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Your Health, Your Hospital ’13 JUL/AUG

Expansion Project Nears Completion Decatur County Memorial Hospital is excited to announce that Phase 1 of current construction on the hospital will be complete in mid-August. Construction includes the new third and fourth floor addition, which can be seen on the Northeast end of the hospital above the Women’s Center and Emergency Department. The addition consists of a new medical/surgical unit on the third floor, which is made up of all private patient rooms, complete with full, in-room bathrooms, and a new layout designed to ensure the comfort of patients and visitors. This space will replace the current unit located on the first floor of the hospital. Larger patient rooms allow enough space for the patient, visiting family members and friends, and necessary medical equipment to fit comfortably. Added furniture in each of these rooms will also allow a family member to stay with the patient overnight, both comfortably and conveniently. Currently, the fourth floor will remain shelled out with future decisions to be made as DCMH continues to grow. Open houses will take place in late August to early September with specific dates and times

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

to be announced at a later date. This will give everyone in the community an opportunity to tour the new addition and see the result of the construction project that has developed throughout the year.

Summer 2013

New Division Offers Convenience for Community Organizations DCMH would like to formally introduce the opening of our new healthcare services division. StayWELL is launching as a partnership with Greensburg Community Schools, with discussions for a future partnership with the Decatur County Community Schools. It’s our promise to offer all health plan participants a convenient choice in quality healthcare. Initially, StayWELL will be serving the staff and families of the Greensburg Community School Corporation, with expansion of additional business organizations in the near future. Health plan participants will enjoy the convenience of several services including: office visits, lab testing, blood pressure checks, physicals, prescriptions and sameday ill appointments. Regular clinic hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm in July and beginning in August, the clinic will open earlier, at 7 am. Tree City Medical Partners will provide additional evening and weekend access for walk-in visits, Monday through Friday, 6 to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to noon. This new health plan was created in conjunction with the school corporation’s third party payer, Dunn & Associates, as a way to

streamline medical care for the health plan participants. Teaching staff in particular will be affected positively by StayWELL with medical care available just blocks away. Teachers will have easy and expedient healthcare access during their lunch hour or break time allowing them to return to their classroom with minimal interruptions.

Buy One, Get One Heart Scans Decatur County Memorial Hospital is once again offering BOGO Heart Scans! During the month of August, take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a Heart Scan (formerly known as Cardiac Scoring Exam) for only $69 and GET ONE FREE! During this 10-minute scan, our 128-slice CT scanner will take pictures of your heart to show whether the coronary arteries have calcifications. The presence of calcifications is an early sign of coronary heart disease. Our advanced technology here at DCMH offers patients a scan with less radiation, better images and more effective diagnosis. Bring a friend or a family member and take advantage of this special screening to learn more about your heart health and find out your cardiac age! For more information, visit JUL/AUG


For more information about StayWELL, you can contact the clinic at (812) 663-2245 or Jill Skaggs, our Executive Director of Practice Operations/Business Development, at (812) 222-0793. Additional information can also be found at



buy one exam, get one free !

Decatur County Memorial Hospital’s Radiology/Imaging Department

Online registration: (812) 663-1156

Back to School Immunizations


Back to school can be a busy time, but when it comes to school immunizations, we’ve got you covered. As a community service, Decatur County Memorial Hospital continues to offer vaccinations to those who are insured, uninsured or underinsured. DCMH provides an Immunization Clinic located in our Medical Arts Plaza at 955 N. Michigan Avenue in Greensburg. Our clinic is open EVERY Tuesday featuring immunizations with no appointments and no medical exams required. DCMH Immunization Clinic requires that children be between the ages of 8 weeks and 18 years, and registration is required. Immunization requirements prior to the first day of school are as follows: Kindergarten • DTaP (4/5) • IPV (4)

• MMR (2) • Varicella (2)

• Hepatitis B Series (3) • Hepatitis A (2) (recommended)

• Varicella (2)

• Meningitis (1)

