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MFA, University  of  Chicago,  Sculpture  +  Installation,  summa  cum  laude   BA,  The  Evergreen  State  College,  Art  and  Ecology,  academic  honors   BFA,  University  of  Wisconsin  Eau  Claire,  Sculpture  +  Painting,  summa  cum  laude  


PROFESSIONAL TEACHING  AND  ACADEMIC  ADMINISTRATIVE  EXPERIENCE     Present   Antioch  College,  Assistant  Professor  of  Visual  Art     Introduction  to  2D  Visual  Language,  Introduction  to  3D  Visual  Language,  Modern  Art   History,  Contemporary  Art  History,  Visual  and  Critical  Studies  Seminar,  Art  on  Location,   Beginning,  Intermediate  and  Advanced  Painting  and  Drawing,  Beginning,  Intermediate   and  Advanced  Sculpture,  Installation  Art,  Design  Build  and  Socially  Engaged  Art.         Additional  responsibilities  include:   • Coordinator  of  the  Division  of  Arts  (Visual  Arts,  Performing  Arts  and   Media  Arts)   • Sole  core  faculty  of  the  Visual  Arts  Concentration  that  includes  painting,   drawing  and  sculpture.  (Responsibilities  involve  writing  the  Visual  Arts   major  as  well  as  the  development  of  all  Visual  Arts  curriculum)     • Coordinator  of  Visiting  and  Adjunct  Faculty  in  the  Division  of  the  Arts   • Chair  of  Full-­‐time  Faculty  Search  Committee  in  the  Arts  (AY  2011-­‐12,  AY   2012-­‐13)   • Facility  coordinator  for  Antioch  College  Visual  Arts  Program   (Responsibilities  involve  the  budgetary  and  physical  development  of   studio  facilities  for  painting  and  drawing,  as  well  as  studio  facilities  for   sculpture  including  wood  shop,  mold-­‐making  and  casting  and  sculpture   studios).   • Academic  Advisor  (avg.  10  advisees)   • Co-­‐Director  and  Co-­‐Coordinator  of  the  Herndon  Gallery  and  Antioch   College  Artist-­‐in-­‐Residency  Program     • Director  of  the  Contemporary  Arts  Roundtable     Committee  Responsibilities  include:   • Antioch  College  Curriculum  Committee  (develop  and  assess  curriculum)   • Governance  Task  Group  (developing  shared  governance  at  the  college   and  writing  constitution)  (Co-­‐chair  Spring  2012)   • Faculty  Handbook  Task  Committee  (develop  and  write  policies  for  faculty   tenure  and  promotion  as  well  as  faculty  professional  development   support)  (AY  2011-­‐2012)   • Antioch  College  Senior  Leadership  Team  (faculty  rep)  (Spring  2012)   • Alcohol  Policy  Task  Group  (Fall  2011)   • Arts  at  Antioch  Committee  (determine  budget  and  programming  in  the   arts)  (Ongoing)  



2011       2006-­‐2011  

Self-­‐Study Committee  with  the  criterion  of  Teaching  and  Learning:   Evaluation  and  Improvement,  charged  with  preparing  self  assessment  for   accrediting  agency  (The  Higher  Learning  Commission  portion  of  the  North   Central  Association)  (AY  2012-­‐2013)  

Museum of  the  History  of  Polish  Jews  and  Handshouse  Studios  in  conjunction  with   Antioch  College,  International  Experiential  Education  Program  Leader.  Sejny,  Poland.   Summer  2012   Painted  Ceiling  Workshop   Museum  of  the  History  of  Polish  Jews  and  Handshouse  Studios  in  conjunction  with  SAIC,   International  Experiential  Education  Program  Leader.  Warsaw,  Poland.       Summer  2011   Timberframe  Workshop  w/  International  Timberframer’s  Guild     Vermont  School  of  Fine  Arts  Interdisciplinary  MFA  program,  Graduate  Advisor/Artist   Teacher   Lisa  Ulik,  2009   Cindy  Pacyk,  2010       Oxbow  Artist  in  Residency  Program,  Visiting  Artist  and  Lecturer,  Saugatuk,  MI   Sculpture:  Resurrections  and  Renegotiations.    Summer  2011   School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  Part-­‐time  Instructor   (Adjunct  Assistant  Professor  promotion  2011)   Departments  of  Sculpture  and  Performance     Site-­‐Specific  Performance  Art,  Performance  Installation,  Introduction  to  Sculpture,   Installation  Art,  Intermediate  Sculpture.    

