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Autum/Winter Collection

This collection contours around the body to create new silhouettes. Pushing and pulling the curves of the figure. Pushing the power of optical illusion to its limits and beyond, influencing details, pattern, colour and texture. Taking trick of the mind to another level and hopefully leaving people confused into what they are truly seeing. Prints are taken from 3d edits of fur., taking faux real to new 2d vs. 3d level; contrasting colours and shapes. Layering and creating colours and patterns which contrast the eyes vision into, is this what you are really seeing? Mixing screen printing and digital print together, to create a look which can be taken from day to night. The collection consists of patterned crepes from jerseys to hand embellishment. Creating luxurious casual looks and sophisticated evening looks. Each garment creates a new illusion whether it is through pattern, colour or fabric. Each garment creates a new silhouette for the original wearer. Each piece can be creating a new combination with another to create an investable collection which can be manipulated to suit any event or body shape. Allow the collection to create the illusion for you, What are you really seeing?

Acknowledgements Photography Aaron Hargreaves Models Kelly Carpenter Kirsty Buttle Make Up Artist Sophie Cotton Graphic Design Sarah Frackelton Type Design Matthew Khan +44 (0) 789 908 2891

‘Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.’



LuciaSo Autum/Winter Collection Allow the collection to create the illusion for you, What are you really seeing? Each garment creates a new...

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