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Interview with Courtney Smith

We came up with a set of questions we hope you can answer. We interviewed (Well, more like sent an email with questions to) Courtney Smith, the Youth marketing Coordinator of PETA and she gave us these facts. 1) Why is it necessary for people to kill/poach dolphins? It is NOT necessary in any way! 2) What do they do with the dolphins? A number of things happen to dolphins. They can be eaten, sold to marine parks or zoos or merely killed. 3) Why is it necessary for people to kill/poach sharks? It is not necessary at all! 4) What do they do with the shark when they take their fins off? They usually throw the shark back into the water to bleed to death. 5) How does it stop? First, this only stops by people being educated about what is happening and then taking actions to stop it. The first step is to never visit a marine park, aquarium of zoo because they profit from taking animals from their natural environments and imprisoning them. Then, people need to get active in their communities. Don’t ever eat any fish or shellfish because those nets cause dolphins to be tangled and killed. Then, if you live on the coast, find out if shark fining is illegal in your state. If not, write to your representatives and tell them that they should introduce a bill about it. Then, see if any restaurants serve shark fin soup or if grocery stores sell shark fin. Immediately go to the manager and tell them exactly what is wrong with the product they are selling and that you will no longer give them your business until they stop.

6) Who are the people who cause poachers/killers to poach/kill? People do these things because they are greedy and want money, So, the people who fund the boats and carry the products in their restaurants or stores and even marine parks who pay people to catch wild marine animals for them. However, these people also only want to make money from these creatures so it comes down to the consumers. By people eating shark fin soup, going to Sea World or an aquarium and eating tuna fund these awful practices. By doing these things and giving these people your money you are supporting it. 7) What is your perspective on the killing of sharks, whales and dolphins? There is no reason. They should be left alone in their natural habitat. 8) How does taking them to recreational use (Sea World) relate/affect poaching? Animals are taken from their natural environment and put into these marine parks and aquariums where they have almost no space to swim and do things that are natural to them. While legally people catching marine life for these parks may not always be considered “poaching” it is the same idea. 9) How do people/staff treat marine animals in recreational water parks? Many animals are abused, neglected and treated as if they were merely money-making tools. Animals such as whales, dolphins and sharks are kept in tiny tanks that are up to 1,000X smaller than the average area they would swim in a day if they were in the wild. The animals develop many health and emotional problems from captivity and from being trained to perform “tricks” for shows. The training techniques are often painful and the tasks confusing for the animals.

Sports Section Saturday May 28th, 2011

Don’t miss it!



Manchester United

Pumas 2


Chivas 0

VS Cruz Azul 0

Monarcas 3

VS Pumas


First Game: Thursday May 19th , 2011 Second Game: Sunday May 22nd , 2011


Match at the Morelos Stadium By:Ander Martinez Tuesday May 17, 2011

Last night at the Cruz Azul vs Monarcas game a big fight started when Tomas Boy (Monarca’s coach) started insulting the Cruz Azul’s players because Monarcas was going to the finals. Then a Cruz Azul fan jumped into the field to say hi to Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul’s captain), but apperantly he said something bad to Torrado and Chaco Gimenez (another Cruz Azul’s player) went to defend him, but Monarcas’s players started defending the fan. Chaco kicked the fan and then the fan responded with a punch in the eye.Then Chaco pushed him to the floor. Then the police came and took the fan, but the fight was not over...Monarca’s physic coach punched Waldo Ponce (Cruz Azul’s defender), but Corona (Cruz Azul’s goalie) came to defend Waldo. Corona took Monarca’s physic coach to a corner of the field and gave him a headbutt that knocked him of. This fight ended with a bunch of suspensions to the players and it could be possible that for the first game of the final against Pumas (in the Morelos stadium) the stadium is closed for the public.This was certainly a game to catch the publics’ attention.

VS Irapuato


First Game: Wednsday May 18th, 2011 8:30pm Second Game: Saturday May 21st, 2011 3:00pm


Oklahoma City Thunder


Dallas Mavericks

Thursday May 19th, 2011 9:00pm

VS Miami Heat

Chicago Bulls

Wednsday May 18th, 2011 8:30pm


Tampa Bay Lightning 5


Boston Bruins 6

Ode to the ocean by: Andrea Chavez

Ode to the ocean It’s salty smell So sweet. Its waves running Up and down The beach. Filled with creatures, Big and small Scuttling around in The ocean bottom. The ocean In all it’s majesty Brought us to life And we will be forever thankful for it. Inside of it Thousands of wonders await Those who are willing to discover

It. The sea, It’s emerald color Turns turbulent Filled with sadness When we kill Any of it’s integrants.

SIX PACKS? I THINK NOT by: Andrea Chavez Tuesday May 17, 2011

Have you ever wondered how it feel like to not be able to breathe? Well, this sort of thing happens every day to millions of sea creatures. They fall preys to the tons of useless garbage people leave to float on the seas. Dolphins swim inocently in the ocean only to be trapped by floating garbage. Their beaks are covered by the plastic bags left out there and the dolphins die from lack of oxygen. Do you buy your drinks in six packs? Well you

might think twice before you do that again because those “innocent little bags” are one of the main causes of marine animals deaths. Next time you throw trash on a beach or the sea you might think twice because you might be killing a harmless little animal.

