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Growing in Italy, I have a great interest, love and passion in fashion. The One Year course in fashion marketing and communication in Istituto Europeo di Design helped me to understand how I am interested in the fashion world. In addition my professional experiences allowed me to be able to work on a team and to get in touch with people. I had the chance to prepare several projects during the course that helped me to experience my studies. I am a social media activist and I love working in communication and in marketing. In my free time I really like listening to music, reading books and travelling.

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My studies allowed me to have an interational view. In fact, thanks to my three internships abroad and my experience at IED now I fell more open and available to new experiences and oppotunities.



One year



Fashion marketing and communication

March (1week)

INTERNSHIP ABROAD SPAIN School + family accomodation


2010 April (1week)

INTERNSHIP ABROAD FRANCE School + family accomodation

2008 September (3 weeks)

INTERNSHIP ABROAD AUSTRALIA School + family accomodation

2006 - 2011 Five years

ITCS GAETANO SALEMINI Education for intercultural relationship in business communication

WORK EXPERIENCE My work experiences helped me to work in team and to relate with different people and needs. Thanks to my experiences I went through new opportunities, which helped me overcome my shyness since I learnt how to interacting with different people.



December – February (3 months)

CINTI GROUP Shoe boutique in Bologna Internship as Shop Assistant July (1 month)

AZALEA SRL Fashion showroom in Bologna Internship as Buyer Assistant

2010 February (2 weeks)

CNA Confederazione Nazionale dell'Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa in Bologna Internship in the administrative office

2009 July (1 month)

HI TECH MEDIA & TECNO STAMPA Printing company in Bologna Interniship in: administrative office

Assistant in the graphic dpt



Two different points of view I had the opportunity to work in a fashion showroom, Azalea Srl, and see how it is organized. The brands I worked for are mostly Liu Jo collections, Alysi, Kookai and Angelina. I analyzed the buyer’s point of view, which is fundamental. Buyers have to consider the target of their customers, their needs, budget and if they want a total look or just particular collection. Another important thing that buyers have to think about is the hottest trends of the next seasons. Thanks to this experience I have learned how to display products and collections in order to sell to buyers and how to approach and relate with people.

MY EXPERIENCES IN FASHION Two different points of view

FASHION BOUTIQUES I had the chance to work as a shop assistant for an important shoe boutique in Bologna. Cinti sells shoes, bags and belts. This experience gave me the possibility to learn how to relate with people and how to sell to the final customer. The layout and position of a single item is a fundamental element, because it can influence the choice of the client. I went through a new experience, which helped me overcome my shyness since I learnt how to interacting with different people.

PORTFOLIO I decided to create my own portfolio for the final project because it is a practical tool for presenting an overview about myself and my personal skills and competences since it includes all of my projects done at IED. It is a good way of showing companies how I work in order to obtain an internship and get in touch with the fashion world.

MY EXPERIENCE IED I decided to start my fashion studies at IED in a one year fashion communication and marketing course. Thanks to this experience I understand how to analyze fashion brands and work on them. During the course I presented several projects related with the fashion system.


MARKETING I-II ‘’Marketing strategies’’


VISUAL MERCHANDISING ‘’Proposals for shopping windows’’


EVENT ORGANIZATION ‘’Proposal for an event’’


COMMUNICATION AND ADVERTISING ‘’One year communication plan’’


PUBLIC RELATIONS ‘’Press review and Press release’’

Marketing I The strategies In collaboration with Lorenzo Cavallini, this project contains several marketing strategies in order to relaunch the brand in a high level market. The main goals are establish Ken Scott as a luxury brand; re-style the collection inspired from previous ones, invest in advertising campaigns and place them in the most important fashion magazines, create awareness by organizing fashion shows with famous people and preserve the tradition of the brand by showing some of the garments created in the past. The most important things that I have learned doing this project are how to develop the 4Ps (promotion, products, price and place). I have learned how to analyze a brand and how to create a marketing plan.

Marketing II The strategies In this project I proposed several marketing strategies in order to establish the brand in a medium $ high market, to make the brand popular and to transmit the brand%s identity. The Velvet Room is a young and new brand. This brand offers lingerie for women, which are created with recycled textiles and clothing. The main goals of this projects are to give visibility and awareness to the brand by investing in social medias such as: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. It is also important to find strategies which are closed to the budget and to the brand’s values and identity. Thanks to this project I have learned how to analyze a brand in all its aspects and how to promote it efficiently through marketing strategies and through social medias.

