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• ADPP projects in 17 of the 18 provinces in the country. • 1050 students, 105 teachers and 14 headmasters from the Schools for the Teachers of the Future completed a four month study trip in 36 busses in up to 6 countries in Southern Africa • 2 new Schools for the Teachers of the Future started- EPF Kuando Kubango and EPF Londuimbali (Hua¬mbo province) • 881 teachers graduated from the Schools for the Teachers of the Future in January 2013, bringing the total to 5.683 graduates • The 8th Practical and Theoretical Schools (known as EPP) started in Ramiro. 1.292 young people are now engaged in the three year education • The first team of 268 students from the pilot EPP program at 5 schools graduated in December 2013 having successfully completed the 3 year education • 4.545 farmers are organised in 90 Farmers’ Clubs and in Kunene, Kuando Kubango, Cabinda, Kwanza Sul and Bengo • Community Health Agents projects started in Bié, Uíge and Kunene with 225 locally recruited agents trained and working with 22.500 families on sexual and reproductive health, family planning, HIV, maternal and child health and more. • 137 Community Health Agents were trained and certified to provide voluntary HIV counselling and testing, and have tested 16.476 people in 3 municipalities in Kunene • 102.00 people in rural areas have participated in the literacy campaign Enjoy Reading and Writing • 8.300 families in rural areas are organised in community development projects • 9000 families in rural areas are organised in projects for economic development and family entrepreneurship • Frontline Institute Angola was expanded to now accommodate 80 participants and has a new and challenging program • Total Control of the Epidemic Benguela has been successfully concluded with 150.000 people mobilized to gain control and Malaria, HIV and TB in 2013. TCE Zaire has started with the goal of reaching 90.000 people A big thank you to all who have been part of making this happen - and we look forward to 2014 together.

Seasons Greetings,

Rikke Viholm Chairman of the Board of Directors of ADPP Angola

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Happy New Year from ADPP Angola 2014  
Happy New Year from ADPP Angola 2014