Northwestern  University,  Visiting  Lecturer   Department  of  Art  Theory  and  Practice   Beginning  Sculpture,  Intermediate  Sculpture,  Installation       2008     2007  

South Suburban  College  Department  of  Art  and  Design,  Adjunct  Lecturer,   Beginning/Intermediate  Drawing,  Figure  Drawing   Street  Level  Youth  Media  Summer  Arts  Apprenticeship  Program   Creative  Re-­‐use  Design-­‐Build  Workshop  Coordinator    

Gary  Comer  Youth  Center,  Visual  Arts  Faculty,     After  School  Matters  Program,  Multi-­‐Media  3-­‐D  Arts     University  of  Chicago,  Teaching  Fellow   3-­‐D  Visual  Language       Illinois  Institute  of  Technology,  Visiting  Lecturer   Surplus:  A  Material  Exchange  Laboratory   with  Professor  Isabela  Gould                                                          

RELATED PROFESSIONAL  EXPERIENCE  AND  SKILLS     Admin/   Management   Chair  Academic  Search  Committees,  Antioch  College,  2012  –  Present       (Search  for  Tenure-­‐track  Professor  of  Media  Arts  (2012)       (Search  for  Tenure-­‐track  Professor  of  Performance  (2012-­‐13)         Academic  Search  Committee  Member,  Antioch  College,  2012  –  Present       (Search  for  Tenure-­‐track  Professor  of  Psychology  (2012)       Co-­‐director  and  coordinator  –  Herndon  Gallery,  Antioch  College,  Ohio.     Curator,  preparator,  and  events  coordinator,  2011-­‐  Present       Co-­‐Director  and  Coordinator  –  Artist-­‐in-­‐Residency  Program,  Antioch  College,  Ohio.     Curator,  host,  event  coordinator,  and  curriculum  coordinator,  2011  –  Present       Coordinator  of  the  Division  of  Arts  (Studio  Arts,  Performing  Arts  and  Media  Arts),  2011-­‐ Present       Founder  and  Co-­‐director  –  Material  Exchange  artist  group,  Chicago,  2005-­‐2009,       Sara  Black  and  John  Preus  artist  collaboration,  2009-­‐2011     Artist,  web-­‐designer  and  manager,  events  coordinator,  workshop  leader,  and  lecturer       Founder,  General  Manager,  Event  and  Exhibition  Coordinator  –  Backstory  Café  and  Social   Center  at  the  Experimental  Station,  Chicago,  2007-­‐2009     Café  manager,  Facilities  manager,  Employer,  Events  coordinator  and  host,  Bookshop   coordinator     Assistance   Visual  Arts  Studio  Assistant  –  Jeanne  Dunning,  2010,  studio  manager  and  assistance     Visual  Arts  Studio  Assistant  –  Dan  Peterman,  2006-­‐2008,  fabricator     Visual  Arts  Studio  Assistant  –  Dianna  Frid,  2005-­‐2006,  fabricator       PROGRAMS,  TOOLS,  AND  EQUIPMENT  PROFICIENCIES         Woodshop/   Design  Build   Miter  saw,  table  saw,  circular  saw,  scroll  saw,  band  saw,  band  sander,  orbital  sander,   router,  drill,  drill  press,  pneumatic  nailer,  panel  saw,  Dremel  tools,  Sawzall,  thickness   planer,  and  comprehensive  hand  tools.  Experienced  in  multiple  woodworking  and   building  techniques  including  cordwood  and  mortar  wall,  cobb,  stonework  (masonry),   green  roof  technology.     Sculpture   Proficient  in  large  to  small  scale  mold-­‐making  and  casting  techniques  including:  multiple   flexible  and  solid  molds  and  casts,  lost  wax,  plaster  and  clay  slip  casting,  single  to  several   part  mold  making.  Knowledgeable  in  many  fiber-­‐based  techniques  including:  hand-­‐made   paper,  sewing,  felting,  fabric-­‐hardening,  knitting,  and  dyeing.     Experienced  in  arc  and  gas  welding  techniques.         Programs     Proficient  in  Adobe  Design  –  Photoshop,  Illustrator,  and  Acrobat.  Experienced  with   content  management  platforms  Blogger  and  Wordpress.  Proficient  in  Microsoft  Office  –   Word,  Excel,  and  PowerPoint.    Basic  knowledge  of  CAD  design  programs  and  Sketchup.  