Visual Merchandising Proposals for window displays In this project I give some proposals for the window displays for the brand Elisabetta Franchi in order to increase the visibility of the brand and attract people to go inside the store. The two proposals are focused on creating, innovative and attractive window displays for the brand. The first proposal was to create a mixture between technology and the Elisabetta Franchi style, by putting a screen with the video of the collection between two mannequins. The second idea was to recreate the elegant and traditional atmosphere of the advertising campaign by placing a sofa, a mirror and two mannequins This course gave me the chance to understand how the layout matters, in order to attract more people inside the store and increase sales.

Event organization Proposal for an event

Invitatin card Liu Jo Ice Winter presents Fashion show and Blogger creations Bottom-Up Skinny Leg, Super Low Waist e Rampy High Waist collections Autumn/Winter 2012 Tuesday 4 th of October 18. 30 Liu Jo Ice Winter Absolute IceBar Piazza Gerusalemme, 12 20154 Milano - Italy Please RSVP for 30째 September / + 052648383 And receive yor ticket for Liu jo Ice Winter

In this projects I presented a proposal of an event For the Liu Jo Jeans collection. The event wants to transmit the brand identity and it wants to gain the attention of the press, maximize sales and find new clients. The idea wants to be creative and interactive, in fact some of the most famous fashion blogger have to create three outfits starring the models of the new Liu Jeans collection. All outfits will be shown in a brief fashion show. I chose a unusual and extravagant location: the IceBar in Milan. All the details and the budget are fundamental elements to create an event. Thanks to this project I have learned how to organize an event, by considering all its aspects, details and costs. An event is important in order to gain the attention of the press, by creating press release and preparing all the promotional materials.

Communication & Advertising One year communication plan In this project I presented an analysis of Liu Jo and a one year communication plan, by promoting the brand through fashion magazines and fashion websites. The main goals are to establish Liu Jo in a high level market, expand the brand awareness on its current national market and outside its current market, promote the brand through fashion magazines and websites, invest in italian and french market and magazines. This project includes the budget and costs for a one year communication plan. This course was very closed to the working world and I have also learned how to manage a specific budget.

Public Relations Press release and Press review I presented some press materials to give to the press in order to invest in fashion magazines and in the press and to increase the visibility and awareness to the brand. In this project I wrote two different press release for two different events, the first one was for Liu Jo and the sencond one was for Metalab. I wrote also a brand profile for Metalab in order to generate visibility to the brand. I presented also a press coverage analysis for Dior, in order to understand how much the brand is present on the most famous fashion magazines. Thanks to this course I have learned how to write a press release and I understood how the press is important for the visibily of a brand.


Communication Love and passion This course gave me the opportunity to discover how social networks can influence fashion and how it is important for a brand to interact with users. I am a social media activist, in fact I have a Twitter and Linked In accounts. I am also present on where people can find my social networks’ links. I created also a fashion facebook page because I want to transmit my passion and love for fashion. I decided to call my fashion facebook page *Just Fashion Lovers* because I want to use social networks as connective tools where people can share and like pictures or outfits with brands. This course allowed me to how social networks are important in order to share and connect the brand’s values with users.

MY FUTURE GOALS MY AMBITIONS I created my personal portfolio because I would like to gain the attention of fashion companies. I am really interested in obtaining an internship because I want to learn more about the fashion system, in terms of marketing and communication. An internship is a fundamental way in order to have more working experiences and practice what I studied. Thanks to my experiences I discovered that the fashion communication and marketing system is what I like most. My ambition is to work in the fashion field, travel all over the world and learn all the aspects of fashion.

A special thanks to: My coordinator, My professors, My classmates, The companies I've worked for: Liu Jo, Dan Ward, Elisabetta Franchi, The Velvet Room, Ken Scott, 3.1 Phillip Lim They gave me the opportunity to learn and practice my studies, work on my projects, analyze them and use them for my presentation.


Thank you



Fashion marketing and communication


Fashion marketing and communication