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Level 3 Qualification 2013 Entry

Extended Project


If you have a genuine passion for a subject area, EPQ provides an opportunity to research that subject to undergraduate standard 25level Years

You will experience university style supervisions

Helps secure offers from prestigious universities

of inspiring individuals

1987-2012 25 Years of inspiring individuals

Glen’s Perspective Carmel College has a friendly atmosphere, with tutors that are more than happy to help. The EPQ has allowed me to further improve my independent research and report skills, aiding my application for university. The EPQ takes place outside of chosen subjects, providing you with means to study further into a topic of interest, perhaps not entirely related to the subjects being studied. A one to one session with your assigned supervisor every 2 weeks, allows for you to sit down with a tutor and discuss what needs to be done in order to meet deadlines. You are supported throughout the entire process. I have enjoyed my time at Carmel College, making new friends who I will stay in touch with, including some of my tutors. I hope to study Geography at the University of Liverpool and I strongly believe that the EPQ has helped me prepare for study in Higher Education.

Extended Project Exam Board AQA You will have the opportunity to choose an area of research you want to study. You complete a logbook to document the process and the decisions you have made along the way. You plan, research and carry out your project and then prepare a presentation to share the outcomes. Along the way you are supported by your supervisor who will advise you and act as a sounding board but you make the decisions, justify them and then evaluate the whole learning experience at the end. You will become a more critical, reflective and independent learner. The finished product can take a variety of forms such as a traditional dissertation but really it is only limited by your imagination.

How will I be assessed?

Studying: Geography, Maths, Physics

Meet the Tutors Carole Williams Centre Co-ordinator Supervisors include the Principal, Vice Principal, Assistant Principals and other members of staff from all areas of the College.

I opted to take part in the Extended Project Qualification because it would give me the opportunity to explore topics of interest outside of the subjects I am studying at Carmel. It has been a rewarding experience that has helped to develop my research abilities and allowed me to interview professionals that are related to the course I wish to study at university. I feel the EPQ has really helped to strengthen my university application as it is a great way to show your commitment to independent learning, which is an essential skill when studying at degree level.

Universities look very favourably on EPQ as they know it develops the higher level skills they are looking for and some of our Carmel students have had offers for medicine, veterinary science and from Oxford, for example, and feel that the EPQ really gave them a distinct advantage in their personal statements and at interview. The EPQ also attracts UCAS points. EPQ is also an excellent option for you if you simply have a passion for a certain field and would relish the opportunity of spending time indulging in researching a topic of your choice.

Glen Baines De La Salle

Rebecca’s Perspective

To complete the course you need to submit a product, which is based on your research, a production log which has recorded the experience and a presentation.

Rebecca Darracott De La Salle Studying: Chemistry, Physics, Spanish

Extended project  
Extended project  

Extended Project