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OUR ASK Drive attendance to the Motown Museum using a high impact campaign centered around their 60th anniversary.

OBJECTIVES Primary: Spread awareness about the Motown Museum Secondary: Drive traffic to the museum

THE PROBLEM The Motown Museum is a local jewel, but one that locals often forget.

Location is out of the way

Lack of advertising that targets locals

Locals are unaware of the museum

PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN Consumers crave genuine experiences and human connections, while showcasing them through their digital lifestyle.


DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY Metro Detroiters, whether they are from the city or the suburbs, love telling people they are from Detroit. When visiting destinations of Detroit, people enjoy sharing their experiences with others. MARKET TRUTH

BRAND Motown has endured for 60 years and will continue to do so.


CONSUMERS Crave authentic experiences that they can share on and offline

MARKET Represent their city by supporting it’s destinations


Motown is an destination that represents Detroit

BRAND Motown has endured for 60 years and not stopping

OUR INTERPRETATION People go places to either see attractions or because it is a destination. However, attractions have the ability to turn something into a destination.

THE CAMPAIGN Our campaign is centered around creating attractions to make the Motown Museum the ultimate destination.

Motown DECK  
Motown DECK