6th Grade • Tdap (1) 11th & 12th Grade • Meningitis (2) (recommended) When attending any immunization clinic always bring insurance cards and previous immunization records. For questions regarding the upcoming school year’s requirements or what your child is eligible for, please contact the Immunization Clinic at (812) 222-0422 or (812) 663-1310 or visit

MEET OUR PHYSICIAN Nicole Boersma, MD Specialty: Family Medicine

Facility Decatur County Memorial Hospital Primary Care 718 North Lincoln Street Greensburg, IN 47240

Education and Training Education: Indiana University School of Medicine Residency: Memorial Hospital of South Bend Fellowship: Family Medicine-OB, Memorial Hospital of South Bend Dr. Nykki Boersma entered family medicine in order to experience the full spectrum of medical care. Married with two children, she enjoys spending her free time sewing clothing and costumes, playing board and video games, and biking with her family.

Cindy Grote: Faith in a Growing Hospital Born here at DCMH and a graduate of North Decatur, Cindy Grote has been a member of this community her whole life. Her passion for taking care of others led her to Ball State University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. As a Registered Nurse, she began her career in the Critical Care Unit in Columbus before starting her family of five children; Jenny, Chad, Anna, Melissa and Corrie. After nine years away from nursing, Cindy returned to the workforce and eventually came to DCMH in 1995 to work in the Advanced Care Unit where she has remained since. Cindy is inspired by her faith, saying faith is very important to both her and her work. While caring for others is her passion, she keeps busy outside of work with several hobbies – including gardening, baking, sewing and genealogy – and is a member of the Batesville Christian Church. As a nurse, Cindy is looking forward to working in the new addition of DCMH. She noted that the larger rooms and doorways will make nursing care more convenient. Medical equipment is large and can leave patient rooms cramped and inaccessible. The new rooms were designed with patient and family comfort in mind. She continued by saying, “It’s not about nursing or staff comfort, but about getting care for the patient. It’s not about us, it’s about them.”

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Local Connections Give Back Through DCMH Sports Med Program

Athletic trainers (from left to right): Sarah Rohls, Kevin Fields and Laura Walsman.

With the start of every athletic season comes the hope of a successful, winning season for every team. However, it also comes with the unfortunate threat of injury, heat exhaustion and other issues. DCMH is always at your side, quite literally. Since 2010, DCMH has provided athletic trainers to both Greensburg Community Schools and Decatur County Community Schools at no cost. Our athletic trainers are on site at sporting events and practices to maintain, assess and treat sport injuries on the spot. We know injuries can occur at any time on the field or court and keeping our student athletes safe is our number one priority. Kevin Fields, Laura Walsman and Sarah Rohls work hard to do just that for the students. Kevin Fields, the athletic trainer for Greensburg Community High School, has been with the school and DCMH for 15 years. Kevin sees mostly high school athletes, but also some junior high students on a case-by-case basis. Each day Kevin assists athletes with whatever they need, including taping and bracing, among other things, for practices and games. He also treats and rehabilitates depending on the extent of the student’s injury. He works with all athletes from various sports and covers certain games depending on the season. Kevin is a graduate of North Decatur High School and Anderson University.

Laura Walsman, the athletic trainer for the Decatur County Community School Corporation, provides coverage of all home games. Laura provides not only physical assessment and treatment of athletic injury but mental support as well. She mentions that emotional and mental support is a big part of what athletic trainers do for athletes after sustaining an injury. Laura is a graduate of South Decatur High School and Ball State University. She thoroughly enjoys her time at both North and South Decatur and is always cheering for both teams.

Sarah Rohls is an athletic trainer who fills in and helps out when either Kevin or Laura is unavailable. She also assists the athletes with injuries and provides immediate care and assessment at sporting events. Sarah is a graduate of South Decatur High School and Franklin College. As practice seasons are under way, athletic trainers Kevin, Laura and Sarah give some advice to the hard working athletes: always hydrate, especially in summer, and always remember to give your bodies rest.



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