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September 2012 Issue

Cortland Sentinel Welcome to Alger Hall! This semester will be a fun and exciting semester for all of us here in Alger Hall! We are an upperclassmen building and therefore we have no freshmen. We have about two dozen transfer students living in Alger and an entire floor of transfer students known as the “transfer floor”. This is located on the second floor. Keep in mind because we are an upperclassmen building we all expect you to act like upperclassmen, and conversely you will be treated like upperclassmen. Please leave your freshman year behind you, or we could always treat you like freshman again. As RA’s we have certain duties and policies to maintain. They are all clearly outlined for you, so please use your common sense and make all of our lives more enjoyable by not breaking them. Contrary to popular belief, we do not get a “thrill” out of busting you and documenting an entire building. So, please be respectful and we will have a great semester!!!

Get to Know Your RA’s! Hello everyone! My name is Paul and I am the resident assistant on the third floor! I have been an RA for two semesters now and this will be my third and last semester. After this semester I will be graduating and going to Rome, Italy for a semester to study abroad. I will be your newsletter writer for this semester. I am currently 22, almost 23 and joke with people about my age because I find myself old, despite the fact that I could pass for 17. I enjoy playing video games; some of my favorites are Gears of War and Mass Effect. I also occasionally play World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Starcraft II and love to theorycraft. I also enjoy reading for pleasure in my available free time. I enjoy watching anime such as Naruto. I plan to get my doctorate in ancient civilizations, more specifically Ancient Rome and teach at the college level. If you have anything you would like me to write about, or something that interests you, feel free to stop by room 301 and chat with me about it!

On the second floor we have Samantha Ketcham, better known to the rest of us as Sam. She might be related to Ash (Pokémon reference here), but we will never know. She returns to Alger as an RA after serving for one semester. She plays rugby for the women’s rugby team. She also hopes to one day work with the DEA or FBI as a possible career option. She loves to shop online for clothes and other stuff, especially when a sale comes up. She also loves to cook in her free time and can cook some fantastic meals if she has the time. She tends to be very busy with her schedule since she is interning, taking a lot of credits, playing rugby, and serving as a student justice. If you see her in the staff offices stop by and chat with her! On the fourth floor the HULK resides. He returns to us after serving two semesters here in Alger. We know him as John Kenney. John is an athletic training major so in his spare time he fixes up injured athletes. He is known as the hulk because when John is not fed on time he can become very agitated. John can be a very animated individual when asked to be, such as his performance as Fred Flintstone last year. He also enjoys all manner of sports, but his favorites are baseball and football.

On the fifth floor the RA is Noelle. Noelle is new to Alger hall staff this year but looking forward to an exciting year at Alger. She is in the fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. One day she wants to work for the World Health Organization (WHO). She likes to read National Geographic and play a very addicting game called the plague! Her interests lie in Eastern culture such as Buddhism. She also loves music, but her favorite type is Indie. Finding new music and listening to it is one of her favorite activities. Her favorite book is A Clockwork Orange and her favorite film is Midnight Paris. On the sixth floor we have the baby of the staff Kristen! She volunteered for Cortaca duty and has gained great respect for this heroic action! Respect her for that and don’t make her job difficult! She is new this year but full of pep and cheer! She is majoring in biomedical science and wants to become a nurse after graduating. She has a love affair with corn. I mean, the girl loves corn. She once ate four ears (we made eight) at a staff dinner. She also likes to cook and bake for her residents and staff. She also likes cats and has another obsession with unicorns (notice unicorn has the word corn in it… coincidence? I think not!) She is also new to Alger Hall!

On the seventh floor lives Ethan. Ethan is also new this year but nonetheless full of pep as well. He is a snitch… No, not that kind of snitch, the kind of snitch you have to catch in Quidditch. He runs around while the seeker tries to find him, catch him, and then grab a tennis ball that is in a sock dangling from him. He loves to play Ultimate Frisbee and also enjoys running and swimming in his free time. He hopes to graduate Cortland and become a video editor. He also hopes to one day videotape snowboarders and surfers, and then edit those videos in a creative way that makes the videos look amazing. He also enjoys snowboarding and surfing as well as working as a lifeguard. And last but most certainly not least we have Sarah on the eighth floor. Sarah is the most senior RA here with three semesters under her belt and another few to go. She loves glitter, a lot. Some might even call her a glitterholic! It is even rumored she can shoot glitter from her fingertips, but glitter isn’t the only thing about her. She enjoys watching cartoons and is currently engaged. She is an avid Pokémon fanatic and also enjoys to play other video games. She also has a love for zombies and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead on AMC!

Laura is our the world in office She is kidding she leaving listening to of the one

Administrative Assistant (AA). Better known to the rest of as the mail lady! Yes, she does do your mail but she also sits hours and does all the behind the scenes work for the RA’s. president of the Quidditch club and is a Quafaler (I’m just is a chaser). She hopes to become a genetic counselor after Cortland. Her hobbies include drinking tea, crocheting, and theater style music. Cats can sometimes bother her because that she lives with, but overall she is an animal lover.

ANDDDD…... Don’t Forget Your RHD! Will Ahern! Will is the RHD, or residence hall director of the building. He likes to refer to Alger Hall as his “mansion” because when other people ask where he lives he describes Alger Hall in a similar manor as you would describe a mansion. Will has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and was an RA for three years here at Cortland. He just couldn’t stay away and returned a few years later as a residence hall director. He loves comic books, the television show Dexter, and The Walking Dead just to name a few. He is very relaxed, loves to have fun, and if you keep your doors open you might find him wandering your floor and giving out candy in an attempt to learn all of his resident’s names. With about 200 residents in the building you can imagine the challenge so remember to leave your door open!

Hall Council! Ethan, the seventh floor RA is currently in charge of Hall Council for Alger Hall. What is Hall Council you may ask? Hall Council is when students who live in Alger Hall meet once a week for about an hour and discuss building programs, initiatives, and other objectives that they would like to do for the semester. Last year Hall Council put on a golden coin hunt for St. Patrick’s Day and gave away prizes. The positions include president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The president has a few additional responsibilities such as going with Ethan to a weekly meeting where all RHA presidents from each building meet and discuss campus wide programs and events! You can also just be a regular member to the meetings if none of the positions interest you. This looks great on a resume and can be an exciting experience. If you have any questions or are interested in joining please stop by and see Ethan in room 701.

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September Newsletter- Alger  

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