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Letter from the Editor It’s easy to think that our dogs need us. But sometimes, I think we have it the wrong way around and we need our dogs far more than they actually need us. In this christening issue of Puppy Prints, I’ll share with you the remarkable stories of dogs that have greatly impacted people’s lives. There will be everything from designer dogs to heroic dogs. By looking at someone else’s paw prints, maybe we can all learn just a little something from their heartwarming stories. I have always had a love for dogs. A complete poster of every purebred dog there is hangs as the centerpiece in my bedroom. However, my original inspiration for the publication of Puppy Prints came from my adorable Abby. She is a 7 year old bichon-shih tzu mix, which is appropriately named the “Fuzzy Wuzzy.” She is posing with me in the photo on the right. My hope for Puppy Prints is that it will inspire some and encourage the love for dogs for all. Remember, a little soul searching before you start your puppy search will help you find the very best dog for you and your family. However, I warn you now; the cuteness may be overwhelming. Enjoy, Sarah Kelzer Executive Editor

Be as beautiful as nature 2


Puppy Prints

Table of Contents 6

10 Tips for Healthy Dogs


Abby, a Designer Dog


A Day in the Life: Zoey

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Read to gain knowledge about how to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

There is a large controversy about owning designer dogs. Take a look at my story and how my designer dog, Abby, is the greatest thing that could have happened to my small family, while also becoming more knowledgable about designer dogs.

Find out what Zoey, a dauchund-mutt, does with her doggone days at home. Maybe there is something to learn from that way she views life as a delicious treat.

21 Heroic Dogs throughout

the years

More than man’s best friend, these 8 dogs throughout the years have a long and storied history of heroic, self-sacrificial acts for their human comrades.



Quiz: What Kind of Dog are You?

You may be surprised which breed you best relate to - take the quiz to find out!

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Puppy Prints

1) Good grooming

10 Tips for Healthy Dogs

We all feel better when we’re well groomed. Keeping your dog’s fur clipped can be a big relief in the summer heat, but remember that if you clip it too short your dog will more susceptible to sun burn. If you have a long haired dog, make sure you brush him regularly to prevent mats, which are not only unsightly but uncomfortable and even painful for your dog.

2) Buy premium food

With dog food, you get what you pay for. Cheap dog food tends to be full of fillers and very little nutrients. If you feed your dog a premium food, his bowl movements will be more regular, he will be less hungry, he will retain more nutrients, maintain a healthier coat, and generally have more energy.

3) Fresh water

You dog should have access to fresh water all the time. Wash your dog’s water bowl (and food bowl too) regularly and always keep it full. A good way to remember—whenever you get yourself a drink, add fresh water to your pooch’s

Not everyone has the brightest pup in the liter.

4) Regular exercise

Just putting your dog out in the backyard isn’t enough. A lot of dogs need to be encouraged to exercise. Taking a walk twice a day is a great way to encourage good behavior and you and your dog both get great exercise. Another way to make sure your dog gets the exercise he needs is to let him play with friends’ dogs or take him to the dog park. Games of fetch or Frisbee are also fantastic for keeping your pooch in shape. You can also give your dog interactive toys to play with--they encourage him to be active mentally

5) Track weight

Keep track of your dog’s weight so you know when he is gaining or loosing. Drastic gain in either direction can be cause for concern. Knowing his usual weight and how much it has changed is important information when you take a sick pooch to the vet.

6) Frequent vet visits

Your dog should go to the vet at least annually. Letting your vet help you keep up with your dog’s health can sidestep many costly and dangerous health issues. As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

7) Training

Dogs who do not have a strong leader are more anxious and stressed. Be your dog’s pack leader and establish this role with proper training. A good training program will keep your dog mentally stimulated and thus happier in general.

8) Healthy environment

Many people would be horrified to know the number of pollutants that float around in our homes on a day to day basis. Using air filters can help cut down on these pollutants. House plants also help scrub the air in your home so everybody can breathe easier. You can also reduce the pollutants in your home by avoiding smoking indoors and using natural, pet safe cleaning products. Another way to keep your pet’s environment healthy is washing his bedding in hot water regularly. This helps avoid bugs and irritants like mold and bacteria.

