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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sign up for Denver’s Race for the Cure (October 2) or learn more about volunteering, fund raising, or becoming an advocate at Angela Canada Hopkins' Cell No. 2 painting.

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Therapy: PRP, aka plateletrich plasma therapy what it fixes: Degeneration of tendons

How it works: The doc extracts up to four tablespoons of your blood and spins it out in a centrifuge to produce a half-tablespoon of platelet-rich plasma—the body’s natural healing agent. This superconcentrated dose of platelets will start repairing damaged tissue (knee, ankle, elbow) as soon as it’s injected.

Healing Art › A local painter fights cancer through her work. when loveland artist Angela Canada Hopkins lost her father to cancer 10 years ago, she turned to a nontraditional sort of therapy to deal with her grief: Armed with brushes and Dan Ericson paint, she focused on an unlikely subject—cancerous cells—and channeled her emotion onto canvas. Since then, she’s been studying photographs of basic cancer cell structures at a microscopic level and rendering

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office work(out)

Need a midday exercise pick-me-up, but dreading the hassle of leaving the office? Problem solved: Just ask the boss to bring the gym to you. Here, three local fitness groups that can commandeer your conference room. —SR


| | october 2011

PolasPilates It’s all about the core, says instructor Marcia Polas, who brings muscletoning, body-aligning Pilates mat classes to your office, home, or anywhere in between.

her interpretations to create colorful acrylic galaxies with a 3-D quality. “They are meant to be beautiful expressions of hope, even though they’re inspired by a tragic disease,” Canada Hopkins says. “It’s my mission to bring awareness to the subject so people can literally envision cancer in a different respect, no matter if they themselves are fighting cancer, if they are doctors treating a patient with cancer, or if they’re scien—Maryjo Morgan tists developing a cure.” find it: Visit

Mile High Fitness Led by personal trainer Kim Farmer, these women will shake up your 9-to-5 routine with Zumba, yoga, lowimpact cardio, and boot camp–style workouts.

Denver Yoga at Work To help you feel poised in your most stressful environment, these award-winning yogis make any time a downward-facingdog time. denver

clockwise From top: ribbon: istockphoto (2) ; erik stenbakken; courtesy of angela canada hopkins

Where to find it: Boulder Center for Sports Medicine ( medicine). “PRP is under the subset of autologous therapies—derived from the individual’s [own] body,” says Dr. Jason Glowney. “This is sometimes confused with blood doping, which it is not. The World AntiDoping Agency has approved PRP for tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries, allowing athletes unrestricted use of the therapy.” —Jayme Moye

5280: Office Work(out)  

Short piece in 5280 magazine about bringing a workout to your office.

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