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EVENTS Event Signage We can provide creative and intelligent solutions for interior and exterior event signs, utilising the latest technology and most advanced materials on the market.

Adopting a strategic approach, we will take great care in exploring the most efficient system to use and identify the most effective solution in terms of positioning, execution and aesthetic. We’re able to offer traditional designs and processes that are sensitive to conservative environments, or cutting-edge solutions that employ the latest materials to achieve a buzzing and contemporary look and feel. Event Signage catches people as they are passing by. All they have to do is glance in the direction of your sign, and they know that you have a special event is going on. In a some of few words, people can know exactly what you have going on and will therefore be much more likely to stop in and take advantage of it.Enigma offers a diverse range of original Event Graphics and Event Branding solutions to create maximum impact.

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