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SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program Table of Contents Welcome To Our Enrichment Program


How Can I Help My Child Choose?


Multiple Intelligences


Enrichment Cluster Offerings



SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program “Every child should have the chance to be exceptional without exception.” ~Dr. Joseph Renzulli Dear Parents, We are excited to send along our Spring Enrichment Cluster Brochure for you and your child to together consider their talents and interests. Our Enrichment Cluster Program aligns with Multiple Intelligence Theory, and our many varied enrichment learning offerings address the diverse abilities and strengths children possess. Our ultimate goal is to help children develop their interests and talents and understand how they can share their gifts with the world. Please feel free to be in touch with Sharon Marson at or at 718-5481717 x1212 if you would like to be involved in this program or if you have any questions. Please fill out the Student Selection Form to indicate his or her 3 choices among the offerings by December 20th. Enjoy! Rabbi Binyamin Krauss Principal Sharon Marson Schoolwide Enrichment Program Coordinator 3

SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program How Can I Help My Child Choose? To help your child explore his or her interests and strengths, you may want to consider the accompanying list of Multiple Intelligences. Along with each multiple intelligence description is a numeric list of the Enrichment Clusters in which that intelligence is engaged. There is also a Venn Diagram on the next page to guide your child in making selections among the offerings. We are also asking that each child select 3 enrichment learning opportunities in which he or she is interested. Please fill out the online Student Selection Form for each of your children in grades 3 & 4, by Friday, December 20th. After December 20th some Clusters will close.


SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program Use this Venn Diagram as a tool to consider your child’s talents (strengths) and interests:



What did you discover? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________


SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program

Multiple Intelligences Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart) Using language, spoken or written, to make connections and derive meaning. You may like to read, play word games, tell stories, discuss ideas, or learn foreign languages.

See Enrichment Clusters: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 17, 19, 20, 23

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Logic Smart) Using numbers and reasoning to make sense of information. You may like to play chess, decipher strategy games, brainteasers, or logic puzzles.

See Enrichment Clusters: 1, 3, 5, 8, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21


SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart) Using mental pictures to learn and remember information. You may like puzzles, mazes, creating art, or building models.

See Enrichment Clusters: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 18, 21, 22

Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart) Using movement to express thoughts and ideas. You may like physical activity, sports, dance, roleplaying, acting, or hands-on activities including building things.

See Enrichment Clusters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23, 24


SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart) Understanding and caring about relationships and people and their moods and feelings. You may like group games, working cooperatively in a group, or have the ability to motivate people and communicate well with them.

See Enrichment Clusters: 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 24 Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart) Using thought and reflection to understand information. You may like to be alone, are self-motivated, enjoy your independence, and know yourself very well.

See Enrichment Clusters: 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 13, 19, 22, 24

Naturalist Intelligence (Nature/Science Smart) Understanding natural patterns and cycles to explain how things work in nature and science. You may like to learn about nature, enjoy being outside, or appreciate the environment.

See Enrichment Clusters: 4, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23 8

SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program Musical Intelligence (Music Smart) Using rhythm, musical patterns, tones, sounds, or melody to understand information. You may like to sing, play an instrument, compose songs, remember songs, or are sensitive to noises or sounds, and typically have strong language skills.

See Enrichment clusters: 9, 19. 24

Existential Intelligence (Religious Smart) Some proponents of multiple intelligence theory proposed spiritual or religious intelligence as a possible additional type. It certainly reflects our learning community and environment. You may like to learn Torah, think about G-d, pursue dedication to mitzvot, consider the workings of the universe, and make connections between Torah and life.

See Enrichment Clusters: 12, 19, 22, 23


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . .

Welcome to our Enrichment Cluster Program! Semester Dates: January 15th– March 19th. Have fun selecting among the offerings!


