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Flyscreens and Care for Them for a Warm Homecoming The home for us is a place to unwind and for this we must keep our home free of stuff that can cause displeasure for ourselves. The screens for the windows are good for the people who live within the walls but that does not give the choice to keep them forever in the same condition they are. The Flyscreens need to be cleaned regularly and we must keep them in good condition so that they are operable for a long time and gives us no trouble when we need them the most. The frames for the window that has the mesh installed within it is made of either metal or of wood and they look good if maintained properly and the mesh color and smart look give a different dimension to the rooms. The small smudge or scratch will take off the smartness from the mesh. The mesh can have dampness too. These can be removed with proper care. The dirt can be removed with washing in mild soap and care should be taken that we do not use abrasive soaps or harsh detergent for the mesh for that can give scratches and corrosion to damage them. The mesh can be cleaned with a soft duster if it is just fluffy dust that is stuck and as it is not possible for us to clean the frame and the mesh everyday with soap and water. This regular dusting will help to keep it looking better. The wet cleaning can be done after regular intervals and when the cleaning is done, one should wipe off the frame and the mesh with dry soft cloth so that it is completely dry. One must be careful not to use any acidic liquid for cleaning the frame for it may eat into the frame body and cause severe damage. If the frames are used regularly they collect oil and the lever that opens the frame from the windows can also get jammed and for this the cleaning of the frame with some cleaning solution that is not acidic will help. The hinges need to be oiled for them to work perfectly and not cause you trouble when you open them at times for cleaning. The screens must be kept looking good and useful for your room to look good and for the health of the people around. The rooms will be free of insects and dust and will be airy and warm when you have the Flyscreens maintained perfectly with care cleanliness. Reference Document: edit