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AS/A2 Dance AS/A2 Performance Studies 2013 Entry

Performance and Dance 1987-2012 •

These courses are challenging, lively and have a good balance between theoretical and practical work 25 Years

New Performance Theatre and Dance Studio

Theatre trips, professional workshops and community arts events

Many opportunities to perform throughout the year

Many students go on to further their studies in dance or drama

of inspiring individuals

1987-2012 25 Years of inspiring individuals

Sam’s Perspective I am pleased that I chose to study Dance at Carmel. The Dance course has everything that I need to pursue a career in Dance. The tutor is helpful, and is always on hand to offer support in any aspect of my work. Dance at Carmel offers a happy working environment in the purpose built studio and theatre space that are ideal working spaces. The opportunity to learn about new choreographers, that I wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t taken this subject, has been a highlight for me, as has developing my own individual style as a choreographer and performer.

AS/A2 Dance Exam Board AQA Why choose Dance at Carmel? The course allows you to acquire dance knowledge, skills and understanding for further study and/or for future employment. The course also encourages you to gain skills in performance and choreography and engage in critical thinking about dance. It promotes interest in a healthy lifestyle and allows you to explore your creativity and express your ideas and interpretations. How will I be taught? Lessons vary depending on the unit being focused upon at that time. All practical classes take place in the recently built Dance Studio and theory classes take place in the classroom. In theory classes you will study dance history, analyse professional dance works and study choreographic approaches and processes. You will be taught anatomy and learn about the physical and performance skills required as a performer and choreographer.

Sam Jones Tower College Studying: Dance, Performance Studies, Combined English

Unit 2- Choreography and Performance: You will be expected to individually choreograph and perform a 2-3 minute solo dance piece which is based on a chosen exam question and to collaborate with peers to choreograph a 3-4 minute duet or trio dance piece. You will be assessed on your choreographic ability, performance skills and technical ability. Unit 3 – Dance Appreciation Content & Context: You will complete a written exam paper at the end of the second year. The paper consists of two essay questions; one on the chosen area of study for that year and one on the analysis and understanding of the chosen set work for that year.

You will have a minimum of two practical dance lessons each week: one dance technique class and at least one choreographic workshop.

Unit 4 - Group Choreography & Solo Performance: You are assessed on your choreographic ability in which you choreograph a 2-3 minute group dance piece based on a question set by the exam board. You are also assessed on your performance and technical ability in which you must create and perform a 2-3 minute solo choreography in the style of a specific practitioner. Both pieces are assessed by an Examiner.

How will I be assessed?

What can I do with this subject?

The Dance course is made up of four units over the two years:

Students tend to follow an art route with this qualification and many go on to further their studies in this subject at university. Some professions include: dance criticism/writing, teaching, choreography and performance.

Unit 1 - Understanding Dance: Written exam paper that assesses understanding of all concepts learnt throughout the year. The paper consists of both short questions and essay questions.

What is the Dance department like?

Meet the Tutors Joanne Haggis Dance and Performance Studies Tutor. Joanne trained at York St John College and Potsdam University in New York. She has worked with various professional contemporary dance companies.

The Dance department is a professional yet fun place to be. Students who study Dance build close relationships with their peers in the class which creates a very welcoming and warm environment. Tutors are very supportive of their students and provide extra tutorials and individual support throughout the year. Students can also book the dance studio for extra group/independent rehearsal both in and out of college time. Dance students get many opportunities to perform throughout the year. Annually, there is a dance performance evening, a college musical production and Creative Arts Evening plus many other college services and charity events that require dancers.

AS/A2 Performance Studies Exam Board OCR Why choose Performance Studies at Carmel? This subject is 65% written work with a comprehensive coursework assignment at AS and a written exam at the end of each academic year. It explores the 3 art forms of dance, drama and music and gives students a very good grounding in analytical and research skills. What will the course involve? A range of teaching methods are used including video/ audio analysis, practical based workshops and lively discussion. We encourage regular visits to the theatre and this forms part of our programme. Lessons take place in the recently built Dalton Theatre with theoretical lessons moving to the classroom. We encourage participation in extra curricular activities and independent research. How will I be assessed? There are 4 units covering a number of different skills in all three art forms. AS Units Creating Performance: This module covers all 3 performing arts subjects. You will devise and perform an original piece of drama, dance and music and then work on a piece integrating all three art forms to be performed at a chosen community venue. The unit is assessed through a 3000 word assignment as well as practically in all three art forms.