9) Treats

Too many pet owners over-treat their pets with too many high-carb treats. Switch to smaller, meat-based treats and you’ll be doing your dog a huge favor. Just don’t forget that treats are part of your dog’s daily calorie intake just as much as food is, so if they’re getting all the calories they need from their food, high-calorie treats are overdoing it. Try healthy snacks like fruits and veggies to

10) Socialize

Dogs need attention and social interaction to be happy and mentally healthy. Spend time playing with your dog. Take him to the dog park. Invite friends over, especially friends with dogs. Work on your dog’s obedience and then take him to dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and events.



Puppy Prints

8) start of your cover story

Abby, a Desginer Dog

don’t walk alone adopt a dog

There is a large controversy about owning designer dogs. Take a look at my story and how my designer dog, Abby, is the greatest thing that could have happened to my small family, while also becoming more knowledgable about designer dogs.



Puppy Prints

Designer Dogs

Designer Dogs



“We didn’t pick her. She picked us,” my dad said.


y dog, Abby, has been the sleeping beauty baby of the family since we got her, about seven years ago. She is a diva with designer genes. But instead of runways and paparazzi flashlights, Abby is a homebody. She spends so much time culred up on teh couch that she coudl easily be a sleep marathoner. But even when she is in the midst of a snooze, her antennae-liek ears follow each sound. After my sister, Katie, and I spent years of incessantly begging for a furry friend, my mom began to chime in. She argued that the girls needed a dog. The bond is too special to deny. My dad broke under the pressure. My mom began researching immediantly. Which dog breed would be best for our little family? The answer was Abby, a Schichon. The Shichon breed is actually a desginer dog, which is a mix between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu. “We didn’t pick her. She picked us,” my dad said. “We were playing with all of the Schichon puppies when another dog came around the corner. All of the other puppies ran off to go investigate. All except Abby. She watched the other puppies trot off, looked up at us and stayed plopped right between us. I swear she adopted us.” Part of the reason that my parents obted for a Shichon dog was because of the fact that they are known to be hypoallergenic (little to no shedding). My mom


grew up on a farm and dealt with her fair share of animal hair. When she began researching for a family pet, she had a fairly good idea of what she was looking for. “I wanted a puppy that wouldn’t shed. I’ve had cats, dogs, sheep, bunnies, horses, you name it. I finally had my own house that isn’t covered in animal hairand I wanted to keep it that way.” Eventually, she found a breeder that specialized in breeding desginer Schichon dogs. Designer dogs, also known as hybrids or crosbreds, are more than just mixed breeds. It is what you get when you breed one purebred dog with another purebred dog. With over 150 American Kennel Club breeds and hundreds more established non-AKC breeds, you would think there would be a puppy to fit every family. However, human nature always begs the question, “but what if we could make it better?” Now, Abby is just one of more than 500 of designer dogs. Designer dogs may sound similar to plain mutts, but they are in fact different. Generally, a mutt is of uncertain ancestry. A designer dog has documented purebred ancestry, and one knows for sure what it is. However, you may want to check out your local humane society before you buy a designer dog. The mix you are looking for can very well be sitting at the humane society,waiting for a home. Besides being able to have the hypoallergenic capabilties of certain breeds, there are many

other reasons for purposely mixing purebred dogs. One of the main reasons is to have a healthier dog (hopefully) by creating genetic diversity. Nikki Welter, a veterinarian from Central Animal Hospital, explains that “Because dog breeds are closed populations, whatever degnerative genes that were present in the founding dogs will be over-represented in future generations. For instance, German Shepards are now known for hip dysplasia and Golden Retrievers are known for having inherited eye diseases.” Mixing breeds decreases the likelihood of acquiring genetic diseases later on in life. Many designer dogs live longer than their purebred ancestors, and therefore cost 25-50% more. Dr. Welters went on to explain that “It is important to note that crossing two different breeds will not automatically ensure healthier offspring. It will ultimately depend on the health and quality of the individual parents.” In Abby’s case, her Bichon Frise half is known for having skin problems, kidney stone, bladder stones and hip dysplasia. Her Shih Tzu side is known for possibly having hypothyroidism, eye lid, nose and kneecap issues. Abby just turned seven in February, and so far, has been in perfect health and a consistent 12 pounds. Her good health is more than likely the result of being a designer dog, but there is also the possibility that she was just lucky in life. Nevertheless, when your dog becomes your closest confidant, you want to make sure they have every advantage possible to have a healthier, more fulfilling life. A further advantage of crossbreds is that they tend to have more moderate appearances, compared to the extremes of their purebred parents. The extreme appearances of certain breeds continuously happen because they are having offspring with the