PROFESSIONAL ART  PRACTICE   SELECTED  EXHIBITIONS  or  PROJECTS     2013     MRCC  (Midwest  Radical  Cultural  Corridor),  Herndon  Gallery,  Antioch  College,  Yellow         Springs  OH,  Spring/Summer  2013         Resonating  Bodies,  The  Soap  Factory,  Minneapolis,  MN,  Summer  2013     Imperfect  Symmetry,  A  +  D  Gallery,  Chicago,  IL  Fall  2013         Curator  and  contributor     Voyagers,  commissioned  by  The  Placemakers  Foundation,  Morgan  County,  Ohio  (solo)     2012   Tea  Pavilion  Design  Build,  Antioch  College  Organic  Farm,  Yellow  Springs,  OH       Two  Histories  of  the  World  (Part  2),  Hyde  Park  Art  Center,  Chicago,  IL  Fall  2012     2011         Two  Histories  of  the  World  (Part  1),  William  H.  Cooper  Manufacturing,  Chicago,  IL     The  Perpetual  Motion  of  a  Still  Life,  Ryerson  Woods,  Deerfield,  IL    (solo)       Curator:  Perpetual  Stills,  Brushwood  Visitors  Center,  Ryerson       Object  Recovery,  Without  You  I’m  Nothing:  Interactions     Museum  of  Contemporary  Art,  Chicago,  IL       Excerpts  from  a  Demolition  (The  Palace  at  Dawn),  Community  Supported  Art,   ThreeWalls,  Chicago,  IL     2010     Renovating  Walden,  Tufts  University  Art  Gallery,  Boston,  MA   Contemporary  Masters,  Salt  Lake  Art  Center,  Salt  Lake  City,  UT     If  It  Ain’t  Broke,  Igloo  Gallery/Portland  State  University,  Portland,  OR  (solo)     Rebuilding  Mayfield,  Museum  of  Contemporary  Craft,  Portland,  OR  (solo)     2009     Conversation  Pieces,  CEPA  Gallery,  Buffalo,  NY     King  Ludd's  Midway  Arcade,  The  Experimental  Station,  Chicago,  IL     I’d  Rather  Be  Fishin’,  The  DeVos  Art  Museum,  Marquette,  MI  (solo)     2008     Democracy  in  America,  Park  Avenue  Armory,  New  York,  NY     The  Way  Things  Drag  Their  Futures  Around,     ThreeWallsSOLO,  Chicago,  IL  (solo)     Points  of  Interest,     Braddock  Active  Arts  Public  Art  Installation,  Braddock,  PA  

Other Options  (traveling)   Eyebeam,  New  York,  NY   Goods  and  Services,  Pittsburgh  PA   Gallery  206,  Grand  Rapids  MI                


