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pryor street market design intent

Pryor Street Market is a design for the renovation of an abandoned building in downtown atlanta- 210 pryor street. Atlanta’s downtown buildings have slowly become abandoned in recent years, with real estate developments focused in midtown and buckhead. the purpose of my project is to bring life back into atlanta’s downtown by adding retail, dining andapartment loft spaces that benefit the surrounding community by creating new interest, jobs and living options. my question focuses on how urban renewal can benefit a community, and the role that design plays within that. by utilizing an abandoned building, i’m bringing in new jobs and people while respecting those who already live and work here. pryor street market features two floors of dining and retail space, two floors of apartments and a rooftop lounge. my design cuts and outdoor alleyway through the existing building, creating several hundred feet of added retail space and natural light. the alleyway features multiple small retail spaces, which encourages small business owners to open shop in a low-rent, low square footage unit. the larger retail spaces focus on businesses that would benefit the community as a whole, such as a market with healthy groceries, a fitness studio and a restaurant.

year: 2018, senior exit project software used: 3ds max, autocad

market rendering

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