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 1. Robotics and Video Game Programming Have you ever played a video game and wished you could build one yourself? Are you a Lego lover who would love to bring your creations to life? Discover how to write a program (a series of instructions) to make your computer or robot follow your commands. (It’s so cool!) Learn to follow a Lego design blueprint to construct robots that use interlocking gears. Remember, your robot will not be able to do your homework for you! Facilitator: Rivka Heisler Rivka Heisler is the mother of 4 Lego crazy kids, who has built countless constructions with her children. As the technology integrator at SAR, she has taught herself several computing languages including LegoNxt, Scratch, and Enchanting. She was accepted as part of an educational cohort to spend a week at MIT to learn more about teaching Scratch to elementary school students. She wishes she could play video games as well as she can program them. Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, LogicalMathematical, Spatial Driving Question: How can we write clear directions that computers can follow and follow directions to build a specified construction?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 2. Write/Click Photojournalism Group: Life in Pictures Imagine seeing something so beautiful or interesting or funny you want everyone else to see and know about it too. Get ready to grab a digital camera and an iPad and become an SAR photojournalist! Learn to shoot like a pro. Explore the history of photojournalism and how to use a digital camera and try out its many features. During one special session you will visit Wave Hill to focus on nature photography. Use camera tricks to get the best possible pictures. Welcome a guest speaker and professional photojournalist to your cluster. Join Write/Click Photojournalism Group to explore topics of interest, photograph them, write accompanying captions, and then publish your work. Facilitator: Debra Apfelbaum Morah Debra's photography debut was in sixth grade when she exhibited pictures of her pet beagles and Greenwich village neighborhood. Since then she has been snapping away, eager to record the beauty inside and outside her classrooms. As a lover of all creative arts, she looks forward to helping students sharpen their focus and capture the funny, unique and simple beauties around them in pictures as well as words. Multiple Intelligences: Kinesthetic, Spatial, Linguistic, Intrapersonal Driving Question: How can we as photojournalists notice the happenings in our community and communicate what we discover? 12

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 3. Mad Hatters Studio Do you have an eye for style? Do you appreciate beauty in accessories and notice beautiful hats that you see at SAR, in shul, in stores? Are you creative? Then you will enjoy ,“Mad Hatters Studio.” Explore the millinery world. Discover the parts of a hat, hat styles through the ages, and hats around the world. Take measurements of your friends’ heads to get a sense of sizing. Start with a simple paper hat to get the idea of dimension. Consider color theory and accessorizing and be innovative as you use a wealth of materials in interesting and sometimes usual ways to make what is plain, beautifully accessorized. Deepen your understanding of design when meeting a professional in the fashion industry. Then, create your own hats, one to keep & one to donate to a worthy organization. Facilitator: Shoshana Bender Morah Shoshana, third grade Judaic Studies teacher, has style! Having studied at F.I.T. she loves fashion and especially hats. She can’t wait to share her passion for designing hats with our students. Multiple Intelligences: Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Kinesthetic Driving Question: How can we as hat-makers create original works of art that someone in need will enjoy and benefit from? 13

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 4. Spice Caravan Cafe: Exploring Spices From Around The World Spice Caravan is going to take you on a journey around the world. From Morrocco to France and South America to Israel you’ll taste-test your way across the globe. There are so many different kinds of spices. What are spices anyway? How are they harvested? What is their history? Did you ever hear of cardamom? What is za’atar’s flavor like? Come taste how amazing it is on pitot. Discover possible health benefits of some spices, design a besamim box, create your own teas, explore the science of salt, develop an interestingly blended spicy balm and bottle it, and more! This will be a fun exploration using all five of your senses. Jump on the Spice Caravan for a culinary arts adventure! Facilitators: Daniella Fuchs & Deborah Shapira Daniella Fuchs, mom to Ben, Yair, and Lev is a socialorganizational psychologist by training. She is an avid cook and lover of new tastes and of exploring new cuisines. Daniella loves cooking with her kids and is looking forward to sharing this love with our students. SAR mom, Deborah Shapira loves to bake, and to travel and experience other cultures and cuisines. She is a teacher by training and taught 2nd and 3rd grades for a few years. Her kids are Pearl, Kayla and Matan.