same, deformative breed. When dogs with protruding eyes, short crooked legs, long backs, loose jowls or even wrinked skin are mixed with a different breed, the offspring tend to have an intermediate look. For example, crossbred puppies with only one Bulldog parent do not have such loose jowls, and instead have better looking, moderate appearances. In Abby’s case, she developed the double coat that has an outer coat which is loosely curled and fluffy and an undercoat that is fine, soft and silky, which is a common trait of the Shichon mix. Schichon generally lacks the flat face of the Shih Tzu and extreme poof of the Bichon Frise. The two breeds create a happy medium that is commonly nicknamed ‘the teddy bear’ or the ‘fuzzy wuzzy.’ In addition to modeate appearances, crossbreeds tend to have a more moderate personality and temperment, also. They acquire a middle-ofthe-road temperment, compared to the extremes of their ancestors. This is because most purebreds were originally designed for working purposes. The result was high energy dogs with strong chasing instincts, strong digging instincts, aggressive instincts, etc. A working dog requires an immense amount of work to properkly take care of, including a spacious room for running. This was fine in the 18th century, but now-a-days, the mid-temperant of crossbreeds fits more seemlessly into the average family lifestyle. In the case of my family, my mom said that “The breeder we found was perfect because he bred Schichons! I wanted the happy-go-lucky lapdog personality of the bichon and the non-shedding capabilites of the shit zu, so Abby just fit right in.” My family adopted Abby at eight weeks old, the perfect age because that is the time when puppies start picking up socialization cues and adapting to their surroundings. I have a quiet, mild tempered family, which resulted in a quiet, mild tempered dog who only barks at occasional dust bunnies The term “designer dog” can be dated back all the way to the late 20th century, when breeders began to cross purebred poodles with other purebred breeds in order to obtain a dog with the poodles’ hypoallergenic coat, along with various desirable characteristics from other breeds. Naming them was done by combining elements of its two contributing. For example, the hybrid dog of a Beagle and Pug is called the Puggle. It has become extremely common to find dog hybrids with these labels. The tendency for using such labels in a jocular way dates back at least to Queen Elizabeth’s, when her beloved purebred Dachund mated with her sister’s Corgi, creating the Dorgis. The numerous advantages to hybrid dogs still 11

Puppy Prints

Designer Dogs

Designer Dogs


doesn’t cancel out the occassional controversies about them. Some think that “designing” dogs creates a market driven category and therefore would incerase puppy mills. However, puppy mills in general are not a new phenomenon. According to, “A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well-being of its dogs—who are often severely neglected—and acts without regard to responsible breeding practices.” Acres of cages with malnourished, mangy and infected dogs with parasites live their lives in tight, dark cages. However, intentional cross-breeding is the same as intentional purebreeding when it comes to puppy mills. Dr. Welters explained that “If you thouroughly research before you buy a dog, puppy mills can be completely avoided. There are countless responsible breeders for every bad one. It all comes down to a matter of personal responsiblility.” Another controversy surrounding crosbred dogs is that they are intentionally designed, and therefore wrong. This argument does not hold much merit since purebred dogs are also intentionally “designed” and bred for specific traits. For example, the purebred Border Collie was designed to herd sheep. Breeders


