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Since it’s establishment, Meraki has always been a step ahead of the networking game. One of the innovative solutions invented by Meraki is the Meraki Dashboard and Systems Manager. It is the central hub for users to monitor the health of their network, current and historic network connections, view patch and security status, roll up new network policies across the whole infrastructure, and even schedule automatic maintenance. Overall, there are at least 4 critical benefits of the Meraki dashboard and control panel as listed out below: ✔ Centralized Management – Remote access, as the dashboard is accessible from almost any web browser, as well as Android and Apple mobile phones. The Dashboard provides users instant access to network troubleshooting tools and throughput tests so they are always aware of the utilization of their external internet and local intranet. Additionally, users can monitor bandwidth usage by device, by port, even by specific application. The Cloud Dashboard truly is the only platform users need to view or adjust the capabilities and settings vital to their network’s strength and roll those configuration changes out to every Meraki device in their organization. ✔ Communication Security – Top notch security is Meraki’s top priority thus all traffic to and from the management interface is sent via an encrypted, secure traffic layer. Additionally, Meraki has an out-of-band location that restricts client traffic from accessing the Dashboard and not even the servers upon which it rests. Users’ management traffic is also segregated from their regular network communication hence they can rest assured that any malicious attempts to access the management interface will never be successful. This is a vital feature that none of the traditional wireless access points and switches have. ✔ Always Available – The Meraki Cloud Dashboard is always available. Not only can it be accessed by any number of internet-enabled devices every Cisco Meraki data center has multiple connects to the internet’s own backbone, with multiple data centers operating in concert to reroute traffic and delegate geographical data priorities to ensure users are always able to reach their Dashboard, regardless of time of day or freak weather event.

✔ Automatic Upgrades – Standard with any Cisco Meraki Cloud Dashboardequipped device is the ability to automatically upgrade the device whenever patches are released for security or functionality. Also able to be triggered manually, a feature so powerful that it deserves its own category is the ability for you to schedule the updates to happen at a time and date of your choosing. What’s more, if the update fails and your old configuration is not compatible with the new software, for any reason, the device will automatically roll back to a known-good software version, making sure that you and your network is online, without having to chase software errors or configuration changes. ✔ Meraki’s Essential Benefits – These four benefits of the Cisco Meraki Dashboard are truly essential for anyone looking to take a proactive stance in the governance and protection of their network, and the many sensitive devices that may rely on it. While the versatility of Meraki’s unique Cloud Dashboard extends far beyond these four key benefits, there is no question that these are far and away the most advanced achievements for their numerous product lines, putting them far ahead of the competition when it comes to ease of use, upgrades, and security.

Cisco Meraki Dashboard And Systems Manager  
Cisco Meraki Dashboard And Systems Manager