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ashion is something that propels the world. It is many times what separates people from each other, giving individuals an outlet to express their individuality. Los Angeles has one of the most developed dance industries in the entire world. It also happens to be one of the most fashion driven cities in the world. Consequently, the commercial dance world is very fashion driven, however, the different genres of dance have completely different fashion styles, which separate the dancers from each other in the exciting and intense world of auditioning in Los Angeles. The two most developed and prominent styles of dance in Los Angeles are hip hop and contemporary. In this city in particular, contemporary dance has begin incor-

porating iconic moves from hip hop with the technical driven style of dance to create a new variation. Although the styles have some similarities, the style choices of the dancers that practice these styles are completely different. Hip hop dancers, whether they are male or female, have the same sense of style when it comes to dance. They express their sense of style and individuality by layering and sneakers. Hip hop dancers typically wear many, many layers of clothing to keep their muscles warm, but also to give them an opportunity to wear multiple outfits to class to show off their sense of fashion. As far as tops go, the “in� thing to wear right now is brightly colored plaid, flannel shirts; after the dancers have warmed up their bodies, they take off these shirts and tie them around their waist to accentuate their movement as they perform the choreography.



The most iconic fashion piece worn by hip hop dancers are their shoes. There are many different styles of shoes, nike dunks, creative recreations, etc., but the brand does not matter. It is all about how obnoxious and different a dancer’s shoes can be; most hip hop dancers own anywhere from five to fifty pairs of sneakers all in bright, neon, and metallic colors. However, many times, the more obnoxious/ brightly colored ones shoes are and the more extravagant their outfit is, the worse the hip hop dancer is; they are trying to compensate style for talent.

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Contemporary dance fashion is a completely different style than hip hop. It is much more simple and functional. Because of the technique required and larger range of movement needed to practice contemporary dance, the style choices have to be more simple. Most contemporary dancers usually just wear sports bra tops and spandex booty shorts, so that their clothing does not compromise their movement or lines made by their body. However, even in the simplicity of the clothing, many times younger contemporary dancers have bright, extravagant matching tops and bottoms so to create a unified look. The brightness of their outfits often times distract from their dancing and make choreographers look over them. As a dancer matures and get older, their fashion sense becomes more about simplicity and functionality so that a dancer is noticed for their talent and not their obnoxious outfit.

By Sara Carter




n the Fall 2011, designers took themselves as painters and combined bright colors with neutral colors to play off with rich contrasts. Intriguing balance of earthy and bright pantone colors create feeling of playfulness. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, added “The effect can be soothing pink color, and can also be run as economic challenges. The color is like saying we should expect a full and think reaching satisfaction” as quoted by the Associated Press. Various researches conducted that according to many people, “honeysuckle” gives flashback of happy childhood memory, which brings people to nostalgic senses. Honeysuckle is very active color so gives energetic impression as well as playful feeling. Pantone predicted that this color of pink would not only effect in the industry of fashion, but also appear in interior to electronic goods. Rebecca Taylor designed the skirt with the combination of Bright Fuchsia and a Deep Teal that designers call “peacock”. Mixture colors of Honeysuckle and neutral colors on her skirt as in strips gives vigorous senses. Even if four of bright and neutral hues formed the stripes, her color choices are well balanced. Many designers in 2011 combined bright pastel and neutral colors to create equal balance of natural synthetic. For example, Emberglow is autumnal tone that reminds of pastel tone of sunset that is scattered all over the fall sky.



The combination of light gray and Emberglow will create retro feeling. By juxtaposing feminine Emberglow next to light gray such as Cool Flannel Gray or Deep Navy, it gives mixed feeling between of feminine and masculine. Peter Son, Fashion Designer, inspired from “menswear fabrics with a feminine twist� according to Pantone website. Deep teal is one of the top neutral color report on fall 2011. Many people may feel like Deep teal is a winter color. However, in this fall 2011, designers mixed and matched with the pastel so that it can have cool feelings and forest green-like color. Moreover, adding the texture such as an animal skin prints will add up earthier notion towards Deep Teal. This color creates perfect harmony with Bamboo. Bamboo is another bright trendy color in fall 2011. It gives warmth to cold breezes around fall season. Bamboo has yellow and undertone of green so it gives multiple feelings.

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Rather then it is an bright pastel color that reflects childhood memory like Honeysuckle, it has more adult-like feeling and elegance sensation w i t h i n t h e c o l o r. Just like Bamboo creates elegance feeling, Coffee liqueur is another pantone fashion color that gives sense of elegance to fall. It is rich color that consumers are aware of. In addition, it generates calm and modern mood. Rather then in bright sunlight, wearing the color of Coffee liqueur in cloudy or rainy day will adds up the rich tonality to the outfit. “Evoking the freshness of a cool mist in a dark forest,� (words from Pantone website), Cedar is a another top 10 mid-tone earthy color. Unlike with Deep Teal, greenish color that has cooler sense, Cedar creates warm and lovely notion. Juxtaposition of soft pastelcolors and the cool neutral colors are the main color trends in fall 2011 and it heavily affected the designers how to balance out the dull and playful colors.

By Cathy Lee




ewelry is always in the back of every girl’s mind. Ever since we were young girls playing with Barbie’s accessories or Mom’s jewelry box, it has always been a symbol of luxury, femi-

ninity, and personal taste. It is a statement of who we think we are, heavily rooted in current and past trends, fashion, and society values. Whether you accessories your clothes with your jewelry, or accessorize your jewelry with your clothes, there are some key pieces of jewelry that every girl

must have. We all remember those chunky bracelets that were in season a few years ago, the long chain cluster necklaces, the silly bands that dominate our college campuses, and the handmade pieces that we got at a souvenir booth, but it is essential to have pieces that can take you through all the different trends that come into style. a (page 15)



In a few years, the current trends will stay locked in our jewelry boxes. If this seems like a poor investment, it should prompt you to ask how much money have I spent buying jewelry to fit the different trends that pass by? We have already spent beyond our practical means in our desires to express ourselves through fashion and jewelry. But to make our investments really last, we need to make start making purchases of long-term pieces that are versatile and classic enough to withstand the circulation of trends. As years go by, you will find these must have pieces will work with most of your outfits and can even transform your casual attire into a more elegant, refined look.

Pearl Necklace A single strand of pearls is a classic and timeless piece. Considered the queen of gems, pearls reflect the femininity behind jewelry with its sensuous curves and luster. Whether you choose short and elegant, or long and luxurious, pearls are a great way to top off your outfit, adding a little classic sophistication and glamour.

Cocktail Ring Whether it is a large stone or an intricate animal inspired piece, a cocktail ring is what defines you in a cocktail party. This shimmery piece of jewelry is made to make you feel like the million bucks you are worth! It is a statement jewelry that every one will remembers.

Drop Earrings Dangling earrings are great to keep the focus of any one’s attention on your beautiful face. Because the bulk of the accessory is on top by your smile, this attractive jewelry style is a winner in showing off individuality. From stone to metal, these pieces can range from fun and flirty to serious elegance.

Diamond Studded Earrings A classic pair of Diamond studded earrings never goes out of fashion, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! The elegance of the white diamond is casual enough to wear everyday, or sophisticated enough to wear with your evening gown. Cubic Zirconium earrings are a great alternative to the pricey costs of real diamonds, you can hardly tell the difference!

By Mille Phan

Plain gold or silver tone jewelry Plain gold or silver tone jewelry can bring texture to your outfit by highlighting the qualities of the material. From thin bangles to chain like patterns, these textures have a rich and powerful statement without overpowering your outfit, great for everyday.

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