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September Newsletter

Fall 2012

Smith Stories WELCOME BACK TO YOUR FAVORITE CAMPUS Now that your all sorted and moved into Smyffindor, it is time to make it your best year here at Cortland. On behalf of all staff members, we’ve spent a long time preparing for your arrival, and are thrilled to have the building filled up once again!

Call Us, Maybe?

From left to right (top): April, Mike, Amber, DJ, Kelsey, Ryan, Cody, Jacki, Davon, Jen Bottom: Melanie

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Meet the Staff

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Meet the Staff, continued

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Construction Chaos!

Written by: Jennifer Petrosino

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Spring 2016

Amber Wade, RHD Amber was born in New York State and attended college at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania. She earned her B.A. in music with a concentration on voice. Amber was an RA for three and a half years in Maple Hall. During her time at Mansfield, Amber was initiated in Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional music fraternity for women. She was the treasurer for three consecutive years, secretary and president for her last year at college. Amber also served as president of Maple Hall Council for two years. Additionally she was a member of the highly esteemed Mansfield Concert Choir, which received three gold medals in the 2008 World Choir Games in Graz, Austria. Amber graduated with a B.A. in Music in 2008. Amber started working at SUNY Cortland in August of 2008. She has been the Residence Hall Director (RHD) of Whitaker Hall for two years, DeGroat for one year and started in Smith Tower in 2011. She has also worked on the Housing Committee, Student Staff Recruitment Committee, Professional Staff Recruitment Committee, Professional Staff Development Committee, held the Facilities outside assignment, was the advisor for NRHH, the RHD for the Leadership House and the Administrator for the Residence Life Conference Committee.

Jacki, Administrative Assistant Jacki is the Administrative Assistant here of Smith Tower. She is a junior, and is a Geographic Information Systems major. She loves Disney movies, and enjoys singing. She’s a lifeguard and is a part of the Club Gymnastics Team. She lives on the 2nd floor.

Kelsey Bordwell, 2nd floor RA Kelsey Bordwell is a junior. She’s a physical education major with a computer application minor. She also has a concentration in Adaptive PE. She loves Disney movies, the color purple, and the beach and wishes to travel to Australia and Greece one day. She loves to play soccer and read in her free time.

Davon, RA on the 3rd floor Hello Smith Tower Residents! My name is Davon Clarke and I am from Middletown, NY. I am the RA on the 3rd floor this year and I am super excited! This year I am in charge of raising money for the Adopt a Family Program. Adopt a family is a program in which each hall raises money for a family in Cortland to help provide them with Christmas presents. We do this do this program to help give back to the Cortland community. This year I will be collecting prepack boxes that students get from the bookstore; if you would like to help please bring your box to the staff office. I will also be conducting a floor war program, where each floor competes for a pizza party; the floor that raises the most money wins! So don’t forget to donate. Donation boxes are in the staff office as well and will have your floor number on them. Thank you and have a great semester!


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Spring 2016

Cody, RA on the 4thfloor Hey, I'm Cody the fourth floor RA. I am a Sophomore English Major from Rochester, NY. I love being active, dancing around and long walks on the beach. If you have any academic questions like, "What are your opinions on these classes?" "How do I sign up for classes?" "Would you proofread my paper?" (I'm a nerd and actually enjoy reading over papers), or even "Can you help me study for this class?" feel free to drop by my room, suite 409, because I am the academic person here in Smith. If you don't have questions and still want to drop by, just give me a heads up and I'll let you know if I’m available.

Mike, RA on the 5thfloor Michael George Beierle is a Sophomore RA in Smith tower from long island. He is going to be a Biomedical science Major this year and is the Sustainably RA for Smith Tower. Michael is also the Snitch/Seeker for the Cortland Quidditch Team and is a member and Historian of SUNY Cortland EMS, he received his EMT certification last spring as well. Some of his personnel activates are running, working out, and creating computer graphics designs. In the free time that he has left he either is playing Xbox or solving his 5x5 rubix cube.

