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EVENTS Event Branding & Product Launches Enigma can offer a diverse range of solutions for your event branding. Enigma offers a full range of original event branding solutions for product launches and events which will maximise your impact.

From creation or interpretation of the look and feel, we will produce intelligent graphic proposals that effectively communicate your brand and the message of the event through utilisation of the latest technology and materials. We know you need maximum effect with minimum affect to your venue, and we can provide cost- and time-effective solutions to reduce the impact of graphic installations on your budget and environment without compromising quality and aesthetic, such as removable vinyl that can be easily taken down by your own team post-event. Utilising expertise gained in other areas of our business such as exhibitions and signage, we adopt a strategic approach which takes into account traffic for maximisation of visibility and optimum positioning and DDA and fire regulations for safety in order to fully expoit the best apects of your venue and produce stunning results. Event Branding are important why the clients get to see what is new and trending in the market. What can add more potential success to their business and bring in a host of clients to their table so that they can really have some good time and exposure for the targeted audiences and customers.Enigma also specialise in Corporate Branding by producing unique Exhibition Signage & Corporate Graphics that helps you to improve your brand identities in UK.

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