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INT370 Soundscape Design Assignment 2: Sound Installation Whispers Behind the Door Collaboration by: Geraldine Ghwee & Sarah Zainal Abidin

• Summary This installation is about what goes on behind the door for those who live in the typical HDB flats. These HDB flats give a relatively good privacy. Some access to the flat is merely the door and gates itself. It is no wonder that some neighbors can live as strangers even if they stay next to each other for more than ten years. What is a measure of a home to those staying in the Singapore HDB flat? Is it really a home or a front for something else? What is the significant role of a home in Singapore? People can be very inventive making full use of their living spaces be in converting it to a sewing workshop, turning their home into a salon or just renovating their house to make it more convenient. How often is it do we really know, what goes behind closed doors?

Note: There are really some homeowners who turn their homes to a salon, furnished with hair perm machines and the other works.

• Installation Mainly the soundscape will be broken into 3-5 parts depending on how strong the pieces can stand on their own. The recordings will be placed inside a box sealed behind an image of the outside of a HDB unit. All recordings will be played in a loop. It will also be played rather softly so audiences are encouraged to approach the box to hear the sound carefully. Occasionally the sound loop will grow louder but will not overwhelm the environment. The boxes will be placed on podiums and can be easily shifted around. Inside the box there would be a speaker with a sound playing devise attached to it.


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