Performance Contexts 1: You will focus on 2 out of the 3 art forms and study practitioners in each. You will sit an examination in January. A2 Units Performance Project: You will perform a piece of repertoire from any one of the practitioners studied over their two years. You can work individually or in groups. A second piece is devised in response to a given commission from OCR. You will work in groups to create an original piece that includes all three art forms. Performance Contexts 2: This unit focuses on 9 pieces of work from 3 different practitioners in each of the art forms. At Carmel we study the Twentieth Century American Musical. You will sit an exam in January. What can I do with this qualification?

Cameron’s Perspective I enjoy the fun and supportive environment at Carmel, especially in Performance studies. I enjoy this subject because it has developed my performance skills, and has taught me how to devise my own pieces. Above all the performance lessons have given me the confidence to be able to perform to a large number of people as well as developing my own knowledge for the arts. The productions at Carmel have been especially rewarding. The shows are incredibly professional and allow everyone who is involved to shine. It’s a great way to make new friends and build confidence. I have also been impressed by the support given by the tutors. I hope to study acting at LIPA University in Liverpool and hopefully go on to act as a career, never forgetting everything that Performance Studies has taught me.

Many students have gone on to further their studies in Performing Arts by taking this subject or a related subject at degree level. As a subject that involves analytical research and team work skills it can lead to a variety of different professions namely journalism (e.g. theatre critic), performer, front of house administration, teaching.

What is the Performance department like? This is a lively and ever expanding department. Currently there are 2 tutors who specialise in all 3 of the art forms on offer. The theatre space is large and can be varied to suit different performance environments. Alongside this, students are encouraged to perform outside of college. In the past we have performed at the Albert Dock in Liverpool, Liverpool World Museum, Knowsley Safari Park, Knowsley Hall and the YMCA in St Helens. 2010 saw the opening of our new theatre seating an audience of around 200; Dance Studio; Performance and rehearsal area; Changing and showering facilities for students; Teaching and learning room including ICT area.

Cameron Jones St Cuthbert’s Studying: Performance Studies, Business Studies, Film Studies, English Literature

Meet the Tutors Hannah Thomas Head of Performance Studies/ Dance Hannah is a Principal Examiner for OCR Performance Studies. She is a Singer and former Choreographer/Dancer with the Trainspotting Dance Company. Hannah has also written for the new OCR Performance Studies CD Rom and Study Guide.

What other activities will I get involved in? Performing arts invariably means that you will be involved with extra curricular activities and this is actively encouraged. We currently have enrichment opportunities in production with the option to help out with lighting, sound and box office administration. We Will Rock You 2012

Beatles Project, Albert Dock

Lunchtime shows are supported by the whole college and you will be encouraged to take part in performances throughout the year and support your peers.

The Dance and Performance Studies departments put on a college musical production each year which dancers can be involved in. A

Performance and Dance Students performed at St George’s Hall as part of a Capital of Culture event.

Spamalot 2010

What are the entry requirements for these courses? AS Dance – GCSE grade B in Dance (if studied) or audition if not studied. AS Performance Studies – GCSE grade B in English Language plus grade B in Music, Dance or Drama (or audition if not studied). How successful are Carmel’s Performance and Dance students?

The Dance department organises theatre trips to watch professional dance works and arranges for professional companies and practitioners along with ex students to come into college and lead Dance workshops and classes. We also join the Performance Studies department in an annual overnight trip to London to watch two West End musicals.

Examination Results

‘Total Tone’ fitness class and dance cinema are also offered as additional enrichment activities.

The department has very high standards and has maintained its standing, achieving grades consistently above the national average for the past 4 years. Many students from the department go on to further their studies in the performing arts industry. We currently have students at the Northern Contemporary Dance School, Renaissance Dance Company, Laine Theatre Arts in London and LIPA as well as students following dance and drama courses in Manchester and Liverpool.

2011 A*-B A*-C A*-E

2012 A*-B A*-C A*-E

A2 Performance Studies 61%

88% 100%




A2 Dance

92% 100%





Dance workshop

Flashmob in Manchester

Me & My Girl 2010

Sweeney Todd 2009

More Information Detailed course specifications can be found on the Exam Board websites: Dance Performance Studies

Performance & Dance 2013