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This booklet was produced for both students and their parents. On the left-hand pages you will find a short picture book. On each facing page is a more factbased presentation of similar information.

Patrick’s gym shoes have been feeling sad lately. They decide to call a meeting with the other toys and electronics that Patrick likes to play with.

About ONE HALF of

overweight school-aged children

REMAIN OVERWEIGHT well into adulthood due to

lack of exercise


proper nutrition

“We’re feeling left out,” say the gym shoes, “He loves playing with all of you and rarely spends time with us!”

Children and adolescents need

One Hour or more

of physical activity

every DAy

this should include aerobics


Muscle & Bone strengthening

“I noticed that Patrick stays home a lot and hasn’t been doing as well in school,” the television mentions, “Maybe he should take a walk after dinner instead of watching me. That might give him the energy to get things done.”

Children now spend more than

7 1/2 Hours in front of a screen daily

Children who spend more than

4withhours per day a computer or TV

are more likely to be


“The internet has so much to do!” says the computer, “But Patrick sits at home instead of playing with other kids.” “Well,” reply the shoes, “We want to join the school soccer team to get exercise and make friends”

One in Five Homes has a park within a 1/2 mile

The same number


a recreation center as close

and more fun when done in a group

“I could improve Patrick’s mind and body so much if he played with me more often,” say the shoes, “I’m going to try and help him from now on!”

Did you knoW?

Physical activity can help:

Academic Achievement Classroom Behavior and also


Increase self-Esteem

Reduce stress

Improve Sleep

The next day, Patrick puts on his gym shoes and laces them up. Excited, the gym shoes call to the other toys, “We’re going to go be active because kids should live fit!”

Kids Live o


KIN 122 group project  
KIN 122 group project  

This is the booklet we created as a PSA to encourage physical activity in elementary- and middle-school children.