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SARAHedits Bralet, £25, by Topshop

Jacket, £38, by Topshop Hotpants, £28, by Topshop

Skirt, £34, by Topshop

Karlie Kloss

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Shorts, £14.99, by H&M

Tie-dye jeans, £22, by Topshop

p , by Topsho Shirt, £30

Well, well, well. I never thought I’d see the day I’d seriously consider asking my Dad if he still has that Levi’s denim jacket he ordered from a Littlewoods catalogue circa 1994. Denim is back, folks! And it’s a good thing. Really. This is The Trend to rock right now. Denim on leather, denim on silk, even denim on – wait for it – DENIM! Yes we can, people. Yes we can!

Sleeveless jacket, £38, by Topshop

Denim nail polish, £5, by Topshop

Shorts, £10, by River Island Dress, £32, by Topshop

Shoes, £16, by Dorothy Perkins

HIGHSTREETSMARTS Playsuit, £35, by Topshop

SARAHedits Bralet, £10, by Topshop

Sleeveless jacket, £30, by Dorothy Perkins

Jeans, £9.99, by H& M

shop 6, by Top 1 £ s, e o h S Jeans, £30, by River Island

Bralet, £32, by Topshop

Top, £38, by Topshop

Shoes, £13, by Dorothy Perkins


Dress, £10, by Topshop

Jacket, £24.99, by H&M Dress, £40, by Topshop

Bralet, £16, by Topshop

HIGHSTREETSMARTS Hotpants, £25, by River Island

Jeans, £28 , by Topsho p


Bag, £24, by Topshop

Shorts, £32, by Topshop

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