chose specific traits such as athleticism, eneryg, intelligence, strong chasing instincts and weatherproof coats. The term “designer” can also have the negatvie connotation of being used as a fashion accessory because of their poplularity – in the same way a woman would buy the latest, trendiest purses or pair of shoes. Since the arguments against designer dogs do not hold up very well, they are still growing in poularity. The most popular dog breed to use for creating hybrids is the Poodle. The hypoallergenic qualities, intelligence, three varieties and multiple colors are very appealing to dog lovers. One of the most popular designer dogs is actually a Poodle-hybrid, called the Labradoodle. The Labradoodle is a large breed dog that is an adorable mix between the Poodle and Labrador Retriever. Originally, the Labradoodle was intentionally bred in the late 1970’s when an Australian tried to find a seeing-eye dog for a blind woman. When the Australian man found out that the woman’s husband was allergic to dogs, he mixed a Poodle, which has human-like hair and therefore won’t shed, with the Labrador, which is known for being the standard guide dog. Thus, the blessing of the Labradoodle was born. As in case of the Labradoodle example, part of the captivating interest in designer breeds (and perhaps a major drawback) is that you don’t exactly know what you are going to get; even pups

Abby’s Fabulous Warbdrobe I have a quiet, mild tempered family, which resulted in a quiet, mild tempered dog.



Puppy Prints

Designer Dogs


Many designer dogs are bred for their intelligence. Below is Abby showing off her tricks. On the top left, Abby is jumping over Katie’s legs. On the bottome left she is sitting pretty and waiting for her treat. Below, Abby respectively shakes Katie’s hand .

from the same liters can have different defining characteristics. A wide variety of looks and behaviors add to their attractiveness. There are so many possibilities that it ignites an excitement that sparks a breeder’s creativity. Since there are so many possibilities, there are an equal number of uncertainties. The temperament and appearance or other purebred qualities you were hoping for may never happen. For example, many people pay $300 for a hypoallergenic hybrid, not realizing that the pup is not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, just likely to be hypoallergenic. Again, researching is important when buying a puppy. Jean Paulsen, owner of a Shih-poo named Jasmine, said that “The main reason we bought Jasmine was because she was a Shiz Tzu and Poodle mix – and the breeder said she would be hypoallergenic. We found out that she doesn’t shed as much as a regular dog, but she still sheds. We were a bit upset at the time, but now she’s part of the family and we just let that part slide.” It is interesting to note that many designer 14

Give them what ­they really want

dogs are most often first generation crosses because the desired results of their purebred parents are eventually lost in many of the next generations. Because of this, the American Kennel Club has yet to recognize what we think of as designer dogs in their dog shows. This can be a tricky subject. Technically, breeds like the Silky Terrier, which is considered a purebred and not a hybrid was derived from a corss between the Yorkshire Terrier and Australian terrier. The lines between purebred, hybrid and mutt can be unclear, if not confusing at times, and various exceptions exist. Buying a designer dog does not automatically mean getting a mid-temperament, moderate appearance, healthier dog. You have to pick your way through the loads of misinformation and irresponsible breeders. Furthermore, hybrid dogs do not necessarily have to come from dog breeders. As Abby has shown, she is a companion for life. Take pride in the your dog and conduct extensive research for the right dog for you.


Puppy Prints

Something Missing?

A Dog’s Diary

Take a look at Zoey, a dachund-terrier mix, and her diary. See how she spends her aveage day and try to keep up with her energy levels!

I have

to wak e My fav my human up orite th . ing!

My human prepares my food. My favorite thing!

fast. k a e r b y I eat m ite thing! or My fav

ASPCA adopt today 16


Puppy Prints

A Dog’s Diary

A Dog’s Diary


ed t c e t o r dp n a e i d ch s t t a u w o g t n n epi We e k ! y g b n i n h a t m e orit v a my hu f y .M d r a y e in th

My human pe ts me. My favorite th ing!

n the o p a n a Took rite o v a f y M couch. thing!


I have decided that all is well in the yard

I walk my hu8 man out so he can leave. My favorite th ing!

e of d i s r e h t the o n o p a n ing! h t e t i r Took a o v y fa M . h c u o the c


I heard a noise and look out th e window to make sure it’s my hu man. My favorite thing! My human brings home a femal e. I investigate to make sure she is not a cat person. My favorite thing!

