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Non – mainstream sports Poděbrady College

SPORTS Czech bang bang ball Ultimate frisbee Ringo Dodgeball

CBB or CZECH BANG BANG What do we need? BALL Field of size 8x12 m (or volleyball course)

Volleyball net with a height of one meter, gymnastic ball with a diameter of 65 cm (may be smaller) 2 teams (each with 3-6 players)

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How to play ? • • • • •

game is initiated by hitting the ball on the floor so as the ball jumps net without touching the bounce of the ball is obligatory on the opponent's side in the field 5 passes and only two other bounces of the ball on the ground is available Strikes hands into the ball are made (volleyball way) or head might be used (the body from the waist up) game ends reaching 15 points

ULTIMATE FRISBEE What do we need? Playground of size 100x37 m with marked end zones , frisbee (flying saucer), 2 teams (each has 7 players)

How to play • game is started by boarding team on the front line of the end zone and throwing the disk by one of the teams and the other team plays a game from the point of a strike • The goal is to get the point. The player catches the disc in the opponent's end zone • After getting point sides a changed, the team that reached the point makes a throw and defends • Players pass the disk, the player with the disc are not allowed to run • game ends with a victory of the team that first scores 17 points

RINGO What do we need? volleyball courte, volleyball net Two rubber rings 2 teams (each has 2-3 players)

How do we play? • • • • • •

Pairs (or trio of players) with two rings at the same time when giving instruction, the play starts with a throwing rings on both sides at the same time The goal is to place the ring into the opponent's court and get a point The team that had thrown the ring off the play field or the net losess the point Points are counted for each ring ring is cought by one hand, the same hand must also throw back over the net (teammates do not pass the ball among themselves) game ends reaching 15 points

DODGEBALL What do we need? Playground without a net (18x9 m, that is 2 sites 9x9 m) Ball for volleyball 2 teams (each has aprox. 10 players).

How do we play? • •

• • • • • •

2x7 minutes The game is played by two teams, each stands in its own playing field (one player - captain, playing in the background behind the opponent) The goal is to discharge as many players of the opposing team The player has charged each time throwing the opponent's field Dead player goes to background Foul( stepping behind the site) means loss of ball Players are not allowed to walk with the ball The team hitting more players of the opposing team is a winner

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