BULL POACH? BULL EVIL?...OR IS IT BULL SHARK? by: Ana Sofía Gomez Tuesday May 17, 2011

The poaching of sharks in Mexico is a very big problem. Starting four years ago in the coast of Mexico in a place called Playa del Carmen, when the temperature of the sea went down to 26 degrees celcius, scuba divers began feeding some of these species for recreational reasons. On October 25, 2010 a fisherman originated from Puerto Morelos, a place located 30 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, captured a species of sharks called bull sharks. Days after this, scuba divers

reported the absence of this sharks in which they were usually found. Scuba diving centres, suffered economic problems due to this. The total of sharks that disappeared was from about 10 to 25 bull sharks. Owners of this recreational places, fish the sharks in a “moderate” way, this gives them money to continue with their business. They care about the money, and not about the world and its beauty.

HAHA! YOU HAVE BLUBBER ON YOUR FACE! by: Ana Sofía Gomez Tuesday May 17, 2011

How are all of these makeups done? Well, it’s not really all of them, but a lot of them. Whales have a special fat in their body called blubber. When this animals are killed, people take off their blubber. They take this fat into a big process and make it into beauty products. Some of them such as: lipstick, hand and body cream, foundation and many more. The number of whales killed for cosmetic reasons has decreased, now that people are well

informed about this problem, they are no longer buying them. However, there are still people who think this doesn’t affect anybody and keep on their life with a selfish mentality.

CPDNA(Catch Poachers DNA) by: Andrea Chavez Tuesday May 17, 2011

Whales, dolphins, sharks and DNA. Do you know how all of this could mix? Well we have just been informed that scientist have created a special machine made specially to track and recognize the DNA poachers leave on these animals. Thanks to things like this we come a step closer to ending the hideous crime of poaching. If you see anyone poaching report them to the

authorities, you don’t need a machine to take the right decision. PLEASE HELP PREVENT POACHING!!!!!! HELP CATCH THE RUTHLESS CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horoscope by: Ana Sofía Gomez Tuesday May17, 2011

2011 Horoscope Overview ´Have you been down on your luck in the past few years? You can finally breathe a sigh of relief! 2011 opens with a bang. On New Year's Day, Jupiter, planet of good fortune, conjoins Uranus, planet of luck, in Pisces - and both of them connect delightfully with the Moon and Venus. This indicates relief from worries concerning creativity, friendships, and romance. But it won't stop there. The Sun conjoins Saturn and Mars in Capricorn, combining with the Moon and Venus - so career and money problems should begin to ease up, too. Your circumstances won't be perfect - but they should be better.

Are you an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius? These are the Fire Signs. With Mercury in Sagittarius at the start of 2011, your mind will

be sharper than usual, so your curiosity will increase. You might decide to learn a new skill or pursue a subject that has always fascinated you. The presence of Neptune in Aquarius could imply a stronger interest in the spiritual and otherworldly - so you could find yourself digging deep into the unknown. But you won't forget your worldly interests. You want to prosper in this world as well as in the higher realms´ says astrologist, Mary Devlin.

What’s IN today?? by: Ana Sofía Gomez Tuesday May 17, 2011

Leather is in to make you look better!

Try wearing a leather skirt, the length of your choice, with a comfortable shaggy, solid tee! Also with this outfit, wear accessories such as a lot of golden or silver bracelets and a simple, sort of long necklace.

What colors should I use??

It´s all about brights, to take away people’s sights! Use your favorite accessories, with bright colors such as red, yellow, green and blue. Your accessories can also be made out of leather! (fake).


Use your favorite material for clothing... except cereal! This season, it´s all about using your favorite materials! Not sure which one fits you? Try some of the following: straw, beads, coins, suede and stone. This are sure to put the glam in your style!

Stripes...Polka Dots...What to choose? Wearing stripes is sure to transmit good vibes! Try combining neon colors, with solid colors! Stripes will fit with your favorite shoes and bags!

Sources: InStyle USA


This advert uses the overgeneralization technique.

This advert uses the faulty cause and effect technique.


Why do you think people poach?

What kind of problem do you think poaching is?

Do you think poaching is cool?

Do you think poaching is bad?

Word Puzzle

by: Andrea Chavez Tuesday May 17, 2011

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By: Andrea Chavez

7 Bull

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By: Ana Sofia Gomez

8 Haha!

You have blubber on your face!

By: Ana Sofia Gomez


(catch poachers DNA)

By: Andrea Chavez

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By: Ana Sofia Gomez

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Why do you think people poach?

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What kind of problem do you think poaching is?

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Do you think poaching is cool?

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Do you think poaching is bad?

18 Word


By: Andrea Chavez

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