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a r a S ree F Industrial Designer. UX Designer. Screen Printer. Artist. Industrial Design Portfolio //

I am a recent graduate of Virginia Tech (May 2013); I have a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. I'm currently looking for a job in the design field. Here is my portfolio. Please enjoy and thank you for your time!

Some Sketching

Healthy. breathing. babies improving the apnea & bradycardia monitor for infants Virginia Tech. Industrial Design. 4th year. Senior Thesis 2013.


"Apenea of Prematurity" Apnea is breathing that slows down or stops from any cause. Apnea of prematurity refers to short episodes of stopped breathing in babies who were born before they were due.


This is the current monitor that is used for baby's of have Apnea of Prematurity. When the monitor alarms at a dropped or slow heart rate, a professional needs to come in and read the EKG report.

how does the monitor work? Key to Monitor

High Heart Rate Indicator Low Heart Rate Indicator Apnea Indicator

Power Indicator Charging Indicator Low Battery Memory Full Loose Connection

Monitor has the same sound of alarm for each "problem"; The high heart rate alarm is the same as the apnea alarm. Makes this confusing for the parent

Ideation - final form

After a lot of ideation, and knowing what's on the market - the final form is based on these sketches. Today, tablets and iPads are becoming more and more popular. I wanted to create something that people would be most familiar and comfortable to use.

Final Model

final model - call outs 1.


1. Speaker 2. Volume Controls 3. Power Button 4. Home Button 5. OnCall - Hospital Button 6. USB connection

*Electrodes that will be included with the monitor will be wireless


5. 4. 6.

Final model - call outs Camera

Height: 9.50 in

Depth: 1 inch (front) to 3 inches (back)

Width: 7.30 inches

final model - built in apps

STATS. The way to see your baby's current and past vitals.

SETTINGS. Adjust the monitor to you and your baby's needs.

LIVE CHAT. Keep the conversation going.

OnCALL. Always there when you need them to be.

CAMERA. See and talk with everyone.

TIMELINE. See the past and present.

Turning the Monitor on - using the power button

Home Screen. After monitor is on.

Statistics App. Shows your Baby's current vitals.

Timeline App. Within the Statistics app. Shows vitals in a more readable form for parents.

Pressing the Statistics button in the left corner, takes you back to the Main Statistics page.

After pressing the Home Button, takes you back to the home screen.

Alarm is going off in the night. Alerting parents!

OnCall button was pressed. Hospital is being contacted.

Connected with your local hospital. Facetime with the Doctor that is on call.

Problem was resolved. Baby is doing well. Parents and baby are happy!

Call ended. Taken back to home screen.

Another screen shot for another Alarm going off. Same process begins again.

SmartMonitor3. Making life a little bit easier.

Better airline dining improving the in-flight dining experience Virginia Tech. Industrial Design. 4th year. fall 2012. partner for project: carla cortbawi

Problem Statement

Standard Food Cart dimensions: 24L" x 15W" x 36H' What's wrong with the current food cart? Problems: - Unattractive - Bulky - No place to put trash - Difficult to manuver - Unappetizing - Takes up aisle width

Research - boeing 767 Opportunity: Unused space

Gallies that are used for Economy Class

Where the tracks would be placed in the plane

Interior - Seats in Economy Class; location for cart tracks

ideation - final form

DEVELOPING "Above ground" concept sketches Form chosen based off of a couple of sketches

model making




Based off our sketches, 1/8th scale models were made to examine the form of the new food cart



Out of the models made, the third, sixth, and seventh models were chosen to use to make our large scale model




The form is based on how the new food cart would fit on a track running by the overhead bins and to fit in the aisle width

User testing

Hung from the ceiling to simulate UP being in the plane, gliding on the tracks next to the overhead bins.

UP's dimensions: Height: 26 inches Tray Depth: 10 inches Tray Width: 10 inches Curved space - for hot meals

One side remains flat to make sure that UP would still fit in the Galley with the other food carts.

User testing

Testing the size of the food cart with the dimensions of the Boeing 767 plane. Boeing 767 Dimensions: Ceiling to Floor: 82.5 inches Aisle Width: 19 inches

*Both male testers are over 6 feet tall

User testing

Shows how a Flight attendant would try to serve a passenger in the window aisle. UP would always be behind the person the flight attendant is serving.

The problem is when the flight attendant pulls the tray out, she doesn't have much room and is interferring the space of the passenger behind her.

The passenger behind her is still uncomfotable, also having to adjust themselves to be out of the way. Still not enought room for her or the passenger.

With this positioning/ set up, it's too difficult to serve other passengers without being awkward.

After awkwardly getting the tray out, the flight attendant serves the passenger their food tray.

One happy passenger to finally have gotten their in flight meal.

final model

Dimensions Height: 26 inches (Height with handle unlocked: 29 inches) Length: 32 inches WIdth: 10 inches


Phenolic Honeycomb Resin.