I share a tre at with my h uman. My favorite thing! I contempla

te my existe n

ns as a m u h y ith m w t u o g x. o b d I han u o l ha they watc te thing! i My favor


an. m u h y m with d e b o t g! n Back i h t e t i r My favo


Puppy Prints

Heroic Dogs

in history

8) Guinefort, 13th Century Saint of Infants Only one dog in history has received the distinciton of sainthood. The story goes that a 13th century French knight left his infant son in the care of his greyhound, Guinefort, for the day. Upon returning home, the knight found the home torn apart, blood on the dog’s face, and his son nowhere in sight. Thinking his dog had eaten the child, the knight instantly shot him with an arrow, only to find his son moments later, alive and well, next to the mutilated remains of a snake. The knight was so upset by his mistake that he buried Guinefort in a well and erected a shrine on top of it. Local villagers prayed to the brave dog even after a visiting inquisitor had the shrine destroyed and labeled the dog a heretic.

6) Sergeant Stubby

7) Owney, the 1888 Maildog

When postal workers in Albany, New York found a stray mutt in their office, they decided to let him sleep on a pile of mailbags. Apparently, the dog was attracted to the scent of the bags, since he followed them right onto a train and rode with them all over the state and eventually the country. By now, the workers at the Albany office had named him “Owney,” and became worried that he would be lost during his travels. So they gave him a collar with a tag that read “Owney, Post Office, Albany, New York.” Owney became the unofficial mascot of the railway mail service, and postal clerks saw him as a good luck charm, since none of the trains he rode on ever crashed. Other post offices began to give him tags for each place he visited, until the Postmaster General even gave him a jacket to

hold them all. Owney even made an around the world trip through Asia and Europe before arriving back in Albany.


Only once in history has a dog been promoted to sergeant. A young stray was found on the Yale campus by John Robert Conroy, who named him “Stubby.” Conroy was undergoing military training, and when it came time for him to ship out for World War I, he smuggled Stubby along with him. For the next 18 months, Stubby became one of many war dogs living in the trenches of France, but he soon distinguished himself enough to earn the official rank of sergeant. How? By doing things most humans soldiers never even get a chance to do. Stubby’s acute sense of smell and hearing allowed him to warn his unit of poison gas attacks and incoming artillery. He managed to locate and rescue wounded soldiers on the battlefield and even single-handedly captured a German spy. Overall, he participated in 17 battles, and was even awarded several patches and medals -- which he wore on a coat for him by the women of a liberated French town. After the war, Conroy smuggled Stubby back home, where he went on to meet several presidents and act as Georgetown’s football mascot before passing away in Conroy’s arms. 20


Puppy Prints

Heroic Dogs

in history

5) Barry, the superdog of Switzerland


Barry worked as a rescue dog in the mountains of Switzerland near a monastary in Great St. Bernard pass, where he also lived. During the 12 years that Barry lived there (1800-1812), he is credited with rescuing at least 40 people who got lost in the Alps during heavy snow. One famous tale says Barry discovered a small child on top of an icy ledge and began licking his face to keep him warm and awake, while barking loudly for the monks to find them (which he was trained to do). When the snow began to fall even harder and the monks couldn’t climb the steep cliff the two were on, the young boy wrapped his arms around Barry’s neck and the dog carried him all the way down the mountain (which he was not trained to do).

2) Hachiko, man’s most loyal friend


In 1924, a professor Hidesaburo Ueno from the University of Tokyo brought his dog, Hachiko, to live with him. The two developed a routine, where the dog would see the professor off at his home and then meet him at the Shibuya train station later. Then one day, the professor didn’t show up at the train station. He’d had a stroke at the university and died. Hachiko was given away to another owner, but he would often escape and turn up at his old home. For ten years, Hachiko would arrive at the train station exactly when the evening train showed up and would wait for his former owner. Other commuters noticed the loyal pooch and began to bring him food and snacks. He even gained national attention when a former student of Ueno’s published several articles about him. One artist even built and erected a bronze statue of the dog while he was still alive. 22