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . Spice Caravan Cafe: Exploring Spices From Around The World (con’t) Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Naturalist, Kinesthetic Driving Question: How can we create a spice assortment that reflects an understanding of how spices from various parts of the world can fragrantly blend together?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 5. Risk, Monopoly, and Life, It’s How You Play: Become A Game Designer Which game is your favorite to play? What makes you want to play again and again? What makes a card game or board game very popular? What goes on behind the scenes to create that game? Explore these questions and the world of the game marketplace. Meet a game industry professional to discover what makes games fly off the shelves. Then, apply your knowledge and individually or with friends, design the next slam-dunk game using a variety of materials. Come up with your own rules, cards or gameboard and pieces. Then teach your game to others! Facilitators: Renata Cohen & Paulette Morris Morah Renata Cohen is an artist, curious math thinker, scientist, and innovator. She taught biology for many years and now works with all the SAR Specialty Teachers with students in grades 1-5. SAR mom and alum, Paulette loved games as a kid and enjoyed when teaching using games to reinforce learning. She made original games then and plays games all the time at home with her kids, 4-13. She says, “Games are a great way to unwind and connect! Multiple Intelligences: Spatial, Interpersonal, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical Driving Question: How can we as game designers create a game that is appropriately challenging for16 kids our age?

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 6. i-Book Publishing, Inc.: Photographs & Memories* Tell your personal story in a creative way! Do you have photographs of a time or place or people that you cherish? Would you like to create a photo book of that favorite part of your life? Then you will enjoy using the on-line publishing program, My Publisher, to turn your favorite memories into a custom-made book! Explore various ways to arrange your photographs in a unique layout, design and embellish your backgrounds, and add some text. Come preserve and publish in the Photographs & Memories Enrichment Cluster! Facilitators: Beth Pepper & Alana Gelnick Morah Beth, General Studies Principal, has a passion for stories and books that chronicle people’s lives and that record personal as well as collective history. Morah Alana, Reading Specialist from Bank Street, looks to capture special moments throughout her life. She found that designing photo books is an avenue for making memories come alive and is a way to revisit them again and again. Multiple Intelligences: Spatial, Linguistic Driving Question: How can pictures tell a story? *25-35 personal photographs related to a theme are required. Photos need to be brought in digitally on a USB flash drive. 17

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 7. What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor And Where Were You When The Yankees Last Won The World Series? Real lives. Real questions. Grab an iPad to record and ask away like a real journalist does. But first . . . what makes a good question? How do you ask something personal in a gentle way? What is it like to interview an author? A semi-professional athlete? Rabbi Krauss? Take the game “20 Questions” to a whole new level! See how interviewers ask questions of famous people. Watch a video clip of kid journalists asking questions. Come join professional journalist (& interviewer!) Vered Kellner in exploring the world of interviewing, design your own interviews, & meet with interesting people to conduct the interview. This is your chance to ask Rabbi Krauss what he thought about homework as a kid or if he slid down the banisters when he went to SAR! Facilitator: Vered Kellner Vered Kellner has been a journalist for 18 years. She has written feature articles for Kol Ha’ir, a Jerusalem paper, for Ma’ariv, and for G, the weekly publication of Globes. She’s excited to share her love for journalism and for asking questions with our students! Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal Driving Question: How can we shape questions to best learn about another person? 18

