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works smoothly on Windows and Mac computers. You just need to enter your login details and click ‘login’. You are not going to face any issue logging into your Netflix account until and unless there is some problem with the Netflix app, the login details or the source device itself.

NETFLIX COM ACTIVATE • Today, we are going to discuss

an error, which occurs when the browser is not updated or the blocking of Netflix app by a security program or setting. There is a specific error code given to this error as well, which is M7701-1003. Let us find out what this error is and how to get rid of it.


• No device or software is immune to

technical glitches. Since Netflix is also a software, therefore, how can we exclude it from the list? Well, we can’t, so here are we with another error of Netflix that people face.


is a cross-platform service. It means that users can use Netflix on various kinds of devices. It is available for Android devices, iOS devices, Kindle devices, windows phones and for personal computers via all

• Now, every device and its app development are different from

others. Netflix has to provide one common type of experience to users from the moment they sign up for Netflix by visiting the official website. But, to achieve that, Netflix also will have to take care of different types of errors which a user can face. This is a big task for one organization. Omnipresence and keeping the channels clear itself is a big task, and software support to it and it becomes a very cumbersome task. Recent error code regarding this software support is M 7701-1003. We will come to know more about it in this article.

FIXING THIS ERROR CODE • As we discussed how various

types of errors can occur at various points, this error code occurs when we browse Netflix via a personal computer. On personal computers, we do not use an app to visit Netflix.

WWW NETFLIX COM ACTIVATE • Netflix started with a support

only for web browsers. Natively, it was built for browsers. However, its user base has decreased significantly in terms of personal computer users and most of them have shifted to the mobile app for the same service.

• A computer, however, is a more

powerful device and can offer more flexibility to Netflix to stretch its legs as compared to any mobile app. There is not much a lot of help that Netflix can offer in this kind of error code.


error code occurs in a browser when it or some part of it is not up to date. Netflix supports the latest version of browsers for maximum features. Hence, if a browser is not up to date even after the public release of the update, Netflix will throw this error.


error code can be resolved by various workarounds. For starters, if the browser is updated and still Netflix is not working, the issue can be with playing protected content. So users can go into settings and then click on advance, of which there are a privacy and security tab. Click on it and then click on protected content and then select allow. Restart the browser and then check if Netflix is working or not.


antivirus software unknowingly interferes with Netflix's functionality. Try disabling it for some time and then running Netflix. If it works, enable the antivirus, remove google chrome extension which usually comes with antivirus and then update the antivirus if there is any. These are some of the solutions which can be put together for solving this error code.

Netflix tv help call toll free 1 877 204 5559  
Netflix tv help call toll free 1 877 204 5559  

Netflix works smoothly on Windows and Mac computers. You just need to enter your login details and click ‘login’. You are not going to face...