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AS/A2 Business Studies AS/A2 Applied Business AS/A2 Economics

It is virtually certain that one day you will work in a business organisation and use business skills. Even if you become a surgeon, a professional sports person, a teacher or an artist you will need to be able to manage resources and perhaps understand finance. These are the major aspects you will learn about on our courses. Business is the study of organisations that seek to provide us with the things we want – at a price. You will find out how they identify what we want, how they make it and how they calculate if it is worthwhile. Economics looks at a primary goal in all our lives – how to get resources (or money!) and how to use them (or spend it!). It examines this question from the point of view of individuals, who get money mostly from working or from benefits, and from the view of society where government taxes us and spends the money on our behalf. As an Advanced student you are the manager of the future and as a manager you will have to account for resources. Our courses give you the basic techniques to do this. Don’t worry if you haven’t done Business at GCSE, only about one-third of our students have, therefore we realise our courses are a new challenge to you.

AS/A2 Business Studies EXAM BOARD: AQA

meet the students SIAN BENNETT St Julie’s

Studying: Business Studies, Philosophy, Psychology

WHAT WILL THE COURSE INVOLVE? Unit 1 examines how businesses come about and how they develop. It looks at where business ideas come from and how you could decide if they are likely to be successful or not, by researching the market. Then of course, you would have to raise finance to start the business and decide its legal structure and how and where it will operate. This will all have to be done at a profit so you will learn how to calculate profit and other aspects of managing finance.

HOW WILL I BE ASSESSED? You will do a written exam in the January of your lower sixth year, half way through your AS course. You do the second exam in June. The same pattern applies to the A2 part of the course. There is no coursework in Business Studies. You can resit any of the first three modules while at Carmel.

WHERE DOES THIS COURSE LEAD? Our students go on to study a wide range of courses at university all over the UK - and beyond. Most universities have a Business School. There are Business Studies courses and more focussed courses, such as in Human Resource Management or Marketing but many degrees will mix Business in with other disciplines, such as Languages. Business is often a major element in courses such as American Studies or European Studies.

Business Studies is applicable to real life situations which I really like. It is very interesting to find out how different types of businesses operate. I enjoy studying in such a friendly environment and the staff are very supportive and really encourage you to achieve your potential. I’ve met lots of different people at Carmel and made lots of new friends. When I leave I hope to study International Business Management at the University of Manchester.

In Unit 2, you will study how managers organise businesses and, through motivational theory, find out how they seek to get people to work harder. Next you will learn about Marketing, through which businesses try to convince us to use their products, and finally, how they can ensure customers get exactly what they expect time and time again.

meet the tutors

Applied Business students teamed up with Saints to organise a Fashion Show as part of a business project.

KARL SMITH Head of Faculty Head of Business

SUSANNE MAHER Head of Applied Business,Tourism and BTEC Level 2 Business

EMMA JONES Head of Economics Business and Tourism Tutor

What is the department like? In A Level Business we have around 130 lower sixth students in 6 classes. There is one class of Applied Business in lower sixth. Our students have every sort of mix with other subjects, but find some overlap with other subjects we run in the area such as Travel & Tourism, as well as subjects like Languages and Mathematics. We have seven members of staff who each teach a number of our courses. Business and Economics are housed in a suite of eight rooms, all equipped with interactive white boards, multi-media projectors and wireless internet connection. Students also have access to a computer suite.



A Level Applied Business is different from A Level Business Studies in a number of ways. Firstly, as the 'Applied' title suggests we try to give you a greater involvement with businesses; so more trips to businesses, more research of real businesses, a one-week work placement in the first year and a greater development of the personal skills you will need to do well in a business. Secondly, the Applied course is worth 2 A Levels, so you spend double the amount of time on it than on Business Studies. Thirdly, it involves more coursework.

Since Applied Business is a double A Level in Business it leads to similar courses at university as Business Studies. However, it also has an added dimension. During the course you will be involved in activities that will help you to develop a range of business skills such as investigation, report writing and presentational skills. This should equip you better for the style of learning at university. It will also give you a greater ability to promote yourself if you seek to enter employment or set up your own business after college, instead of going to university.

HOW WILL I BE ASSESSED? Progress on Applied Business is mostly through coursework: of the six units done in the first year, four are by coursework, and the same goes for the second year. You will do one exam in the January and one in the summer of each year. This gives you greater control over your achievement. You will receive regular feedback from your tutor and have the chance to improve your coursework assignments.

