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"Towards an Egyptian Economic Vision" Initiative

Who are we? Team of young activists with a specialized economic background having the privilege to work in various economic institutions aiming to refine and adopt a clear Egyptian economic vision which enables our economy to reach the ranking of leading economies and work on gathering the community forces towards achieve this vision. Motivation:    

The ineffectiveness of the applied economic and social policies and plans for the period. Lack of an overall of the Egyptian economy that enjoys the community consensus. The uniqueness and individuality of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science study on the macroeconomic front, placing a heavy national responsibility on its graduates. Relative Scarcity of similar economic initiatives on the ground.

Goals:    

Discuss the strategic issues raised in the economic arena from a scientific perspective. Participate in the development of an integrated investment plan. Develop a vision for the Egyptian economy that do not change with changing governments and individuals. Activating the role of community surveillance and institutional capacity through participation in the formulation and monitoring of the implementation of the economic theme and the associated economic policies. Dissemination of knowledge and awareness of economic concepts and create a state of intellectual dialogue on economic issues in the community through media and different awareness channels.

Methodology: 

 

Holding conferences and specialized workshops in various sectors (agriculture, industry, human development including health, education, energy, trade, macroeconomic policies, finance and investment) in conjunction with (the related Ministries, civil society organizations specialized in those areas, various parties, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, specialized research centers, cultural centers,... etc). Forming specialized technical committees in association with the relevant ministries and agencies to discuss various issues from the perspective of a specialized civil society group that has a scientific background. Working on applying the concept of "Participatory Planning" through identify the needs of ordinary citizens and their reflection in the State's plans. Use visual and audio media as a means of imposing public pressure.

 

Raising awareness through radio and television since it is the easiest and simplest way to reach individuals. Engaging with other economic initiatives and relevant players in development field.

What has been achieved so far? 

We have been successfully communicating with many official actors in the economic arena (Ministry of Planning, the Social Fund for Development, Faculty of Economics and Political Science) to achieve our goals. We have been communicating with many professors and specialists in the areas of the economy, agriculture, industry and human resources to set up a scientific committee to oversight our initiative. We communicated with a number of initiatives and coalitions of political and economic perspective on the scene (revival, your right, the Youth Forum for Development, Development, a coalition of youth revolution ...), and coordinated joint actions with some of them. Participated in a number of conferences and competitions papers that discuss specific economic issues (Conference of the Institute of National Planning for the development of Sectoral visions, Center for Economic and Financial Research & Studies, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, to discuss ways to combat corruption in partnership with Siemens international company ,…..) Conducting site visits to the Egyptian cities (Saft el Laban district) to study the people's needs and vision in solving the problems of agriculture, health , education…. and their reflection in the State plans and agendas of officials in an attempt to activate the concept of "Participatory Planning".

Our Future Plan: 

 

Looking forward to activate and effectively applying the "Participatory Planning" concept through to conduct site visits to the Egyptian provinces, cities, villages and neighbourhoods .... to make sure that the state plans reflects the real needs and priorities of people and remain based on the empowerment of individuals, so as not to impose models of growth from outside and keep everyone in the community involved and has a specific role to achieve the agreed upon economic vision Acting as a pressure group in a conglomerate of NGO's and engaging in partnership relation with ministries in the form of technical committees state institutions to ensure that the commonly defined economic vision will remain in progress and do not change as people in the office change. Creating and activating the role of civil society in the economic life to work on raising the standard of living of citizens and achieve equitable distribution of wealth to individuals. Participate in the "Egypt Investment Map" based on Egypt's economic vision and based on the concept of self-development of individuals in various parts of Egypt.

We are in need for: 

   

Cooperation with ministries and agencies, institutions and government and other active members in Economy, agriculture, industry, human development, health, education, trade ...). Forming Partnership in need of many civil society organizations active in various economic fields (economy, agriculture, industry, human development, health, education ...). Cooperation with specialized colleges and institutes along with experts and specialists in the fields (economy, agriculture, industry, human development, health, education ...). In need of logistical support (assistance in a place for holding meetings,conferences and workshops ..). Join forces with young actors in the field of community outreach, development and politics. and interested in economic areas (economy, agriculture, industry, human development, health, education ...), as well as in different organizational areas (human resources, organization of conferences, development of financial resources and relationships (Sponsorship), design websites, logos , media ..)

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Towards an Egyptian Economic Vision  

Towards an Egyptian Economic Vision