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Natural Shampoo for Children Traditional bath products for infants and children are becoming more scrutinized by parents, concerned about the potentially harmful ingredients in the shampoos, conditioners and infant washes. Chemicals, allergens and unnatural ingredients are found in body washes and shampoos made by traditional manufacturers. Due to the long list of unnatural ingredients in these products, more and more parents are leaning towards the choice of natural and organic bath and skin care products. What should parents consider when choosing these organic and natural shampoos? In addition to reading through the ingredient list and comparing the prices of the natural products, parents might want to consider the various types of shampoo that are available. In addition to the traditional types of shampoos that are available in liquid form, shampoo bars can be used for children. Shampoo bars are known for their natural ingredients, created with easy to use solid soaps that are simply applied to the head, lathered and rinsed clean. Shampoo bars can be purchased from organic health food stores, boutiques and bath and body stores that specialize in natural products. With many textures, types and scents available, parents can chose gentle formulations for children and infants and natural scents. Natural shampoos are created without the potentially harmful chemicals used to create traditional products. These chemicals can interrupt the hormones of the child or infant, lead to increased sensitivity in the skin and even cause the development of allergies in the infant or child. Though natural shampoo and bath products for children can be more expensive than traditional brands of soaps, it's important to realize the benefits that come with choosing these types of products. Natural products can relieve dry skin, allow the moisture to be retained in the sensitive skin of infants and reduce the exposure to unnatural components in bath products.


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