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KLAX It is portable axe It consist in a head of an axe that can be use with any end of wood It isn't only an axe. It count with diferent useful tools

Zcan Wireless More than a mouse that make copies of your important papers or documents It has a mini scan Process images and texts

Leap Motion New computation experience Interact with the computer through gesture and movements on the air 3 infrared sensors and 2 search cameras and USB port.

Microsft Holones It is a system of mixed reality

Independent device

Hydra Light Alternative for traditional lights It use salty water to work making a quemical reaction that produce a constant energy flow You can charge your ohone with it Long duration : 250 hours

Drumi It is a washing machine which works with the foot and without electricity Uses less water than the normal washing machines Saves money, water and space

Tap Strap Device that let you write without touching your phone Connecto via bluetooth Sensors that analize fingers movements

Skap Blade with laser use to shave without hurting the skin The laser uses an wave lenght to cut the hair when it make contact with it.

PERSONAL OPINION PERSONAL OPINION #1 The KLAX is a portable head of an axe that can be adjusted to any end of wood giving you the chance of cut anything (wood mainly) when you need it. In addition it is not only a head of an axe because some construction tools are built into the axe, making this invention into an integral tool. Nevertheless this product is more useful for those who works in the forest or in the construction industry, and the decision of buying it should be taken based, basically on your needs. On the other hand there is the Zcan Wireless which compared to the KLAX is more modern and more delicate because it has sensors which must be protected. This amazing product facilitates the uploading and scanning information process and for those who are continuously working on the computer, as students or the office workers. Probably that is why for me this product is more useful and more interesting than the KLAX. However the KLAX is as easy to use as the Zcan Wireless and both are the perfect example of how technology definitively is important and the way it can be applied to solve our daily problems.

Glossary: AXE:   

“a tool that has a heavy iron or steel blade at the end of a long wooden handle, used for cutting wood” (Taken from Cambridge Dictionary) Example: The woodcutter has bought a new axe for his work at the carpentry. Image:

TOOL:   

Definition: It is an implement which facilitate mechanical operations. (Taken from Examples: Harmer, Saw, Pliers Image:


 

Definitions: o To look at something carefully (can be with the eye or with a machine) with the purpose of getting information about something. (Taken from Cambridge Dictionary) o To look through a text quickly with the purpose of pull out the general idea or the information needed contained in the text. (Taken from Cambridge Dictionary) Examples: I scanned through the booklet but couldn't find the address. (Taken from Cambridge Dictionary) Image:

Sources:   

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Inventions you didn't know  
Inventions you didn't know