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One Thousand Women – Graphic Design Brief Charity Background Action Against Cancer is a new charity chaired by Hilary Craft, a businesswoman who has suffered with breast cancer, lung cancer and leukaemia over the last thirteen years and still undergoes regular treatment. Hilary is a true inspiration and has raised almost £500,000 for Leukaemia Laboratory at Manchester Royal Infirmary in recent years. Action Against Cancer will fund the world leading breast, pancreatic and lung cancer drug discovery programmes led by Professor Justin Stebbing at Imperial College as well as supporting leukaemia research programmes at Manchester Royal Infirmary. We will be launching our website in the next week. The current, unfinished version of the site can be found here - Here you will see our logo. The Campaign – One Thousand Women We are looking to launch a campaign in partnership with Samantha Wisnevitz a 32 year old breast cancer sufferer. She is looking to raise £250,000 for the charity by setting up a fundraising pyramid initiative which will see 1,000 women asked to raise £250 each to help fund a major drug discovery programme. This will follow a similar format to this campaign which has raised over £900,000 so far – The campaign will be called ‘One Thousand Women’ using the words ‘One Thousand’ as opposed to the number ‘1,000’. Samantha is a senior lawyer at Barclays Capital and is very well connected and we as a charity have strong business links throughout the UK. We expect the campaign to gain a lot of PR and the website a lot of hits. We would like to launch the campaign within the next 4 weeks so we could ideally do with the logo in the next 10-14 days. I know this is very short notice but Samantha is so eager to begin fundraising so the charity are eager to get her up and running. Design Brief Pink has been used so many times for breast cancer so we’d prefer the slight variation of purple/lilac as the main colour for the logo and the website. I am happy for any other colours to be used in conjuction with this. As many of the people donating/giving their time will be Sam’s contacts, we want the site (and possibly printed leaflets) to have a cartooned version of her on it. Whilst the cause is very serious we want the campaign to be fun and trendy. Sam is a big fan of ‘Miss Marc’, a character used by the fashion label ‘Marc Jacobs’ and would like the cartoon to look similar to that. Obviously it can’t look too similar or we may find ourselves in a

copyright/trademark battle which we could do without! I have included an image of Miss Marc in my mocked up logo below and some further examples below that. Here is a link to some photos of Samantha. Should you decide to design the logo I will be able to send you some of these photos in high-resolution. The cartoon doesn’t need to look hugely lifelike, just looking similar to Samantha and making her look good/trendy and cheerful! Here is a very basic mock up of the sort of thing we’d like but I’m very happy for this to change a lot… from the style of the cartoon / font and exact colours used. I don’t think the cartooned version of Samantha should be wearing sunglasses. I think it’d be good to have a head/head and shoulders image like this or the one below where Miss Marc is wearing a sailor type hat. Please note the font used here is ‘Dear Joe’. We used it in the charity’s main logo. If you’d like to use it I can send you the link to download it… it’s freeware.

Further Miss Marc Images

Other bits of design that would be useful It would be useful to have a few slightly different versions of the logo for use in different circumstances e.g. a portrait version and a landscape version. It would also be useful to have one where some of the colours are inverted e.g. one with a purple background/one with a white background. Whilst the logo will be just head / head and shoulders, it may be useful (but not absolutely necessary) to have some full body images of the cartoon for use in promotional leaflets / possibly t-shirts etc. This will obviously depend on how much time a student is able to offer.

If the student would like to contribute any other bits of design to ‘decorate’ the website and promotional materials this will be welcomed but isn’t absolutely necessary. Benefits to the student We expect this campaign to have a lot of press coverage and for the website to gain a lot of hits. The likelihood is that some of the participating fundraisers will use the logo as part of their fundraising initiatives so it is likely that the student’s work will probably gain national coverage. As such, I would hope that work on this campaign would be excellent for a student’s portfolio. Hilary, the charity’s trustees, Samantha and myself have a wide network of business contacts throughout the UK and would actively look to facilitate introductions and referrals to the participating student. I would also be very happy to write a reference for the student. Your help would be hugely appreciated and provide a real boost to this campaign which will launch a drug discovery programme which aims to develop a new drug to greatly improve the treatment for the most prevalent form of breast cancer which claims around 8,500 lives in the UK each year. Thank you in advance. Please feel free to call or email me at any time to discuss: Anthony Hayman (Head of Fundraising – Action Against Cancer) – 07535 806067 /

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