Beyond Green:  Toward  a  Sustainable  Art  (traveling)   University  Art  Museum,  State  University  Long  Beach,  Long  Beach,  CA       Smith  College  Museum  of  Art,  Northampton,  MA     Museum  London,  London,  Ontario     Joseloff  Gallery,  Hartford  Art  School,  University  of  Hartford,  Hartford,  CT   The  Ronna  and  Eric  Hoffman  Gallery  of  Contemporary  Art,  Lewis  &  Clark     College,  Portland,  OR  


Another Story,  Hyde  Park  Art  Center,  Chicago,  IL       Pathogeographies,  UIC  Gallery  400,  Chicago,  IL        




The Fortuitous  Sequel  to  Martin  Kippenberger’s  Installation,  The  Experimental  Station,   Chicago,  IL  (solo)     Are  You  Ready  for  the  Future?       Street  Level  Youth  Media,  Chicago,  IL  (solo)     Beyond  Green:  Toward  A  Sustainable  Art  (traveling)   Richard  E.  Peeler  Art  Center,  DePaul  University,  Greencastle,  IN   Contemporary  Arts  Center,  Cincinnati,  OH     Pass  it  On:  Connecting  Contemporary  DIY  Culture,  Columbia  A+D  Gallery,  Chicago,  IL     Negotiated  Localities,  Betty  Rymer  Gallery,  Chicago,  IL       Biographical  Extensions,  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art,  Chicago,  IL  (solo)  

ARTIST  TALKS  AND  WORKSHOPS     2013     College  Art  Association  Conference,  Presentation  of  paper  entitled  Getting  Closer:         Critique  as  an  Integral  Source  in  Learning  through  Making,  New  York,  NY  (Feb  2013)     2012     Hyde  Park  Art  Center,  Artist  Talk  re:  Two  Histories  of  the  World,  Chicago,  IL           Tumbleweed  Tinyhouse  Workshop,  Presentation  on  Material  Reuse,  Chicago,  IL     Threewalls,  Guest  Respondent  for  Escape  Group,  Artist  in  Resident,  Chicago,  IL           Chicago  Social  Club,  Presentation  of  Making/History:  The  Synagogue  Replication         Project,  Sullivan  Galleries,  Chicago,  IL,  May  2012     2011   Sculpture  International  Rotterdam,  Presentation  of  Public  Practice,  Sullivan  Galleries,   Chicago,  IL  


Antioch College,  Presentation  of  Artistic  Practice,  Yellow  Springs,  OH   Massachusetts  College  of  Art  and  Design,  Senior  Seminar  with  Judy  Leeman,  Boston,  MA   Harvard  University,  Reconstruction  with  Helen  Mirra,  Boston,  MA     DePaul  University,  Green  Design  with  Steven  Carelli,  Chicago,  IL     School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  Materiality  and  Movement  with  Mark  Jeffrey,   Chicago,  IL     School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  Graduate  Performance  Seminar  with  Faith  Wilding,   Chicago,  IL     Threewalls,  Curate  Yourself  with  Shannon  Stratton,  Chicago,  IL     University  of  Chicago,  Interventions  and  Public  Culture  with  Theaster  Gates,  Chicago,  IL  


University of  Chicago  Service  League,  Chicago,  IL     University  of  Northern  Michigan,     Artist-­‐in-­‐Residency  Lecture,  Marquette,  MI     School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  Sculpture  Department  Noon  Lecture  Series,  Chicago,   IL  


University of  Chicago,  Open  Practice  Committee,  Visiting  Artist,  MFA  Critiques,  Chicago,  IL     ThreeWallsSOLO,  Artist  Talk,  Chicago,  IL   Talking  with  our  Mouth's  Full  Symposium    