Students received praise from Saints RLFC and the Mayor of St Helens

What support will I receive? You will find the Business and Economics tutors very supportive. There is always someone around the Business suite to help you if you are struggling. We will set you work regularly and ensure that you can do it. You will get plenty of practice at examinations before they take place. We have included many past papers (with the answers!) and additional resources on our Carmel Connect intranet site; you can access this anywhere, at any time, through the internet. You will have a textbook that allows you to work ahead, to catch-up if you miss a lesson and to get an alternative approach that may help you. You will have the opportunity to have a conference with the examiners.

meet the students CHRISTOPHER JAMES Newton-Le-Willows

Studying: Applied Business, Law, Applied Business takes a ‘hands on’ approach to the business world. I was Team Leader for an official merchandise launch show at Carmel in conjunction with St Helens RLFC which helped to develop my business skills. Through this activity I was offered a part-time job with the Club which will run alongside my Business Management and Law degree at Liverpool Hope. I have taken part in many activities at college and this has enriched my CV and will help me in my future career. Carmel has a relaxed yet hardworking environment and the dedicated staff strive for the very best in every individual.

meet the tutors JENNIFER TABERNER Business Tutor

PETER MURPHY Business & Applied Business Tutor

ALISON WOODCOCK Business and Economics Tutor

LAURA FOWLER Business & Applied Business Tutor




The AS gives you an introduction to the theories and principles of the workings of the economy and the influences on it. You will apply theory to a wide range of real life situations.

A high proportion of A Level students decide to continue their study of the subject at a higher level.

You will interpret data and identify underlying trends. The A2 Level gives you a broader understanding and depth of knowledge of the economy including global aspects. Economics is a living subject. All topics are related to real world events.

HOW WILL I BE ASSESSED? You will study two units for AS and a further two units for A2. Each year you will have two papers to complete which have written elements, multiple choice questions and data response questions. Each paper accounts for 50% of the marks for that year. Exams are spread over the course, which reduces pressure on you. There is no assessed coursework in AS or A2 Economics.

Degree courses in Economics and related disciplines (such as Money, Banking and Finance, Business Studies, Sociology, Management Studies, Economic History, Politics) are increasingly popular at a variety of Higher Education institutions. Economics also combines very well with Languages, and is a key component in the professional examinations for Accountancy, Law, Banking and Insurance.

YOUNG ENTERPRISE Carmel College offers the Young Enterprise Company Programme as one of the enrichment choices. Working in a multifunctional team, students are given the opportunity to run their own business. This year’s team ‘Fusamic’ have run a series of successful initiatives including sales of Christmas novelties, hosting a sell out ‘speed dating’ event and most recently designing and selling handmade jewellery. Fusamic have made a significant profit in the last financial year and are looking forward to representing Carmel College in the regional Young Enterprise finals.

Speed dating event

Careers Corner The Business Faculty have introduced a dedicated careers area in which students can access a wealth of information in relation to their future career prospects. Learn about financial support, university life and importantly how you can get ahead in preparation for your application. Browse our extensive library of university prospectuses, including information from the highly respected Russell Group cluster. Have a look at our ‘Tips for Successful Interviews’ or experience a mock interview with one of our dedicated staff. The careers area ‘Notice Board’ is consistently updated on a weekly basis to inform students of relevant open days and taster sessions. If university is not for you we also have extensive information on taking a gap year and apprenticeship courses. The careers area is further enhanced by a virtual gateway of careers advice, guidance and useful links available through our Carmel Connect intranet site. This is an essential area in the researching of life after Carmel and supports you in reaching your full potential on a course that is right for you. Pay us a visit and start planning your bright future...remember the world’s your oyster!

meet the students TOM DUGDALE St Gregory’s

Studying: Economics, Computing, History Economics has a lot of relevance in the modern world and prevalence in the news as well as its usefulness for my History studies. I enjoy studying at Carmel because the college has a really friendly atmosphere and high academic expectations. It’s great to have the chance to study new and interesting subjects as well as the high quality teaching and encouragement and support offered.

