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Foundation learning

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Centre Details: Woodspeen Training 13-15 Lion chambers John William Street Huddersfield HD1 1ES Telephone numbers: 01484 429359 01484 423391 Opening Times: 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday

Meeting the Foundation Learning Team: Anne Nelson Regional Programme Manager Joanna Greenwood Foundation Learning Department Manager Danielle West Foundation Learning Programme Tutor Hannah Manning Foundation Learning Programme Tutor Sarah Fawcett Foundation Learning Programme Tutor Richard Lopag Non-Accredited Learning Programme Tutor Julie Edmondson Programme Administration

Welcome to Woodspeen Training! Over the past twenty years we have been providing training across the UK for a number of different course and training organisations for both young people and adults – improving career prospects and helping people to take the first steps towards a new career through the training opportunities we offer! In January 2012 all of the different centres including: A&R Training, S&S Training, BDTS, Christopher Paul and Futures Training began a re-branding process becoming the WOODSPEEN TRAINING GROUP.

We have a friendly and personal approach to training and are committed to helping you achieve your potential. Tutors within the Woodspeen Group have a wealth of occupational knowledge and experience within the relevant sectors and we are well placed to offer you information, advice, guidance and support. This induction booklet has been designed to help and support you follow the procedures and regulations outlined on your first day.

Please pay attention, as we will be covering a lot of important information. Ask your Tutor if you are unsure of anything along the way.

Attendance: When completing the Foundation Learning Programme you are required to attend programme: Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm in order to complete the qualifications stated in your individual learner contract. Your attendance on programme will be a maximum of 24 hours per week. Each person will have their own programme which will be negotiated with you during the setting and discussion of your learner contract and initial assessment. Holidays: If a public (bank) holiday falls within a week of your training programme you are not required to attend but EMA will authorise these particular days. This also applies to days where the training centre has to close for example Christmas, Easter and staff training. You are not entitled any holidays whilst on programme, however should you require time off from programme for reasons other than those listed above your programme can be changed accordingly to accommodate your needs. All absences in these circumstances should be discussed with your tutor prior to time off and booked in advance.

Absences – (un)authorised, sickness, compassionate: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You must inform Woodspeen Training of your absence before 9.30am. All learners must inform Woodspeen, and their tutor everyday that they are absent. If you fail to inform us your absences they will be noted as unauthorised and if it continues for 5 days or more your programme will be terminated. Authorised absence: Absence can be taken to attend appointments (e.g. interviews, medical appointments) but evidence must be shown to your tutor in order for the absence to be authorised. All authorised absences should be booked in advance with your tutor. Sickness: If you are sick for 5 days or more you must get a ‘fit note’ (previously a sick note) from your doctor to confirm your illness. Please note - If you are absent due to sickness on 3 occasions, a formal review will take place. Unauthorised absence: If you do not ring in to centre by 9.30am each day, your absence will be unauthorised and may result in non payment of EMA (where applicable). Compassionate leave: Compassionate leave includes absences as a result of the death or serious illness of a close relative or absence due to a domestic crisis e.g. fire/flood. If an issue does arise please speak to your tutor who will discuss the matter with you. In all circumstances: If you are out on a work placement you must let both Woodspeen and your placement know that you will not be attending.

Rules and Regulations:

 If you wish to smoke, you must leave the building and move away from either entrance (at the front or side) of the building.  Visitors and phones are not permitted unless it is an emergency.  Mobile phones must be switched off during training sessions.  No abusive language at any time.  No physical violence at any time.  No congregating at the front of the building or on the corridors.  No running or shouting – please respect other office users.  Please do not swing on the chair legs – this is for your own safety.  Show respect to other learners.

You must come back from breaks on time – if you wish to leave the leave the building you must get authorisation first. Work given must be completed – if you are unsure of anything ask a tutor! At the end of the day you are required to tidy up your work areas and training room.

General Centre Rules Health and Safety: The Woodspeen Training health and safety manager is: Paul Thompson. You need to take responsibility for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or do not do. If you notice any health and safety hazards then please notify your tutor who will inform the Health and Safety Manager. When attending the training centre, please sign in and out on the Health and Safety register at all times!!! Fire and Evacuation: In the event of a fire you must evacuate the building as quickly as possible via your nearest, safest route. The assembly point is: St Georges Square – near the statue Accidents: In the event of an accident you must inform your tutor immediately. All accidents should be logged in the accident book, which is located inside of the first aid box. The first aid boxes are located; on top of the filing cabinet in the Foundation Learning office, or if you are working upstairs in the computer room it is in the kitchen under the sink. If your accident occurs whilst at work placement, you must inform your supervisor and tutor at Woodspeen Training as soon as possible. ALL ACCIDENTS WILL BE LOGGED IN THE ACCIDENT BOOK.

Equal Opportunities It is Woodspeen Training’s policy to provide an environment for staff and learners which is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. An environment where everyone, regardless of gender, ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, past convictions or religion, is able to use their talents and abilities to their full potential. Equal opportunities is about:  Treating everyone equally regardless of his/her background, age, sex, religion or culture.  Celebrating differences  Exploring personal beliefs and values  To uphold the equal opportunities policy at all times

Treat everyone fairly, as you wish to be treated yourself!! Safeguarding: The Woodspeen Training safeguarding officer is: Sam Wilson The private and confidential phone number to contact her is 07931719351.

Policies and procedures Special requirements: A CRB Disclosure may be required for some learners wishing to within specific vocational areas. All learners will be assessed dependant on their attitude, timekeeping, attendance and suitability to undertake the relevant qualification. At regular intervals all learners will be interviews about their progress and learners on placement will be monitored the same way.

Complaints/Grievance Procedure: If you have any complaints regarding your training, the first contact you should make should be with your tutor. If you feel that you are unable to go to them, then you should see your training manager. We operate a complaints procedure whereby any complaint must be documented on a complaint form and handed to the training manager. The complaint will then be dealt with. We will endeavour to respond within 10 working days of receiving your complaint.

Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure: The disciplinary procedure comprises of three stages:  Two verbal warnings  A written warning  Dismissal, with written explanation The following examples of behaviour will result in a written warning (misconduct):  Unauthorised absence (minor)  Lateness  Inappropriate behaviour The following examples of behaviour will result in an instant dismissal (gross misconduct):  Major unauthorised absence  Evidence of consumption of alcohol or any illegal substances on any training or work day  Thieving  Lying  Gross inappropriate behaviour

When in a work placement these rules also apply and must be followed.

My name is Samantha Wilson and I am your Safeguarding Officer. If you would like an informal chat around any issues about your safety then please contact me on: 07931719351

Recommend a Friend Woodspeen Training currently has vacancies on the Apprenticeship programme and Foundation Learning courses. The courses available are: • Level 2 & 3 Apprenticeships in Care, ICT User and Practitioner, Childcare, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Business Administration, Retail & Customer Service (Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield & Halifax) • Foundation Learning programmes in Huddersfield, Wakefield and Bradford. Current learners are being encouraged to recommend a friend to join any of the above programmes. If the person you have recommended starts one of the programmes and completes 2 months in learning both the new learner and the person that recommended them to Woodspeen will receive £25 of vouchers each. You may recommend as many friends as you wish and will receive the bonus for each one that qualifies for the bonus payment. Please complete the form below with details of the person that you are recommending and hand it into the Woodspeen office or your tutor Your Details: Your name

Course you are on at the moment


Bonus Vouchers preferred (name shop) - £25

I recommend the following person/s for training at Woodspeen Training. Recommend friend 1 Name Address

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