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The Beauty of Reconstituted Stone Reconstituted stone, Recon Stone, Engineered Stone, and Cast stone are one and the same product, which is a type of artificial stone made by combining natural marble or granite granules and powder with a special polyester resin.

In creating a wide range of textures and colors aggregates such as glass, shells, and small stones are added to the engineered stone mixture. A broad spectrum of colors is also possible with recon stone (something not possible in natural stone) as dyes are often added during the manufacturing process as well.

The stone that is produced from this mixture retain all the qualities of natural granite and marble, but it has also obtained an additional set of traits and characteristics that by some individuals are considered to be superior to the natural product. These advantages are, that recon stone costs less than natural stone. Before the arrival of this artificial, yet beautiful product, the use of stone in building was a thing only for the wealthy who could afford natural stone. Now, however, with just the advantage of affordability alone many more households are able to afford stonework on and within their homes.

Other advantages of this man made stone are that it can be more durable than natural stone, does not hold bacteria as natural stone does, it does not retain stains, is of a consistently high quality, is more aesthetically pleasing with its wide range of colors and textures, and because this engineered stone is produced in a mold, the possibilities for size and shape are wider than anything nature can provide. Another significant advantage usually cited is that recon stone is more versatile in its applications and uses than nature's product, being able to be used in the building of a cathedral - or a kitchen knife handle.

Some types of cast stone available are faux brick, cobblestone, slate, sandstone, CaesarStone and Silestone.these are sued for varying applications both in constructing buildings and in interior elements of the home. Applications range from exterior walkways/driveways, exterior and interior walls, kitchen countertops, entertainment/ serving bars, tiling, and bathtubs.