What other activities are there? ENTERPRISE Tomorrow’s young business stars at Carmel College are actively engaged in developing their enterprise skills.

meet the students HANNAH KELLY Fairfield

Studying: Business Studies, Economics, Maths, Critical Thinking Business Studies is applicable to every day life and the skills I have developed are helping me work towards my chosen career. The teaching style is informal which makes the lessons very enjoyable and the tutors encourage you to take responsibility for your own learning. The tutors are always ready to support you if you need help and the extra tutorials on offer are very beneficial particularly around revision time. When I leave I hope to study for a BSc Business Management degree at Kings College London.

In 2009, ten percent of the AS Business cohort worked closely with the local Chamber of Commerce, buying and selling merchandise and practically testing and developing their business skills. This initiative which runs alongside academic studies is designed to expose potential entrepreneurs to the opportunities and challenges of business in a real context. This gives students a unique and invaluable experience into the practical research, planning and implementation of business ideas and to test their ability to apply classroom learning in the competitive environment.

Students from the A2 Applied Business course were given the opportunity to work in partnership with Saints RLFC to host the annual fashion show in college. The project formed part of the students’ coursework and required them to work together to design an effective promotional campaign and co-ordinate a high profile event. The team went from strength to strength to host the most successful show to date, with a sell out event together with a guest appearance from a club player and the club’s official mascots! Generating over £1200 in sales together with £100 for Willowbrook Hospice, the team received praise from both Saints Directors and the Mayor of St Helens!


international “Shared Responsibility Campaign”.

Students and teachers from the Business Studies department have a joint initiative with the organisation ‘Fruto del Espiritu’ to host a series of fruit juice cocktail evenings in College throughout the year.

Business Studies students have gained practical experience in organising and promoting events, as well as day to day experience of managing finance, making operational decisions, project management and making entrepreneurial decisions, all of which are beneficial to both their studies and future careers.

Fruto del Espiritu was set up in 2001 to raise awareness about the consequences of the UK's cocaine habit and offer a practical response by working with Columbian fruit producers. Fruto del Espiritu cocktail evening at Carmel


The mission of Fruto del Espiritu is to promote fruits such as Lulo and Maracuya, which can be grown instead of the coca bushes that produce cocaine. The organisation works closely with the

Proceeds generated from the cocktail evenings have fed back into funding educational projects in Columbia and our students have communicated both by email and webcam conference with student beneficiaries and the juice manufacturing plant.

More Success

FAIRTRADE Committee, Christopher James, expressed his feelings of the day, “I feel that the experience was highly valuable to enhance our futures. We listened to three very interesting and food-filled presentations, and then had the opportunity to convey our opinions and our final decision. The experience will help me in my future career and has enabled me to see another aspect of the business world”.


meet the students DARYL BANKS Cowley

Studying: Business Studies, Accounting, Maths, Further Maths, Critical Thinking It is interesting to carry out research into businesses and gain an understanding of how the operations of a business work. Visitors from large companies are invited into college to speak to us about their experiences of working for big organisations and I have found this really useful and very enjoyable. The atmosphere at Carmel is amazing. It’s extremely easy to make friends and the staff treat you like adults. The working environment is brilliant both in the classrooms and outside of lessons when you need to do individual study. When I leave I’m hoping to go to Manchester University to study Maths and eventually hope to become an Accountant.

This really has been the year in which Applied Business students have shined. In the last academic year student achievements within the department have been outstanding. Successes read like an Oscar nomination announcement and we are proud to share a selection of these accomplishments with you.

Our talented students have done further work in relation to FAIRTRADE, when they recently entered a national ‘Snack Attack’ competition. Students showcased their business knowledge and creative skills by designing a promotional campaign. We are currently nervously awaiting the results and the possibility of the snack being turned into a reality and sold in shops nationwide!

As part of their A2 Applied Business coursework, students have voiced their opinion regarding the current debate of ‘Healthy Eating’ and ‘FAIRTRADE’ produce within Carmel College. After extensive research conducted over a three month period, all students presented their results to a board of significant decision makers and influential individuals within, and externally to, the college. As a result of this inspiring project three students were then invited to represent the student voice on the tendering process to choose the new catering company for the college.

Holistically it is our aim as a department to develop your skills not only in a theoretical sense but more importantly in a practical sense. By doing this you are developing skills and abilities that can be immediately transferred to your chosen career path and we are excited about the future for Applied Business students at Carmel College.

Student, and member of the college


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Applied Business students present their findings to the decision makers

more information For details of the course specifications visit A2 Business Studies student presents Critical path analysis

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