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 8. Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights In Action Do you like to build things? Are you interested in creative construction? Would you like to have parts of what you build light up when your construction is in motion? Plan a layout for gears on a template using your mechanical creativity and design a unique configuration. Discover how a gear is a simple machine that can increase speed or force. Explore the world of gears: driver gear, gears train, follower gear, gear-up train (like a bicycle), gear-down train (like a carousel). Meet a person who works professionally with gears. Come experiment and be creative with gears and lights, from the simple to the complex. Facilitator: Nick Fadda Nick loves to build and fix things and help all of SAR work. He is a sports coach for his children’s teams and a soccer and baseball player himself. Nick is looking forward to coaching our kids at building things and the excitement of making them go. Grade: 4th grade only Multiple Intelligences: Spatial, Kinesthetic, LogicalMathematical Driving Question: How can our understanding of construction and the force or speed of gears guide our creativity?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 9. Looking To Listen: I Spy With A Twist What did you just hear? Music is filled with unforgettable images. Do you hear a bee hovering over a Georgia O’Keeffe flower when listening to Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov’s, Flight of the Bumblebee? Or the animal sounds in Rousseau’s forest when hearing Sergei Prokofiev’s, Peter and the Wolf? The paired examples invite listeners to identify solo instruments (Do you hear marching knights in the timbrel of the drum or a waterfall splashing in the playful scales of the flute?) or orchestral themes in classical music that characterize an image found in visual art. As we gaze at beautiful, interesting artwork while listening to music, we will be inspired to create artwork of our own using a variety of mediums: watercolor, craypas, mosaics, and more! Come join this interesting Enrichment Cluster and look so you listen, as you never have before! Facilitator: Esti Schwartz Morah Esti enjoys teaching Judaic Studies to her students. She also loves classical music and playing the cello. She plays in an orchestra in Manhattan. Multiple Intelligences: Musical, Spatial, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal Driving Question: How can art inspire musical listening skills?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 10. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Improv Comedy Troupe Do you love theater and improv? Are you creative? Would you like to know the secrets and tricks of the improv trade? In this cluster you will develop techniques to think quickly on your feet, explore the craft of Improv, enhance your creativity and strengthen your sense of self-confidence. This spirited, fun cluster is designed for anyone who wants to improve teamwork and communication skills, develop the ability to take risks, and work at overcoming shyness. You will learn how to be more spontaneous, trusting, and cooperative, and how to listen in a fun, creative atmosphere. Come laugh out loud with this improvisational fun! Facilitator: Shoshana Cohen Shoshana is Director of the SAR Middle School sports teams and an Assistant Phys Ed Teacher. She has worked in summer camps and youth organizations , focusing on group dynamics and fostering individual growth. She’s looking forward to inspiring students to step outside their comfort zones & experience success. Multiple Intelligences: Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal Driving Question: How can we work as a group while still maintaining our individual sense of humor and creativity? 21

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 11. Come Fly With Me! Aspiring flight aviators will explore the world of aviation and come fly away with us as we use computer flight simulation on iPads to reenact what happens in a real plane. Take-offs, landings, navigation, radar readings . . . In this hands-on, interactive Enrichment Cluster we will explore famous aviators such as the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. We will compare the aircraft of today with the aircraft from the early days of flight. On an iPad choose which cities you will fly to and from, determine which airports you will depart from and arrive at, and pick your scenery along the way. Join this Cluster and come share the thrill of piloting an aircraft. Facilitator: Chazan Shim Craimer Shim has taken flying lessons and is keen to share his passion for flying with our students. Using ipads to learn how to fly and be a pilot is how Shim began too! Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, LogicalMathematical, Spatial, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal Driving Question: How can learning to navigate an airplane help develop teamwork and decisionmaking?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 12. Be A Lego Master Builder And Build It Like Betzalel: Lego and the Mishkan Are you good with Lego and do you enjoy a creative challenge? Do you wonder what the Jews carried as they traveled through the desert and what it really looked like? Which colors were used in the curtains surrounding the golden aron? How high was the menorah? How tall were the walls? Become a detective and find the answers using an interactive computer app, through illustrations and computer-based diagrams, and in the Chumash. Then use 1,000s of pieces of Lego as an inspiration to construct a miniMishkan and all of what it held for public display. Facilitators: Sharon Sturm & Tami Sklarin Morah Golda adores teaching Parashat HaShavua all year, but especially the 2nd half of Sefer Shmot when we learn about the Mishkan. Morah Tami also loves learning Chumash and bringing it alive for her students. Sharon and Tami are SAR moms who love building interesting Lego structures at home with their kids. They are looking forward to combining these two passions and sharing them with children. Multiple Intelligences: Spatial, Existential, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal Driving Question: How can Lego help us understand the construction of the Mishkan? 23