Goods and  Services,     Exploring  Other  Options  Panel  Discussion,  Pittsburgh,  PA       Experimental  Station,  Chicago  Town  Hall  Conversations,     Interview  for  A  Guide  to  Democracy  in  America  with  Creative  Time  and  AREA  Magazine,   Chicago,  IL     The  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  Art  On  the  Move  Tours,  Chicago  IL     Columbia  College,  Chicago  Art  Now  with  Adam  Brooks,  Chicago  IL     Messhall,  What  we  Know  of  our  Past,  What  we  Want  from  our  Future  Symposium,   Chicago,  IL                     School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  Economic  Autonomy  in  Artistic,  Cultural,  and   Activist  Practices  Symposium,  Chicago,  IL  

Museum  of  Contemporary  Art,  Creative  Reuse  in  Art  and  Design  Panel,  Chicago   Humanities  Festival  "The  Climate  of  Concern,”  Chicago,  IL  

Columbia College,  Contemporary  Issues  in  New  Media  with  Sze  Lin  Pang,  Chicago,  IL     Street  Level  Youth  Media,  Are  you  Ready  for  your  Future  Student  workshop,  Chicago  IL     School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  One  Place  and  then  Another,     Performance  Department  Propositions  Lecture  Series,  Chicago  IL     Hyde  Park  Art  Center,  Talking  Point  Lecture  Series,  Chicago,  IL     School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  The  Art  of  Crossing  the  Street  with  Drea  Howenstein   and  Kevin  Kaempf,  Chicago,  IL       Northwestern  University,  Department  of  Art  Theory  and  Practice  Art  Theory  and  Practice   Visiting  Artist  Lecture  Series,  Evanston,  IL     Northwestern  University,  How  Artists  Work  with  Jeanne  Dunning,  Evanston,  IL                                                 GRANTS/AWARDS     2012     Faculty  Fund  Project  Development  Grant,  Antioch  College,  $3,000.00     2010     Museum  of  Contemporary  Craft,  Project  and  Travel  Grant,  $4500.00     2009     3Arts  Foundation,  3Arts  Individual  Artist  Award,  $15,000.00  unrestricted     Northern  Michigan  University  and  The  DeVos  Art  Museum,  Project  and  Travel  Grant,   $3,000.00     2008     Creative  Time,  Project  and  Travel  Grant,  $2,500.00     Braddock  Active  Arts,  Project  and  Travel  Grant,  $1,500.00       RESIDENCIES     2012   High  Concepts  Labs,  Fall  Sponsored  Project  Resident,  Chicago,  IL     Summer  Forum  for  Inquiry  and  Exchange,  New  Harmony,  IN     2011   Harold  Arts,  Survival  Session,  Chesterhill,  OH     2010   Harold  Arts,  Guest  Visiting  Artist,  Survival  Session,  Chesterhill,  OH       Catwalk  Residency,  Catskill,  NY     Museum  of  Contemporary  Craft,  Project-­‐based  Residency,  Portland,  OR     2009     Northern  Michigan  University,  Project-­‐Based  Residency,  Marquette,  MI    


The Elizabeth  Foundation  for  the  Arts,  Project-­‐Based  Residency,     New  York,  NY     Sponsored  by  Creative  Time,  In  collaboration  with  InCUBATE   Braddock  Active  Arts,  Braddock,  PA    

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PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES     Dan  Peterman,  Associate  Professor.    University  of  Illinois,  Chicago  School  of  Art  and  Design,  Director  of  the   Experimental  Station,  Email:    Telephone:    312.213.0778     Kelly  Kaczynski,  Assistant  Professor.  Northwestern  University  Department  of  Art,   Email:    Telephone:  312.485.2600     Jeanne  Dunning,  Associate  Professor.  Northwestern  University  Department  of  Art,   Email:  j-­‐    Telephone:  847.491.4399     Laurie  Palmer,  Associate  Professor  and  Chair.  School  of  the  Art  Institute  of  Chicago,  Department  of   Sculpture,  Email:,  Telephone:  312.443.3754     Lane  Relyea,  Associate  Professor,  Northwestern  University  Department  of  Art,   Email:,  Telephone:  847.491.7346      

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