3&4) Balto and Togo, the sled dogs that helped stop an 1925 epidemic In the world of sled dog heroics, Togo and Balto are kind of like Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison: one arguably accomplished more, but the other got all the credit. Both were sled dogs assigned to lead a team through Alaska carrying serum for the town of Nome. In January of 1925, doctors in the area feared that a diptheria epidemic could hit the whole town, but the only available serum was in Anchorage, almost 1000 miles away. With their only aircraft’s engines frozen, officials in Anchorage decided the serum would be relayed by several teams of sled dogs. Togo’s team was chosen to carry the serum through the most treacherous part of the route, and ended up traveling almost twice the distance of any of the other teams. Balto’s team took the cargo for the last leg of the journey, and ultimately delivered the serum ahead of schedule. Because he was the one who finished the run, Balto received almost all of the glory for it -- even having some of Togo’s achievements attributed to him and a statue erected in New York’s Central Park. Both dogs however now have their remains on display in separate museums.

1) Chips, the war dog


During World War II, the shepherd mix was donated to the war effort and was soon on the front lines acting as a tank guard dog in Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. At one point, he dragged a phone cable across a raging battlefield, so that his platoon could call for backup. When he and his handler came under fire from a hidden pillbox, Chips sprang from his handler and dove straight into the enemy emplacement. The soldiers inside came out moments later and surrendered, with Chips behind them. That would be impressive enough, but later that night he also alerted his squad to some approaching Italians, who were promptly captured as well. 23

Puppy Prints

Quiz: What Kind of Dog are You? 1. Your friend is throwing a "hat party." Everyone invited must come wearing their favourite hat. No problem. Yours is hanging by the door. It's a: a) Racing helmet (complete with goggles, of course!). b) Sherlock Holmes hat. c) Fisherman's hat. d) Fleece toque. e) Cowboy hat. f) Forget the hat! You'll wreck your perfect hair! 2. You are enjoying a night in on your own. Which means you have control of the remote. You make your popcorn and settle down in front of the TV, just in time for your favourite movie to begin. That movie is: a) La Bamba. b) Rambo: First Blood. c) Old Yeller. d) Heidi. e) City Slickers. f) Pretty Woman.


3. You are shopping at the mall. After a couple of hours, you decide to stop for lunch. You have your choice from multiple stands at the food court. You decide on: a) A three-bean burrito from the taco stand. b) Anything with strong and fragrant aromas. Your nose never lets you down. c) A bit of everything. In fact, you're so hungry you even butt in line. d) Some trail mix you have with you in your cargo pants' pocket. e) A burger and fries. You're a meat and potatoes kind of person. f) Food court? You're not eating at a food court! Where's the caviar? 4. You once told a school career counselor that if you could be anything, you would be: a) A singer in a mariachi band. b) A homicide detective. c) A lifeguard. d) A paramedic. e) A rancher. f) A runway model.


5. The last time you just couldn’t put a book down, it was: a) Catch Me If You Can. b) A John Grisham novel. c) The Old Man and the Sea. d) Lassie: Lost in the Snow. e) An old Louis L’Amour paperback Western. f) Last month’s Vogue. (Um, that’s kind of like a book, right?) 6. You bought a raffle ticket to support your nephew’s Little League team, and-sure enough-you won the vacation of your dreams. That vacation is spent: a) Hitting the beaches of Cancun with a few of your craziest friends. b) On a walking tour of Jack the Ripper’s London, England. c) On the lake, surrounded by all the people you love. d) Skiing in the Alps. e) Vacation?! Who has time for a vacation? f) Shopping on Madison Avenue in New York. 7. To look at you-based on your body type-someone might guess you to be what kind of an athlete? a) A horse jockey. b) An armchair athlete. c) A swimmer. d) A linebacker. (They may even call you “the Truck.”) e) A marathon runner. f) By “athlete,” do you mean someone who doesn’t care if they break a nail? 8. Your parents saved the majority of your report cards. Reading them now, you see that the comment found most over the years was: a) “Head of the Pep Squad. But a bit too talkative at times. Needs to pause for a breath every once in a while!” b) “Can be a little stubborn and slow. Pick up your feet! Show some enthusiasm!” c) “Dependable, popular, keen, and a great athlete. Just an allround joy!” d) “A helpful student who volunteers for everything!” e) “A workaholic. A non-stop learner and overachiever who excels at virtually everything. No doubt, a future valedictorian.” f) “Needs to focus less on looking in the mirror and focus more on actually learning.”