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 13. What If Picasso Had An iPad? Using Art Apps That “Real” Artists Use With iPads we will paint, sketch, and print our artwork while delving into and exploring art apps like ArtRage. Did you know that with art apps you can use a virtual brush and enhance digital images. Imagine what van Gogh’s Starry Night might have looked like if he used apps to paint this masterpiece? Let’s explore the work of various artists and the techniques they used to imagine what the design and composition of their art might be if they were living in the 21st Century and had an iPad to create. Come create computer generated masterpieces of your very own. Perhaps you will choose to put them on gallery-display! Facilitator: Debby Schloss Debby Schloss, a veteran SAR faculty member will be combining her love of art and computers in “What If Picasso Had An iPad?” When Debby isn’t at SAR Academy, she loves spending family time trekking around Manhattan or tiyuling around Israel. Multiple Intelligences: Spatial, Intrapersonal , Interpersonal Driving Question: How can we as digital artists transform the way we look at and create art in the 21st Century?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 14. Snap, Crackle, Pop! Kitchen Chemistry Ever wonder what makes soda fizz, candy crystallize, brownies stay soft, and hot pretzels rise? A kitchen is one big chemistry lab! Use common kitchen chemicals and think like a young scientist and kitchen chemist to problem-solve, probe scientific principles, and think creatively. Observe. Record. Hypothesize. Experiment. Consider Results. Meet a professional kitchen scientist and create some delicious chemistry experiments of your own with some dramatic results. You will explore the “hows,” “whys,” and “what-ifs” of basic scientific principles by combining kitchen chemistry, a little bit of magic, and lots of fun! Facilitator: Miriam Friedman Morah Miriam is part of our third grade team. It is her sixth year at SAR Academy. She loves science and experimenting and is excited to share that interest with children. Multiple Intelligences: Logical-Mathematical, Naturalist, Linguistic

Driving Question: How can our exploration as kitchen chemists help us organize our knowledge and understand our world?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 15. Blood & Guts: What’s Inside? Medical Discovery Lab Do you wonder where the food you eat goes and how it helps our bodies? Ever wonder how your fingernails and hair grow? Or why your heart beats faster when you exercise? Are you curious about why your temperature gets higher when you are sick? Or why we need boogers? Your body is an incredible machine composed of thousands of working parts. Join us to get the inside scoop on how our insides work. Watch your pulse and make a stethoscope to hear your own heartbeat. Why do you get dizzy when you spin around? Learn why and how your bones keep you standing. Find out how doctors figure things out, use tools of the trade, conduct some experiments, and explore the world of medicine. Facilitator: Dr. Laura Michaeli SAR mom, Laura Michaeli is an Emergency Physician at Sound Shore Hospital. She graduated Tufts University majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies, attended Tufts U. School of Medicine, and practiced Emergency Medicine at Jacobi/Montifiore. Multiple Intelligences: Naturalist, LogicalMathematical, Kinesthetic Driving Question: How can understanding our bodies better keep us healthy? 26

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 16. Institute For Sports Science: Exploring Human Movement Who is your favorite athlete? What makes the top athlete so much better than others in their sport? Are you interested in the human body, its muscles and bones? Have you ever wondered which muscle groups to concentrate on for specific sports? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then sign up for “Sports Science: Exploring Human Movement.� Analyze outstanding plays by your favorite athletes, and show your friends how those best in the game make a difference. Facilitator: Ken Gleason Mr. Gleason has been around sports and athletes his whole life. He is a former Division I baseball player at Manhattan College and current basketball and baseball coach on the high school level. He looks forward to sharing his love of athletics with our students. Multiple Intelligences: Naturalist, Kinesthetic

