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Supplementary info re One Thousand Women The main requirement will be the design of the website. For this the following will be required 1). A simple but attractive background image for the ‘side panels’ on the website 2). Design for the central panel of the homepage of the website i.e. where all the content will be. Please see this link for a rough idea of what the content for the front page of the site will look like and where it needs to be positioned. home.html. This is purposely very basic and devoid of design. The site is a blank canvass for you to work with… this is just so you have an idea of where the content will go. Design here will include i). A logo ii). Design for the navigation tabs if you have any idea, alternatively we can just use standard, downloadable tab designs. iii). Boxes to divide the various bits of content. Our campaign is based on this one I think their site, although a little cluttered, looks good. They use various bits of decoration to ‘jazz’ the site up. Please note, there’s no need to copy their design/style, I’m sure you have your own ideas, the main thing is for the site to look trendy and ‘cool’… the sort of thing that would appeal to young women between the ages of 25-45. iv). A logo. I have already sent you some details about this. The positioning of the text and shape of the logo can change from my brief. I’m open to ideas. If you could make it slightly animated (similar to the Too Many Women logo), perhaps with Sam winking or smiling that would be great but definitely not necessary. I sent the Miss Marc images through as Sam is a big fan but don’t feel the need to stick to it rigidly. The main thing is that I want Sam to feel really good about the images. She is a very positive, bubbly and attractive person… I want her to feel that the cartoon version of her is too! v). The wording of the ‘How it works’ section will change but I like the idea of putting in some cartoon images of women as I have done (see above link). The images I have used here are just stock images. These can have a bit of humour attached to them… they don’t all need to be stunningly beautiful! vi). The donation tally. As with, this wants to also include a ‘donate now’ option. Holly (the website developer) has asked me to let you know that she will need high-res png/ gif file of any images. She also said that images often have several layers, it’d be useful to have these versions (un-flattened). Also, if there are any images that will sit on top of the sites background e.g. line of flowers, they will need to have an invisible background please. I’m not sure what she means by all of this but hope it makes sense to you. If you’d like to speak with her just let me know.

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