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Influence of famous poets on Urdu poetry: Faiz Ahmed Faiz Urdu poetry has deep rooted connections with the Arabic and Persian languages. Today Urdu poetry which is otherwise called Urdu shayariis a quintessential part of both Pakistani and Indian cultures. Apart from the famous shayari, there are several forms of poetry in the Urdu language like ghazal, hamd, marsiya, masnavi, naat, nazm, qasida, qawwali, ruba’i, and tazkira. Furthermore, diwan and kulliyat are two types of poetic collections in which the former is an assemblage of ghazals while the later contains poems of all varieties. Contemporary Urdu poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sanaullah Dar and N.M. Rashid have made canonically influenced the Urdu poetry written in the twentieth century.

Role of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Urdu poetry; Faiz Ahmed Faiz having made huge contributions in both Urdu and Punjabi languages is one of the most famous Urdu poets. He was a prominent intellectual poet whose revolutionary works have earned several awards and accolades. Faiz Ahmed Faiz has received the Lotus Prize for Literature and the Lenin Peace Prize in 1962 and has been nominated several times for the Nobel Prize. The verses composed by him basically depicted religious thoughts and replicated a hint of Sufism. Faiz was a motivated socialist who sensuously shaped the image of beauty and love through his socialist verses.

Some famous works of Faiz include the following: • umr be-suud kaT rahii hai 'faiz' •

kaash ifshaa-e-raaz ho jaa.e

aaye kuchh abr kuchh sharaab aaye

kaun qaatil bachaa hai shahr me.n 'faiz'

jis se yaaro.n ne rasm o raah na kii

ab vahii harf-e-junuu.N sab kii zubaa.N Thaharii hai

bahaar aa_ii

bahut milaa na milaa zindagii se Gam kyaa hai

bol - bol ki lab aazaad hai.n tere

'faiz' thii raah sar-ba-sar manzil

ham jahaa.n pahu.nche kaamyaab aa.e

kab tak dil kii Khair manaaye.n kab tak raah dikhaaoge

dar-e-qafas pe andhere kii muhar lagtii hai

to 'faiz' dil me.n sitaare utarne lagte hai.n

bhuule se muskuraa to diye the vo aaj 'faiz'

mat puuchh valvale dil-e-naa-kardaa-kaar ke

Khurshiid-e-mahashar kii lau


‘Bol’ one of the first poems of Faiz

This is one of the most popular poems of this poet. The poem depicts that Faiz used simple language so that his message could be perceived as it is by both Hindi and Urdu audiences. His verses touched the souls of the masses and hence created a ripple effect through it’s paband nazm or bound verses. Thus Faiz’s poetry undoubtedly engrossed a listener’s attention as well as allowed the listeners to juggle their imagination to see the message.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz has created eternal poetries that have assembled a huge fan following across the globe; his works have also influenced the literature and arts of several nations. His rhetorical language usage has a soothing flow; and the sonorous rhyming in his songs has consistently had a Persian touch in melodious Urdu. Lastly Faiz's poetry has been translated into English, Russian and several other languages especially for his global audiences.

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Influence of famous poets on Urdu poetry: Faiz Ahmed Faiz  

Modern Urdu poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sanaullah Dar and N.M. Rashid are recognized all over the world for their priceless contribution to...

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