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2 May 2011 To Whom It May Concern: Over the past five months, Sarah Rumple has distinguished herself as a model intern in 5280 Magazine’s editorial department. Her duties have ranged from the crucial task of fact-checking articles from all sections of the magazine to front-end research for writers and editors to writing pieces for the magazine, and she has excelled at all of these things. She is fast, detail-oriented, and writes with a sure, distinct voice. Further, Ms. Rumple quickly became a key part of our small, tight-knit editorial team. 5280 has many interns each year, almost all of whom work part-time,; occasionally these smart, talented interns have difficulty fitting in simply because of the circumstances of their schedules. Ms. Rumple has not only demonstrated her considerable skills in helping produce a magazine, but—perhaps just as important— has been a wonderful colleague who’s made it a point to attended 5280 events outside of the typical workday in an effort to connect with the staff. She is a joy to have around the office, and I recommend her without reservation. Sincerely,

Geoff Van Dyke Deputy Editor 5280 Magazine

Geoff Van Dyke Rec Letter  

Letter of rec from Geoff Van Dyke

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