Driving Question: How can what we discover about athletes help us understand how to achieve greatness?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 17. Experiments, Discovery, Delight! Where Science Is THE Story Circus books + spinning. Animal tales= zebra stripes + pigmentation. People + reflections in water= fables. Did you know that hiding inside stories are basic principles of science? "Science is THE Story" will bring together best-loved children's literature published in Israel (and pre-State Israel) over the past 80 years along with simple principles of science and technology. This Enrichment Cluster interweaves Hebrew texts and illustrations with interactive, fun science exploration that relates to stories and their main characters. We’ll explore scientific questions that we encounter in every corner of our lives. Come enjoy magical story moments and discover with hands-on experimentation where literature and science meet. Science is everywhere– even in stories! Facilitator: Donna Salamon Donna Salamon is an SAR mom, an artist, and a creative thinker. Donna is excited to share the joy that she shares with her children in learning about the world with SAR students. Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, LogicalMathematical, Naturalist, Kinesthetic Driving Question: How is science like a story?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 18. PC Builder’s Academy How do computers work? What’s inside of them? Are you curious about what makes computers intelligent? Would you like to build a brand new computer? Let’s explore what it takes to actually assemble a personal computer and figure out how to build a working one from scratch. Understand what makes computers connect and have the hands-on experience of building those connections. Discover how to upload software to PCs and then run them. Come have fun and express your passion for computers and technology in PC Builder’s Academy. Warning! Mastering this cluster will keep you busy with family and friends! Facilitator: Caleb Fitzsimmons Caleb is part of SAR’s tech team and has worked in the computer industry for the past 20 years. This career reflects his passion for technology. Caleb has built many computers from scratch and enjoys sharing the excitement and fun of building a PC from the ground up with our students. Multiple Intelligences: Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Kinesthetic Driving Question: How can we as computer technicians build working computers for someone else’s benefit? 29

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 19. Window To The Wild: Connecting Kids With Wonder Do you like nature? Are you creative? Do you love to explore? Then this cluster is for you. Through hands-on outdoor adventures, science experiments, and art and music activities we will explore the sounds and sights of the elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. In creative exploration of the outdoors, we’ll hike outside, we’ll collect samples of earth around the school, catch the wind in kites we design, work with Park Rangers to build a small campfire, and walk to the Hudson River and paint there. This cluster will open your eyes, inspire new thoughts, and warm your heart to the beauty and wonder of Hashem’s world. Facilitator: Adiella Shem Tov Morah Adiella has a BFA in Art Education with a specialization in Project Based Education. She has been teaching for 12 years and loves to incorporate adventure and self-motivated learning into all her teaching. Adiella is a fine artist, a singer/songwriter, and a recording artist. Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Musical, Kinesthetic, Naturalist, Existential, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal Driving Question: How can connecting with the elements develop a sense of wonder for creation? 30

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 20. Idea Bake Company: Out Of The Box Cooking What are all the different ways you can use a banana? How many different ways can you decorate a carrot cupcake? How can you create a patterned snack with soy butter and jelly on matzah? What different combinations of fruit salad can you make from grapes, apples, oranges, and pears? Can you compare a tuna fish sandwich with a birthday and write a recipe that combines both sets of attributes? How can you classify the ingredients of a salad? Can you design a healthy cookie that would symbolize the loss of a tooth? You will discover how creatively you can be, thinking fluently and flexibly, and creating unusual solutions and new products. Relaxing and having fun while cooking is an essential ingredient in producing creative brainstorming ideas! Facilitator: Joyce Kurz Raskas Morah Joyce has been an Early Childhood Director, teacher of young children, and an educator who enjoys encouraging children to think creatively. She loves cooking with young people and is looking forward to sharing her passions with children at this cluster. Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, LogicalMathematical, Interpersonal, Naturalist Driving Question: How can cooking be a new way to use your bean? 31

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 21. The Baseball Project: Circling The Bases Did you know that one of the great features of baseball stadiums and fields is that no two are alike? Outfielders need to know the dimensions and special characteristics of the fields they play in to help them decide how to field the ball - do they play the fly ball off the wall or try to jump and catch it for an out? In this blended learning experience meeting with The Cooperstown Hall of Fame we’ll spend time in a “virtual” dugout full of shapes, area, perimeter, diameter, and other aspects of geometry while exploring some of the "angles" of playing baseball. Perhaps you would like to use a simple computer program to create 2D and 3D polygons, diamonds, lines and other geometric shapes to design and build a baseball park of your own! Facilitator: Yehuda Najman For almost 15 years, Yehuda Najman has been coaching kids between the ages of 5 and 14 to circle the squares of the diamond in a counterclockwise direction. Yehuda is beginning his 3rd year as a member of the SAR family. Multiple Intelligences: Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Kinesthetic Driving Question: How do we use different shapes to design and build a baseball stadium? 32