Puppy Prints


What Kind of Dog are You? 9. Your favourite subject in school was: a) Spanish. b) Law. c) Cooking (and eating!). d) First Aid. e) Calculus-which you loved as much as you loved Phys. Ed. f) Actually, you skipped class whenever you could to go to the mall. 10. If asked, your friends would agree the best nickname for you would be: a) Speedy Gonzales. b) Matlock. c) Pollyanna. d) The Ox. e) Einstein. f) Little Miss Perfect. 11. You’re driving down a long stretch of highway and a song you love comes on the radio. You turn up the volume because it’s: a) Ricky Martin’s “Livin La Vida Loca.” b) Elvis Presley’s “You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog.” c) Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” d) Aretha Franklin’s “Rescue Me.” e) Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For The Money.” f) Madonna’s “Material Girl.” 12. It’s Friday night after a long week. You and some co-workers decide to check out the new club that’s opened near the office. You: a) Cut a rug on the dance floor. Occasionally, you even show off by dancing on the speakers. b) Sit back and watch. Occasionally, you let out a yawn. c) Socialize. You like to meet as many new people as you can. d) Stand at the door. You want to help the bouncer break up any fights. e) Reconsider and decide to stay at the office and work late. f) Flirt. You even bat your eyelashes. 13. You have reserved some time this weekend to indulge in your most enjoyable pastime. You can’t wait to: a) Burn around town with friends on your scooters. b) Play a board game-preferably Clue. c) Grab your rod, bait, and tackle. d) Go for a challenging hike in the mountains. e) Go for a long run down a country road. f) Hit the shops! You haven’t bought anything new in days!

15. All modesty aside, you would say your best trait is: a) Your boundless energy. b) Your water-off-a-duck's-back personality. c) Your loyalty to friends. d) Your helpful good manners. e) Your incredible career drive. f) Your stunning good looks. Answers: If you answered mostly A's: Incredibly lively, with a fabulous zest for life, you adore the companionship of active friends. You are none other than the bright and highly spirited Chihuahua. You likely look adorable in a sombrero as well. If you answered mostly B's: Warm, laid back, and fun loving, you frequently march to your own (very slow) drummer. And you come by your love for a good mystery honesty. You are, after all, a Basset Hound. (While you're most famous for your nose, those droopy eyes would win anyone over.) If you answered mostly C's: Popular. Dependable. Well loved. Athletic-particularly around the water. And loyal. That's you! Everyone's favourite stick chaser, you are of course, a Lab. Now, pass the Kleenex and pop in Old Yeller. Mmm... If you answered mostly D's: Tender, trustworthy, and benevolent, you are always there to lend a helping hand to friends and strangers alike. Then again, what Saint Bernard isn't? And your sturdiness makes you oh-so

huggable on those cold, snowy mountaintops.

If you answered mostly E's: We're thrilled you took time out of your busy day to even take this quiz! Like most Border Collies, you are all work and very little play. But with brains like yours, work likely feels like play sometimes, right? Especially when work is in rural areas where you can roam and be utterly free! If you answered mostly F's: The belle of the ball, you pay careful attention to your own personal grooming. You don't have a heck of a lot of time for structured learning-not when you could be strutting your Yorkshire Terrier-stuff down urban streets, showing off the latest in chien-chic. If you answered two letters equally, consider yourself a very rare mix. If you answered three letters equally, you are- of course-a good old-fashioned mutt. And all the more loveable for it!

14. Finally, the intriguing new person in the next cubicle has asked you out! You’re excited because the two of you are going to: a) Salsa dance the night away. b) Go to the theatre to see a really great who-done-it. c) Sail and spend a terrific day on the water. d) Enjoy a cozy fall evening in front of the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate. e) Horseback ride in the countryside. f) Eat at a chic restaurant where you can see-and be seen.



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