establishes a relationship with the neighborhood and the community. ANNUAL BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT Big Top should organize an annual back to school event to remain top of mind with their primary target market. Because each school year brings in new students, Big Top’s back to school event can target new students from Vanderbilt University and Belmont University, and thus expand their client base while interacting with the community. CATERING Big Top should offer party and catering services for birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, etc. This will bring in new sources of revenue while simultaneously introducing the brand to potential new markets–the events’ attendees. BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Implementing a student brand ambassador program to increase awareness at Vanderbilt University and Belmont University will be very beneficial to Big Top as word of mouth is an effective marketing tool.


NYAM Media Book  

A media planned designed and written for a media class at the University of Texas.

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