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 22. Paint Your HeART Out: Fine Arts Studio Would you like to work like a fine artist does and paint with acrylics on your own professional canvas? Then roll up your sleeves and come explore the world of fine arts. You’ll first sketch and then paint a landscape in a traditional/abstract style. What landscape lays outside SAR, what landscape do you see at your favorite vacation spot, what landscape exists in your imagination? Consider the natural elements in the compositions outside our door and inside ourselves. Explore the work of great impressionist painters up through modern artists to deepen your visual vocabulary and develop your skill. Perhaps you would like to display your art work in a local eatery or meet an art gallery owner. Come enjoy expressing yourself at “Paint Your Heart Out.” Facilitator: Chani Jaskoll Morah Chani loves to paint! She is a fine artist who has her acrylic and watercolor paintings exhibited in numerous art shows. She is excited to share her passion for painting with our students. Multiple Intelligences: Spatial, Intrapersonal, Existential Driving Question: How can we as landscape artists deepen our appreciation for Hashem’s beautiful creations? 33

Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 23. Chavaya Yisraelit: The Israel Experience! Can you feel the hot desert sand outside your ohel? Do you like the taste of fresh pitot handmade by you and your friends? How about experiencing what a chayal does on a hike? Come experience in this Cluster all the meaning and excitement that Israel has to offer from north to south and east to west with our Israeli friends, Adi and Yosef. Have a taste of life in the land through hands-on experiences, games, and fun, all while speaking Ivrit. Deepen your connection to Eretz Yisrael as we travel back in time together. Love the wonder of being transported across many miles to our home. Sababa! Facilitators: Adi Frankel & Yosef Frankel Adi and Yosef Frankel joined SAR this year. Adi is part of our third grade Judaic Studies team and Yosef is our Head of Security. They have a strong connection to Camp Moshava and when in Israel they enjoy all that the beautiful country has to offer. They are excited to share their love for Eretz Yisrael with our students. Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Naturalist, Kinesthetic, Existential Driving Question: How is Israel similar and different from life as we know it in America?


Enrichment Cluster Offerings . . . 24. The “World” of Percussion Group What is percussion? What kinds of instruments are considered percussion instruments? What different kinds of percussion are used around the world? This is a hands-on and unique approach to studying rhythm in all its forms. Let’s make music as we explore rhythms and musical instruments from diverse cultures and explore the history of percussion, from ancient times to today. We will play on congas, shakers, cowbells, tambourines, hand drums, keyboards, and more. Let’s apply what we discover to create percussion instruments using a variety of materials. Then we’ll record a CD of ourselves playing an original percussion piece that we write together. Facilitator: David Glazer This is David’s 4th year at SAR. He has an MA in Educational Administration from Fordham U and is certified in Experiential Jewish Education from YU. David also studied at Jerusalem School of Cantorial Art & Music and is a regular Baal Tefillah. David has been musical director at Camp Moshava for 13 years and enjoys singing, playing keyboard, guitar, and harmonica. He is now learning to play the bagpipes. Multiple Intelligences: Musical, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal Driving Question: How can drumming and percussion instruments tell a story?


SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program Student Selection Form For Enrichment Clusters We are asking the children to think about the 3 Enrichment Clusters they are most interested in attending. In reading through our selections with your child, please guide him or her in recognizing how he/she might be interested in several different clusters. For example, if your child is “Logic Smart” then Robotics and Video Game Programming, Come Fly With Me, Experiments, Discovery, Delight!: Where Science Is The Story, or PC Builder’s Academy might be exciting cluster selections. Or, if their interest lies in the naturalist arena (“Science Smart”) then perhaps he or she would be drawn to Spice Caravan Café: Exploring Spices From Around The World, Blood and Guts: What’s Inside? Medical Discovery Lab, Idea Bake Company: Out of the Box Cooking or Chavaya Yisraelit: The Israel Experience. It is also OK to explore new disciplines when it is compelling for your child.

Please make 3 selections on the online form by Friday, December 20th. Every student is guaranteed a place in one of his or her three selections. Students will receive their cluster registration prior to the first session. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Marson, our Schoolwide Enrichment Program Coordinator, at or 718-548-1717 x 1212.


SAR’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program

“Every child should have the chance to be exceptional without exception.” ~Dr. Joseph Renzulli


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