DJ, RA on the 6thfloor DJ is the RA on the 6th floor of Smith Tower. He is a sophomore and, a sports management major here at SUNY Cortland. This is his first year as an RA and he is very excited to start this new adventure. He loves to play sports, so if anyone needs anybody for intramurals, he’s your guy! He lives at 610, and is looking forward to meeting everyone!

Melanie, RA on the 7th floor Melanie Gordon lives on the 7th floor. She is a super senior, and is an athletic training major. She is currently Cortland football's trainer. She also plays club basketball. Melanie lives in Long Island, NY. She will paint your nails if you ask nicely. Feel free to stop by and say hello anytime, she is super friendly and loves visitors.

Ryan, RA on the 8th floor Ryan is a junior here at SUNY Cortland, originally from Orange County, NY. He is a history major and is also RHA senator. He hopes you will all get involved! In 2005, he joined the US Army. He was stationed in Germany and deployed to Baghdad in September 2006 and did a 15-month tour as part of the surge. He left Iraq in 2007 and went back to Germany. He was deployed in Nov. 2008 with 1-2 INF for his second tour in Iraq.

Jen, RA on the 9th floor Hi, I’m Jen, and I’m the RA on the 9th floor for the second year in a row. I’m a junior, and am majoring in Adolescence Education in English, and Spanish as well. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and am very proud of it. I love to read in my free time, and I’m a big technology junkie, so if you need some help with your computer feel free to let me know.

April, RA on the 10th floor Hey! My name's April. I'm the RA on the 10th floor. I'm a junior and a Communications major with a concentration in Media Productions and will soon have a Cinema Studies minor. I come from a small town called Montrose, Pennsylvania. It's just south of Binghamton, NY. My favorite color is yellow and elephants are my favorite animal. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter, I even have a wand tattooed on the inside of my right index finger!


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Spring 2016

Construction Chaos Bulldozers, and trucks, and hammering, Oh my! By this time. We’ve all complained about the lovely construction hindering our precious beauty sleep. But have we been complaining to the right person? If the construction is bothering you, and I mean, really, really bothering you (can’t sleep, can’t study, can’t do anything) then you need to take action, and perhaps get some answers. From who, you may ask? Amber Wade. She’s the boss lady around here, and I’m not kidding when I say she knows everything. Here office hours are directly to the right, so feel free to visit her to talk about this, or anything else. If not, she can also be reached at her Cortland email address. She has great candy at her office, too, if you just want to stop by and say hello!

Amber’s Office Hours Monday 10am-12pm Tuesday 2pm-4pm Wednesday 10am-12pm Thursday 3:13pm-5:15pm Friday 10am-12pm

Keep an Eye Out: 9/12 at 7:30pm “Join the Club”

Can We Fix It?

9/13 at 8pm “Ohh Fudge!”

Hopefully we can…

9/17 at 8pm “Trail Mixer”

Does something in your room need to be fixed? Want something taken out/added? Email Amber to see if it can be done! Her email is: Please give her a detailed description of the problem. Where is the problem located? Also, please give us a time someone in your suite will be available Monday- Friday from the hours of 10AM-2PM. Here’s an example: Hello Amber, The middle desk drawer in my room, Smith 315, seems to have come off the track and will not open. My desk is on the right side of the room when you are looking at the window. My roommate or I are available in the room Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12p-2p, and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30-1:30. Thank you, Bob


9/23 at 1pm “Funday Sunday” 9/24 at 8:00pm “Hunger Games” 9/25 at 7pm “Condom Olympics”

RHA: Hall Council meets weekly (Sunday, 9:30 PM) and plans fun programs for the building to do. It is a great leadership opportunity, and looks great on resumes, and student staff member applications!

Smith Tower Newsletter September Issue  

September issue of the Smith Tower newsletter

Smith Tower Newsletter September Issue  

September issue of the Smith Tower newsletter