The benefits for using this material: 1. It's already being used in planes 2. It's light weight 3. It's durable/ strong

C-Channels The C-Channels hook up inside the ceiling of the airplane; those are permentanely attached to UP. The C-Channel along the over head bin, will be able to un-hook, making it easier to take UP back to the galley to reaload

final model

1. Curved to fit with the overhead bins 2. No doors on the front face of UP


3. Door opens to load food trays 4. Handle to pull UP from side to side along the aisles; swings up/locks to be out of the way 3.


5. 4.

5. Door lifts open to serve to pull out the food trays; eash tray lowers by one when one is taken out

Better airline dining. part ii improving the food tray new food cart. new dimensions. new tray.

problem statement

Current, airline food trays have a strict design due to the current food carts. Since the dimensions of UP are slightly different, we also made food trays that would go with our improved food cart.

final model

The current airline food tray dimensions are: 12” x 15” UP’s food tray dimensions are: 8” x 14” Making UP’s food trays a little bit slimmer but still capable of holding everything that’s needed for the in-flight meal

final model

1. Loading trays on either side

2. Tray bins being loaded in

4. Door slot opening, serving passengers

5. Pulling the food tray out

3. Fully loaded on either side

Enjoy your new in-flight dining experience with UP and have a safe flight

color kitchen improving the family experience in the kitchen & bringing it back Virginia Tech. Industrial Design. 3rdyear. fall 2011

Problem statement

Parents can get really busy with everything that have to do around the house and making sure that dinner is ready and on the table for the family; it's difficult for them to do all of these tasks on their own. How do we get the kids to help and bring back that family time?


The new form was inspired by silhouettes of ballerinas, because little kids like to dance. With that, I wanted to create a graceful form, and make the connection to the kids, and still have the products fun and easy to use.

Final form

Cooking shouldn't be a hassle; and when you have a little helper in the kitchen, sometimes that is a great feeling. Even if the task that you give them is something as simple as stirring some ingredients.

Each Color Kitchen set comes with one stool, 1 set of bowls (total of 3 bowls), and a set of measuring cups. The bowls are easily stackable; the measuring cups and bowls are both dishwasher/ microwave safe; and the stool can be easily wiped off and cleaned.

Stool Height: 36" Stool Width: 24" Optimum Zone for Controls: 34.3 - 42.7" The 3 foot height provides a comfortable workstation for kids.

The "lip" on the left hand side of the measuring cup helps children with scooping whatever ingredients they need. The extruded cut is used as a visual for the child to know how much ingredients should go in the cup; and the extruded cut also helps them with pouring out the ingredients.

Final form

The "lip" on the bowl, is there to help children hold onto the bowl while mixing ingredients. And same with the measuring cups, the extruded cut helps with children pouring the ingredients into the electric mixer.

color kitchen. fall 2011

Levio Chair Empowering the elderly by helping them get up and about Virginia Tech. Industrial Design. 3rd year. Spring 2012. partners for project: sean bell and charles han

problem statement

As our body ages, getting in and out of a chair becomes painful. The result is an elderly population literally trapped in their seats.

Research E L DE R LY S I M UL AT I O N S UI T G ro u p m e m b e r s tr i ed on a s u i t th at simulates t he b o d y o f an eld er l y p er so n. We le ar n e d t h a t : • - j o i n t s t rai n i s th e pr i mar y reaso n fo r immo b ilit y • - t h e o n l y way to s ettl e i n to th e chair is to fall b ack • - g et t i n g u p req u i red th e ai d of at leas t t wo p eo p le P u tti n g on th e el der l y s i mu l at io n suit

At tem pt i ng to sit d own i n t h e eld er l y sui t


reve r s e e n g i n e er i n g on a s eat as s i s t to und er s tand mechanics

S i de p ro f i l e o f S eat As s i s t

M echanics

V iew o f t he S e a t Assis t o n a n ever yd ay us e ch a i r

S e a t A s s i s t b e i ng te s te d / us e d

model making

We built a foam model with our seat assist to get a sense of ergonomic feel; And to get an idea of what the chair would look like.

final model B a ck m u s t b e cu r ved i n fo r b ack c o m for t.

End of a r m re s t i s t h e f i r s t p oi nt of conta ct wh e n s i t t i ng .

1 9 inches Stopp e r s at t h e bottom of th e le gs p reve n t s l i di n g.

S e a t m us t b e 2 1 i nch e s h i g h to b e a cce s s i b l e for e l d e r l y (re g ul a r ch a i r s a re 1 8 i n)

Final model

The Seat Assist motion - Up and Out allows the elderly get out of chairs more easily. Levio provides the comfort, support, and assist that they need.

Hydraulic cylinders create sliding motion down

final model

Screen Printing projects

Solid Blue Screen Print on cardstock

Full CMYK Screen Print on cardstock

Full CMYK Screen Print on cardstock

(Varied) Full CMYK Screen Print on canvas

White Screen Print on black cardstock

Full CMYKScreen Print on canvas

Screen Printing projects

White Screen Print on a dark gray T-Shirt

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